Guangdong and Liaoning meet again in the finals after 12 years, both sides have complex and profound feelings

 Guangdong and Liaoning meet again in the finals after 12 years, both sides have complex and profound feelings

At 8:00 this evening, the CBA finals will be staged in Qingdao, and Guangdong Hongyuan will play against Liaoning team, which will impact on its 10th championship. The last time the two teams met in the finals was in 2008. Both sides have history, origins and feelings. However, for Guangdong Hongyuan, it is necessary to put down the burden and meet the opponent with the mentality of fighting.

On the relationship between the two sides in history

Hongyuan and Liaoning team actually have complex and deep feelings.

Li Chunjiang, who had led the team in Guangdong to create seven titles before, came to Dongguan after retiring from Liaoning team and made contributions to Dongguan with a group of players to build a Hongyuan Dynasty.

Wang Shipeng, the famous Hongyuan hostess, and Zhou Peng, the current team leader, are from Dandong, Liaoning Province. Zhou Peng also has deep feelings for Liaoning basketball. When Liaoning team won the first CBA championship in the history in 2018, Zhou Peng once congratulated his hometown team on the success of realizing their dream on social media.

There are numerous basketball players in Liaoning Province who are fighting in Guangdong Province, and there are also many folk basketball exchanges between the two sides. In these two days, the delegation of Liaoning Basketball Association came to Guangdong Province Basketball Association for study and exchange. The two sides also exchanged views on the organization and operation of the association, the development of sports events, market development, operation and promotion, etc.

From the perspective of competition, the last time the two sides met in the finals was 12 years ago. Zhou Peng and Su Wei participated in the finals as players. Du Feng, the power forward, had become the coach of Hongyuan, while Zhu Fangyu, a small forward, had become the general manager of the team. Han Dejun and Li Xiaoxu, who played for Liaoning team at that time, were still in the team and performed in the finals that year Stable Yang Ming has become the team manager.

In the finals 12 years ago, Liaoning team relied on the advantage of the interior line, foreign aid odejie and Li Xiaoxu had always performed eye-catching, at that time the teams guard Zhang Qingpeng was also in the peak period. Hongyuan relied on the overall playing methods of Zhu Fangyu, Wang Shipeng and Du Feng, and finally won 4-1.

A lot of changes have taken place in the past 12 years. The core players and tactics of the two teams have already been greatly different. This years finals, due to the epidemic situation, has been changed to a three game two win system based on the competition system, and the competition between the two sides will continue.

On the strongest contradiction of data

Emotion is emotion, and the game depends on the performance on the field to win. From the data point of view, the Guangdong Liaoning war will be the strongest conflict.

Liaoning team has some changes in the regular season and the playoffs. In the regular season, they ranked third with 111 points per game, and the attack efficiency was 120 (third place). And to the playoffs, Liaoning team inspired a stronger attack, field average 120.7 points, ranked first in the league, 126.3 offensive efficiency is also the leagues first.

Interestingly, Hongyuan loses 100.9 points per 100 rounds, which is also the first in the league. Judging from these two data, this is indeed the strongest contradiction debate.

The strength of Liaoning teams attack lies in that they are not only good at counterattack, but also have enough ability to fight positional warfare and attrition war. In the match with Zhejiang team and Xinjiang team, they can get 120 points or so.

Liaoning teams strong point is also very obvious, Guo Allen, Mayo and Han Dejun these three players are an attack axis. Against Zhejiang team, they got 94 points, accounting for 74% of the teams score; against Xinjiang team, they got 55 points and 94 points in two games respectively. More in-depth is that the Liaoning team can always surprise the fourth score point, so that the opponent can not defend.

It is worth mentioning that Liaoning team is very accurate in choosing foreign aid. They fell in love with Mayo at the end of March, which was not favored by the outside world. Results Mayos performance all the way up, the more the better, the playoffs can get 28.3 points. He has now become the core of the teams attack, driving the whole team.

It is necessary to play the mentality of the winner and loser

Liaoning team has another advantage, that is, they have experienced many twists and turns since the second round, and they have also been troubled by the change of team commander. From the current situation, the team is stepping into an upward trajectory: so far in the playoffs, they have not lost the ball, and are in good shape.

The finals are a test for Hongyuan - first of all, in terms of physical fitness, Hongyuan has played three high-intensity semi-finals, which is a great test for players physical recovery. In this kind of high-level competition, Liaoning team more rest day, more dominant.

At present, Hongyuan still has some uncertain factors. Yi Jianlian comes out with injury in the semi-final, and the recovery of injury needs further observation. The rest of the main players Zhou Peng, Zhao Rui, Ren Junfei, WEIMS and so on all consumed a lot in the battle between Beijing and Guangdong, and may not have recovered to their best condition. In addition, Hongyuan may also have some psychological burden, which has been favored by the outside world since the second round, which is both glory and pressure for them.

From the technical and tactical point of view, how to restrain Liaoning teams three nuclear attack points of Mayo, Han Dejun and Guo Allen is also a difficult problem for Hongyuan to face, which needs to be studied by Du Feng and the coach team; and the low free throw hit rate and slow start in the semi-final with Beijing team also need the team to find ways to overcome.

This is undoubtedly the most difficult series of this season. Only when Hongyuan puts forward the mentality of fighting and puts down the heavy burden of defending champion, can Hongyuan look for a chance to win in the finals.

Source: Guangzhou Daily, author: Huang Wei, editor in charge: Wang Mengfei_ NBJS10260