Is it safe for prospective college students to group up to take off glasses for myopia?

 Is it safe for prospective college students to group up to take off glasses for myopia?

There are two basic conditions for myopic surgery: 18 years of age and 2 years of stable myopia. Generally, the change within two years does not exceed 50 degrees. We think it is relatively stable and can be operated on. Xu Qiong said that for teenagers under the age of 18, because they are in the growth period and their eye diopter is not stable, if blind surgery is carried out, vision may return after one or two years, seriously affecting the curative effect.

Before surgery, patients need to do a comprehensive examination, check corneal topography to see the thickness and regularity of the cornea, check whether there are pathological diseases. Patients with active inflammatory diseases such as acute conjunctivitis, keratitis, dacryocystitis and corneal ulcer are not recommended for patients with dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, trachoma and retinal diseases, Xu said The thickness of the cornea must be able to withstand the correction of myopia. Therefore, the patients with too thin cornea and too high degree should not be operated.

Eye care is important after surgery

Do not rub the eyes within two to three days after operation to ensure that the eyes do not enter dirty water and avoid infection. Use some anti-inflammatory eye drops, moisturizing eye drops and anti fatigue eye drops according to the doctors requirements. On the day of operation, we should reduce the use of eyes, and try to avoid the use of electronic products, reading and other eye activities. Try not to press your eyes when you sleep. You can wear an eye mask to avoid rubbing your eyes unconsciously.

Some patients will have dry eye symptoms about three months after surgery. Medicine believes that this is caused by surgery on the corneal subcutaneous nerve damage, dry eyes, the problem is not big, in daily life, pay attention to hot compress, point artificial tears, after a period of time as far as possible to reduce the use of eyes. Xu Qiong reminds me.

Liu Xu, reporter of Beijing News

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