Trump is 6-10 behind defending the title, while Selby is 11-5 ahead of Robertson

 Trump is 6-10 behind defending the title, while Selby is 11-5 ahead of Robertson

Trump, the worlds No. 1 defending champion, was slightly behind by 3-5 in the first stage against Karen Wilson in the quarter finals. In the second stage, in the ninth inning, trump made a shot of 73 points to catch up with the first set with 82-35. In the tenth inning, Wilson scored 65 points on a single shot and won 74-0 to continue to maintain the advantage of two sets. In the 11th inning, trump scored 70 points in one shot and chased another with 88-0. In the 12th inning, Wilson cleared Taiwan to complete a 52-48 reversal, and trump was still 5-7 behind.

Selby, the champion of three World Championships, met the challenge of strong opponent Robertson in the quarter finals. In the first stage, Selby won five games and then lost three in a row, leading Robertson 5-3. In the second stage, Selby continued to take the initiative. In the ninth inning, Selby started several times, winning 61-7, 6-3. In the tenth inning, Robertson made a mistake after taking 42 points, and Selby reversed 7-3 with 92 points. In the 11th inning, Robertson seized the chance to win 68-54 to catch up with the first set. Selby started several times in the 12th inning, winning 8-4 82-16 to come to halftime.

In the 13th inning, Robertson scored the winning black ball and won 56-49 for another set. In the 14th inning, Selby held the game and took a 9-5 lead 68-23. In the 15th inning, Selby played many times, winning 100-30 and expanding the advantage by 10-5. In the 16th inning, Selby made a 76 point shot and Robertson had a huge advantage of 11-5 after the two-stage war.

In a match between the dark horses, Norwegian player malfoyn meets McGill. In the game, McGills offensive momentum, came up to win three games in a row, hit a single shot of 53 points, 63 points and 78 points, to obtain a 3-0 lead. After malfoyn won the fourth set, McGill won another four games in a row. In the seventh inning, a stroke of 92 points was scored. In the eighth inning, malfoyn scored 54 points first and then completed the single inning reversal with 81 points. In the first stage, McGill led malfoyn 7-1.