Behind 7 times vaccine stocks: futures tycoons make huge profits; brother and sister fall to each other

 Behind 7 times vaccine stocks: futures tycoons make huge profits; brother and sister fall to each other

In the semi annual report of Tibet pharmaceutical industry, investors are most concerned about the progress of the companys cooperative vaccine.

On the evening of June 15 this year, Tibet pharmaceutical issued an announcement on foreign investment. The company announced that it would enter into a global exclusive strategic cooperation relationship with Siwei (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Simeon), and Tibet pharmaceutical will obtain the global exclusive development of the above products by paying the cooperation consideration of new coronavirus vaccine products, tuberculosis vaccine and influenza vaccine products to Sri Lanka Rights to issue, register, produce, use and commercialize. Among them, the cooperation consideration involving new crown vaccine products is about 350 million yuan.

Although Tibet pharmaceutical industry is not the equity owner of the relevant vaccines, in the context of the global spread of the Xinguan epidemic, this investment announcement of the company has become a booster of the stock price.

In this years semi annual report, Tibet pharmaceutical also disclosed the progress of the above-mentioned epidemic events: as of the date of disclosure of this report, the preventive vaccine products involved in the cooperation are still in the stage of preclinical research in China, and need to go through the main links of clinical trial approval, clinical phase I, II and / or III trials, marketing approval, and production facility certification / verification (if applicable) Risk of R & D failure. If the research and development fails, there is a risk that the funds and clinical expenses paid to Sri Lanka microorganism cannot be recovered.

Tibet pharmaceutical said in the semi annual report that the above cooperation will help to give full play to the resources and professional advantages of both sides and have greater social and economic benefits. The above investment and cooperation will help increase the short-term and medium-term reserve products of the company, further expand the product business line of our company, conform to the companys strategic planning, and be conducive to the long-term development of the company. As the above products are still in research and development, there are risks of R & D failure, and the time for the products to be approved for marketing is uncertain.

Futures tycoon lurking for three years and making huge profits

This semi annual report of Tibet pharmaceutical industry also shows the investment trend of the institutions.

At the same time, many new faces have emerged among the top ten circulating shareholders. For example, the national social security fund 403 portfolio and Huaxia dingpei bond type Securities Investment Fund ranked 9th and 8th among the companys circulating shareholders with 3197600 shares and 4352000 shares respectively.

In May 2017, Ge Weidong invested 160 million yuan to participate in the private placement of Tibet pharmaceutical industry, with a subscription amount of 2.9119 million shares. At that time, the subscription price was 35.02 yuan / share. The lock-in period was 36 months. In April 2020, the company will increase 4 shares for every 10 shares, and Ge Weidongs shareholding will become 4076600 shares. After the three-year lock-in period expired, on May 6, 2020, Ge Weidongs subscription for additional shares of Tibet pharmaceutical in 2017 was finally lifted.

It can be seen from the regular report of Tibet pharmaceutical that in the third quarter of 2017, Ge Weidong built a warehouse in Tibet pharmaceutical for the first time, buying 3.343 million shares; in the fourth quarter of that year, he added 1.5958 million shares. From the end of 2017 to the end of the first quarter of 2020, Ge Weidong held 4.9 million shares of Tibet pharmaceutical, accounting for 2.73% of the total share capital. Together with 4.0766 million restricted shares, Ge Weidong held 8.9766 million shares of Tibet Pharmaceutical (before the transfer), accounting for nearly 4.41% of the total share capital of the company.

According to the stock price trend of Tibet pharmaceutical industry, Ge Weidongs cost of holding Tibet pharmaceutical industry is about 25 yuan to 26 yuan (former recovery price). Previously, Ge Weidongs shares of 8.9766 million shares were basically in a long-term floating loss state. However, since the beginning of this year, Tibets pharmaceutical industry has risen sharply, with the largest increase of more than 700%. Ge Weidong has made a lot of money.

The two brothers and sisters have their hands on each other

According to the semi annual report of 2020, Ge Weidong has disappeared from the list of top 10 circulating shareholders of Tibet pharmaceutical.

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