Tourists forcibly take away swan eggs in Beijing Wildlife Park

 Tourists forcibly take away swan eggs in Beijing Wildlife Park

1u3001 We deeply regret the act of forcibly taking away swan eggs. The concept of animal protection should have been deeply rooted in our hearts. As the name suggests, the animals in the self driving scattered area of Beijing Wildlife Park are basically in natural living conditions. The behavior of injuring animals will not only cause irreparable impact on the animals themselves, but also trample on the values of respecting and protecting nature that we should all hold. We deeply regret that some people forcibly take away swan eggs.

2u3001 Thank you for preventing the above behavior from happening. Your behavior has protected the life that is being bred, and also shows the admirable excellent character of you and your family. We respect and sincerely thank you!

According to the network data, Beijing Wildlife Park is the most popular scenic spot for family travel and group travel in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. With the new epidemic prevention and control work entering a new stage, a better life is gradually returning to us. Beijing Wildlife Park sincerely hopes that the vast number of tourists in good protection, at the same time, sincerely love animals, and jointly protect lovely animal friends.

Thank you again for your love of animals and the attention of netizens!

Editor Liu Jiani

Source: Beijing Wildlife Park

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