The public and 30 just mobile phone number collision is hit, drama response

 The public and 30 just mobile phone number collision is hit, drama response

Subsequently, the surging news repeatedly dialed the above-mentioned producer companys phone number registered in Tianyan, but no one answered.

On August 4, Mr. Lu reported this situation to the crew of just 30. He said that on August 9, he received a text message claiming to be the representative of the producer of just 30 that he apologized for the impact he had caused and dealt with the relevant scenes as soon as possible.

On the 10th, Mr. Lu told surging news that he handled a mobile phone card with a tail number of 4663 in April this year. To his surprise, he received strange calls and SMS one after another since July 25.

Part of the text message provided by Mr. Lu to surging news is Chen Yu, Yang Xiang. No matter what, I support you u201cu3002u3002u3002u3002u3002u3002 You have exposed picachu in my hands, Chen Yu, have you found your cat.

The surging news has noticed that most of the content of the above-mentioned SMS is related to thirty, in which Chen Yu and Lin youyou are two characters in the play, and Yang Fan is an actor who plays Chen Yu.

Adorable official account of Shanghai adorable film and television media Co., Ltd., July 13th, released by the adorable film company in July 13th, thirty is is a city sentiment drama produced by lemon Meng film. The play began to air on July 17 this year. According to public reports, thirty just started shooting in late July 2019 and was officially launched on November 29.

According to Mr. Lu, there is a story about looking for a cat in the play of thirty only. The mobile phone number reserved on the notice is the same as his.

Lawyer Xing Xin, partner of Jinzhou law firm in Hunan Province, holds that articles 1 and 3 of the interpretation of the Supreme Peoples court and the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate on Several Issues concerning the application of law in handling criminal cases of infringing upon citizens personal information, personal information of citizens refers to those recorded in electronic or other ways, which can identify the identity of a specific natural person or reflect characteristics in combination with other information All kinds of information about the activities of natural persons, including name, ID number, communication contact information, address, account number, password, property status, whereabouts, etc.

Xing Xin said that even if the production of the play was in the front and Mr. Lu had handled the card later, the crew should still bear the liability for infringement. In the production process, the producer and the crew should fully consider whether the plot may infringe other peoples privacy from all aspects. Mr. Lus card should not be used to plead for exemption after shooting.

The recommended mobile phone number was misappropriated by 30 just, and hundreds of calls made the number owner collapse quickly. Source: surging news editor: Han Chong_ NBJ11345