Two mountains theory continued in practice

 Two mountains theory continued in practice

The idea is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and put into action. Chinas eco-environmental protection system and mechanism have been gradually improved, the crux of pollution prevention and control has been vigorously promoted, the central eco-environmental protection supervision has been carried out year by year, and all localities have continued to explore the road of green development. 175 demonstration cities and counties of national ecological civilization construction and 52 practice and innovation bases of green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains are jointly built. The Yangtze River ecological restoration is speeding up, and the Loess Plateau is gradually becoming green After the sky is bluer, the water is cleaner and the land is greener, ecotourism and bioenergy are emerging. The continuous improvement of the ecological environment not only brings people a better living environment, but also brings opportunities for sustainable development. It has become the fairest public goods and the most inclusive welfare of peoples livelihood.

Practice makes us further realize that ecological environment is the premise and foundation for human survival and development. Without a good ecological environment, human survival and development can not be discussed. We must not take the old road of pollution first and then control, and we must not sacrifice the ecological environment for temporary development. Man and nature are the community of life. Human beings must respect, conform to and protect nature. Green waters and green mountains have their own gold content. We should firmly follow the road of sustainable development, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, promote the strategic adjustment of economic structure and the fundamental change of growth mode, develop and protect in protection, realize the coordination of economic and social development with population, resources and environment, and promote the formation of a new pattern of modernization construction of harmonious development between man and nature u3002

These experiences have been explored by people in the past period of time. Some of them even paid the price of breaking their hands and scraping bones to cure poison. Because of this, we should cherish it more.

At present, China has entered the stage of high-quality development. The goal is to promote the sustained and healthy development of Chinas economy and better meet the diversified, multi-level and multi-faceted needs of the people. Therefore, it is imperative to build an environment-friendly society. At the same time, we should clearly realize that at present, the short board of ecological environment in China is still obvious, the task of air pollution control in key areas is arduous, the task of ecological protection and restoration in the Yangtze River Basin is arduous, and the problems of urban black odorous water body and rural environment are prominent. This requires us to continue to practice the green development concept of green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, make up for ecological shortcomings, improve ecological well-being, continue to write a new chapter of the two mountains theory and describe a new picture of beautiful China in continuous practice. (CCTV commentator Chen Ruihai)