Teachers, experts, stock god recommend illegal stock platforms to avoid involvement

 Teachers, experts, stock god recommend illegal stock platforms to avoid involvement

Recently, a reporter from the Financial Association learned that xiaohongquan, a payment knowledge platform, has successively issued relevant announcements on regulating the recommendation behavior of stocks and securities, and has implemented many operations such as clearing up illegal recommendation circles.

Knowledge planet said that for violations, those released for the first time will be warned; those released again will be banned for seven days; those released for the third time will be given a 14 day ban. Knowledge planet has the right to permanently close the account for users who send illegal content to the planet for many times.

Knowledge planet and small red circle actively clean up illegal recommendation stocks in the platform

On August 7, knowledge planet released the announcement on standardizing the recommendation behavior of stocks and securities, saying that in order to ensure that the investment risk of users of the knowledge planet platform can be controlled and free from property losses, from now on, knowledge planet will strictly manage the illegal and illegal behaviors such as recommending stocks in the platform, and severely punish malicious accounts, so as to create a healthy, safe and valuable knowledge platform.

After the financial association newly downloaded the software, it will receive the push of the announcement when entering the knowledge planet app.

In terms of the definition of violations, knowledge planet said in the announcement that star owners and partners are not allowed to engage in the following acts:

Publishing stock recommendation information: recommending stocks to users, including but not limited to publishing stock names and stock codes through articles, comments, private messages, pictures, audio, video, etc;

Illegal trading behavior: direct or indirect guide users to buy futures, precious metals, bitcoin and other illegal behaviors.

In terms of handling violations, knowledge planet said in the announcement that it has the right to take corresponding measures according to the degree of violations of the planet, including but not limited to content processing, suspension of service and account number processing. The illegal content guided and released by other means shall be handled as follows: if it is released for the first time, it will be warned; if it is released again, it will be banned for 7 days; if it is released for the third time, it will be sealed for 14 days. Knowledge planet has the right to permanently close the account for users who send illegal content to the planet for many times.

The reporter of the financial association found that the landline phone (0755-86566896) and mobile phone number (1348073xxx) of Shenzhen Dacheng Tianxia Information Technology Co., Ltd. were not answered.

Xiaohongquan app said in the announcement that the owner of the small red circle should not engage in the following risk prone behaviors in the small red circle: releasing stock recommendation information: recommending stocks to users. Including but not limited to publishing stock name, stock code and other behaviors through articles, pictures, comments, private messages, fans groups, live broadcasting, etc.; guiding stock trading: directly or indirectly prompting users to buy and sell points and trading prices; illegal trading behaviors: directly or indirectly guiding users to purchase futures, precious metals and other illegal behaviors; other illegal guidance Trading behavior.

Xiaohongquan app said that xiaohongquan has the right to take corresponding measures according to the seriousness of the case to deal with the illegal behaviors within the circle, including but not limited to deleting the illegal content, forbidding speaking, blocking account number, closing the circle, etc.

Supervision repeatedly indicates the risk of illegal stock recommendation

It is not sudden that the above platforms take the initiative to crack down on illegal recommendation of stocks, and the regulatory authorities have repeatedly pointed out the risks of illegal recommendation stocks.

According to the CSRC, for some time, illegal elements have used wechat, microblog, webcast, QQ and other Internet tools or platforms to carry out illegal stock recommendation activities. The characteristics of such illegal activities are as follows:

One is to conduct false publicity by searching web pages, Baidu Post Bar and other Internet tools, such as big data diagnosis stock, recommending black horse and master guidance, or by advocating performance of stock speculation to attract members or customers.

Second, using instant chat tools such as wechat, microblog and QQ to attract investors to join the wechat group, QQ group, webcast and other network platforms by adding friends. After participating, some people who call themselves teachers, experts and stock gods illegally recommend shares to investors in the name of teaching stock speculation experience and training stock trading skills for free. After cheating investors trust, they take the opportunity to invite investors to invest Investors join the internal VIP group or VIP Live Room, claiming that there are more professional teachers who can provide more high-end services, maliciously provide untrue investment information by means of fabricating facts and high-yield inducement, and deliberately concealing high-risk facts, guiding investors to conduct transactions that the illegal sponsor hopes, and ultimately causing huge losses for investors.

Third, in the name of recommending stocks, some lawless elements actually engage in other illegal and criminal activities, luring investors to participate in spot trading (precious metals, artworks, etc.), Internet digital currency trading and overseas futures trading, eventually robbing investors of their funds.

These illegal activities are various and deceptive, and the criminals mainly use Internet tools or platforms to defraud, use false identities to commit crimes, and even hide abroad, seriously damaging the interests of investors and disturbing the normal order of the securities market.

According to the securities law, the regulations on the administration of futures trading and other laws and regulations, to engage in Securities and futures investment consulting business, one must obtain the business license of the CSRC according to law; without the permission of the CSRC, no unit or individual is allowed to engage in Securities and futures investment consulting business. Investors are requested to choose legal securities and futures business institutions, obtain relevant investment consulting services, keep a high degree of vigilance on all kinds of stock recommendation activities, and stay away from illegal stock recommendation activities, so as to avoid property losses.

As a matter of fact, as early as two months ago, the SFC had already acted.

On June 19, the official website of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) said that recently, the media reported that some stocks had big V to cooperate with makers to ship goods, and introduced stocks by deception. Investors share prices plummeted and suffered heavy losses after receiving the offer. Therefore, they should be highly vigilant. The CSRC will maintain a high-pressure crackdown on illegal acts such as market manipulation and illegal recommendation of stocks. If a suspected crime is found, it shall be transferred to the public security organ for investigation and punishment in a timely manner, and the criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

Big V swagger type recommendation stock to cooperate with the dealer to ship, shareholders have been killed repeatedly

On June 18, some investors also sent an article on a well-known investment platform, saying that the investors who bought Jimin Pharmaceutical (603222. SH) and Shengyang Technology (603703. SH) had suffered serious losses. We should pay attention not to be cheated. Recently, there are also live calls for you to buy Guizhou Sanli (603439. SH), dont buy it, or you cant become a pan Xia.

Previously, some retail investors disclosed to the associated press that because they usually pay attention to the stock market, they pay attention to the bloggers stock intelligence officer week . On May 24, this year, the micro blogger stock intelligence officer week recommended a person named Chen Feng, saying that his financial analysis ability was still good, and then added Chen Feng wechat. On June 3, Chen Feng informed the owner of Mancang Shengyang technology that he could earn 30% if he had inside information. Many investors followed suit and bought Shengyang technology.

But then, the stock price of Shengyang technology fell sharply. First, on May 26 this year, Shengyang science and Technology Co., Ltd. collapsed, and soon afterwards, the stock price of Shengyang technology once fell to the limit for four consecutive trading days. Investors suffered heavy losses. Investors suspected that Shengyang technology, blogger Chen Feng and Weibo blogger stock intelligence agent week had the behavior of manipulating stock prices and killing shareholders.

Since the end of May, the stock price of Shengyang Technology Co., Ltd. has fallen more than 50.25 yuan / 25 yuan at the end of May.

Source: CFA editor in charge: Zhong Qiming_ NF5619