China Europe train runs out of open acceleration

 China Europe train runs out of open acceleration

A thousand years later, we will gallop through the iron and steel veins and shake hands across Asia and Europe with passion and speed, creating a new engine of high-level opening-up in the new era.

From camel package mail to transnational trains, China has run acceleration in the interconnected global trade exchanges.

In the midsummer of Xian, the vegetation is verdant and vigorous. On July 24, accompanied by a long whistle, the first China Europe train from Xian to Kiev left Xinzhu station full of 41 goods. So far, China Europe train (Xian) has 15 lines, reaching 45 cities in 15 countries, and the radiation scope has realized the full coverage of Eurasia.

Nine years ago, Chinas first China Europe train roared abroad. For more than 3400 days and nights, on the crisscross railway tracks of Asia and Europe, the endless long dragon of freight transportation has been blaring with bagpipes.

If United, there will be communication and prosperity.

One belt, one road, was put forward by President Xi Jinping during the autumn of 2013 when he visited Central Asia and Southeast Asia, and formed Chinas plan to participate in global open cooperation, improve the global economic governance system, promote global common development and prosperity, and promote the building of a community of human destiny.

The one belt, one road cooperation spirit is to share and share together, open and inclusive.

One belt, one road has been built from 7 years to the last air plant. Act as a go between one belt, one road, and one belt, one road, the two countries are running steadily and running fast, and they are crossing the needle for interconnection and interconnection.

On the evening of June 22nd, President Xi Jinping met with European Council president Michel and European Commission Chairman Leyen in video form in Beijing. In his speech, he made a strong contrast between the two groups of yes and no to show Chinas open position and inject new momentum into the development of China EU relations in the post epidemic era.

China is an opportunity but not a threat and China is a partner but not an adversary. Proceeding from the great sense of world peace and development, China and the EU are assiduously looking for the meeting point of deepening mutually beneficial cooperation.

Todays China has been integrated with the world as never before. The worlds second largest economy, largest industrial country, largest trading country in goods, largest foreign exchange reserve country Chinas development affects the worlds attention, and Chinas economy has become one of the main engines of world economic growth.

In December 2014, when general secretary Xi Jinping hosted the nineteenth collective learning of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, he pointed out: opening wider to the outside world, improving the level of opening up to the outside world, and promoting reform and development by opening up are important magic weapons for Chinas continuous development to achieve new achievements.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has accelerated the construction of a new open economic system, and a higher level of opening pattern is taking shape.

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the central European company across the Eurasian continent has gained the momentum of the opening and volume of cargo and become the Guardian of the global supply chain with its unique advantages and hard core strength.

In the cold wave novel coronavirus pneumonia spread, Central Europe and the European class broke through the haze of the epidemic, opened up the road of life, carrying the anti epidemic materials urgently to support the countries along the line, and keeping the world in close touch, so that people along the line felt the warmth of sharing weal and woe.

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Impression of the heart: China Europe train running out of open acceleration (source: video synthesis)

According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, in the first half of this year, 5122 trains were put into operation, with a year-on-year increase of 36%; 461000 TEUs of goods were transported, with a year-on-year increase of 41%, reaching a record high for four consecutive months. 3.67 million pieces and 27 thousand tons of epidemic prevention materials were transported, which played a positive role in helping the global anti epidemic.

We must put the new concept of development through the whole process and all fields of development, and achieve development of higher quality, more efficiency, more fairness, more sustainable and more secure. we must unswervingly promote reform, continue to expand opening-up, and continue to enhance the driving force and vitality of development. we must accelerate the formation of a new development pattern with the domestic major cycle as the main body and domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other.u201c We should make greater efforts to promote reform and opening up, and optimize the business environment by deepening reform

On July 30th, the general assembly of the CPC Central Committee hosted the Political Bureau meeting of the CPC Central Committee, which released a strong signal: Chinas major initiatives to open up will not stop.

Open development is one of the important connotations of the new development concept and the only way for national prosperity and development. But compared with the past, the situation of Chinas opening up is also changing.

We should adhere to the general keynote of seeking progress while maintaining stability, adhere to the new development concept, make greater efforts to promote reform and opening up, promote high-quality economic development, correctly understand and deal with various risks and challenges from home and abroad

No one in any country can stop the historical pace of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This is confidence and strength.

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