Yan Xis new play of ancient costume is expected

 Yan Xis new play of ancient costume is expected

Deep cultivation of roles and cultivation of acting skills

For the performance, Yan Xi has been deeply engaged in acting skills, every role is repeatedly polished, in order to present the best state. In recent years, he has performed in many popular plays. He has played the roles of Wei Qing in about love, Yan chufei in shining star course of counter attack, Tu Wei in cloud of Xuanyuan sword, Xiao Li in fighting against the sky, etc.

Yan Xis acting skills are delicate, and he has a good grasp of the role, shaping many mature or introverted role images. For each character, he can dive into the heart to understand the role and perceive the role. This time, he played the contrast cute king of medicine in dear Lord of medicine. His style is very handsome and valiant, giving people a very delicate feeling, and the sweet interaction with the female owner is somewhat arrogant and lovely. The transformation of Chu inks stubbornness and arrogance is a test of his skills. With years of polished acting skills, Yan Xis Chu ink will surely have a brilliant performance.

Super high degree of reduction and delicate acting skills, such Yanxi will not let people down, lets wait and see Chu ink circle powder again. It is reported that he will continue to lead the leading role of about love 2 and the starring film small mountain and river will soon be with you. Many works are coming, I believe that he will usher in his own year of outbreak, and the future can be expected.