Life is as bright as the sun starts: Liu Yun challenges money worshippers

 Life is as bright as the sun starts: Liu Yun challenges money worshippers

Liu Yun plays Xu Zitong in life as bright as sunshine. He is an assistant of workplace etiquette training company. He is straightforward and upright. Affected by the family environment, Xu Zitong is determined to marry into a rich family, hoping to live a life of clothes and food in his next life. Xu Zitong, who looks like a gold digger, yearns for pure love in his heart. She is really not affectation, will speak out boldly to what she likes, and then strive for it. In this process, Xu Zitong once lost his direction and lost his original intention. Fortunately, after a series of twists and turns, Xu Zitong finally found his original self and started again.

Liu Yuns excellent acting skills are certified again

Xu Zitong, a forthright and forthright woman, is also a straight ball female. As soon as the character appears in the first episode, he frequently makes golden sentences. He first presents new knowledge points and calls himself five kinds of girls, namely, average family, average education background, average appearance, average IQ and average figure. It can be seen that Xu Zitong loves money, but he is also very sober. In a high-end western restaurant, faced with the temptation of good friends, Xu Zitong temporarily put down his vanity and enjoyed the delicious food. He also said, I havent eaten with all my teeth for a long time. It has to be said that it is really not easy for people who want to maintain a high attitude at all times. Liu Yun interprets Xu Zitongs vanity characteristics incisively and vividly. In this role, there are many controversial lines and behaviors, but at the same time, Xu Zitong is also the epitome of some people in modern life. She shows the most real and cruel side of reality, frank and fearless.

At present, life as bright as the sun is broadcast on Oriental satellite TV at 19:30 every night from August 10, and the video platform is updated at 22:00 every night. Tonight, lets witness the brave blooming and wonderful life of Xu Zitong.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Hu Mengyao_ NK5655