Elder sister Yuan Yonglin wrote a farewell song after her elimination

 Elder sister Yuan Yonglin wrote a farewell song after her elimination

Netease Entertainment reported on August 10, in the ninth edition of mango TVs self-made 30 + womens group inspirational variety show elder sister riding the wind and waves, Yuan Yonglin wrote songs to her sisters after she was eliminated and returned to her dormitory on August 10. In the upcoming revival of the fifth stage of the exchange war, the seven sisters selected through the popular vote of the whole network returned to face the powerful opponents. The sisters have a lot of strategies in the song selection. What challenges will they face?

Yuan Yonglin

Zhang Meng

Yuan Yonglin wrote an impromptu farewell song to her sisters, showing her deep sisterhood

In this program, Yuan Yonglin, who was eliminated in this round, returned to her dormitory. She not only expressed her thanks for the program, but also wrote songs for her sisters as a parting gift. Her deep sisterhood made the audience cry.

Wu Xin, who was also eliminated, said: I have my own dream in my heart. Through this program, we can see my shining side. In the process of getting along with each elder sister, I have found a kind of self-confidence and a belief in myself by strengthening my own heart and overcoming some shortcomings in my character. I think this is more rewarding for me than on the stage. Zhang Meng also moved and said, I enjoy the process, find the advantages and flash points of others, and then influence myself. I think we have achieved what we want to express on this stage.. My sisters are very grateful for the stage that makes themselves more luminous.

Elimination of elder sister online reunion, reorganization and resurrection are expected

It is getting closer and closer to the final of the group. In the upcoming revival transposition battle of the fifth stage, the seven sisters selected by popular vote of the whole network will return to form the resurrection challenge. The winner of the revival team will take over the sisters sprint summary. The 30 sisters who fought together are reunited online in this program, expressing their expectation of returning to the stage. However, when the sisters on the scene learned that they would not only have a group battle with the resurrected sister, but would also face a 1-on-1 personal challenge, they felt great pressure instantly.

In the fifth public performance, there are 3 pieces of group war repertoire and 7 pieces of individual show repertoire. In the selection of the group war repertoire, the lisdani troupe planned the strategy of making a sound East and attacking the west, deliberately expressed their love for other songs, and diverted everyones attention to their real intention of selecting music. Finally, it announced that the success of the selection of songs triggered the shock of the serenity troupe. In the selection of individual repertoire, Zheng Xiyi decided to jump out of the comfort zone to challenge herself, while Huang Ling chose her own songs to strive for stability and success.

Who will break through the difficulties and come back to life? For more wonderful content, please pay attention to sister riding the wind and waves which is broadcast on Hunan entertainment channel at 11:50 noon on Friday and Monday and mango TV at 12:00.