Details of Li Zhiyings arrest announced by Hong Kong Police

 Details of Li Zhiyings arrest announced by Hong Kong Police

Li Zhiying is taken away from his residence by police for investigation

Overseas net, August 10

Hong Kong

Polices national security department today arrested Li Zhiying, founder of one media, and others on suspicion of violating Hong Kongs national security law. The Chief Superintendent of the public relations division, Mr Kwok Ka Kwan, and the senior superintendent of the national security department, Li Guihua, explained the circumstances of the case, saying that nine men and one woman, aged 20 to 72, were arrested and searched by the police, which involved Hong Kongs national security law and conspiracy to defraud.

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u201dLi Guihua pointed out that after investigation, the police found that there is a gang that has been promoting and encouraging people to actively participate in the action of demanding foreign sanctions and blockade of Hong Kong. The gang is operated by two men and one woman. In the process of investigating the gang, the police found that there was a group of people, that is, the senior level of the media used their accounts in foreign countries to support the gang financially. He said the gangs were still operating actively after the implementation of the Hong Kong national security law. He pointed out that five men and one woman were arrested in connection with the incident.

Li also said that the police also received some complaints about the media companies conspiracy to defraud. The fraud was the right to use the factory buildings at low prices. Six men were arrested in the incident. Some of them were suspected of violating the Hong Kong national security law. Li Guihua said that the focus of the whole operation is how to deal with news materials. We have spent a lot of efforts and sent a lot of people to do the search work. Police began to arrest Li Zhiying this morning. In addition to Li Zhiying, Li jianen and Li Yaoen, Li Jianhong, chief executive officer of one media, Zhou Daquan, chief operating officer and chief financial officer of one media, Wu Daguang, general manager of animation of one media, and Huang Weiqiang, executive director of one media. Mark Simon, an aide to Li Zhiying and living abroad, is wanted.

In addition, Li Yuxuan, a member of Hong Kong Story and Li Zongze, a former member of the Xuemin ideological trend, were respectively suspected of money laundering and collusion with foreign or foreign forces. According to the news, the two people were arrested and involved in the operation of the I want to solicit speculation team. In addition, Zhou Ting, a former member of the Hong Kong peoples will, was also arrested for violating the national security law of Hong Kong.

According to previous reports, in July this year, the Hong Kong police issued a summons to Li Zhiying and others, asking them to appear in the court to explain their participation in an illegal assembly in Causeway Bay not long ago. Together with the summons, Li Zhiying, 72, has five criminal cases and seven charges. It includes criminal intimidation, organizing and participating in unauthorized assembly. In addition, Li Zhiying had applied for three times to leave China for the United States, which were all rejected by the judge and asked him to stay in Hong Kong during the period of bail. (overseas net king Xiluo)