After 27 years of redressing the grievances of her ex husband, song xiaonu has become a performance personality?

 After 27 years of redressing the grievances of her ex husband, song xiaonu has become a performance personality?

This is a wrong judgment case 27 years ago. Two boys were killed in the village. Zhang Yuhuan became a suspect and was taken away by the police. After leaving, he never went back for 27 years.

What happened in these 27 years?

Zhang Yuhuan was tortured to extort a confession, but he was still found guilty and sentenced to death in the absence of sufficient evidence. Hundreds of letters of complaint sent by him went down to the sea.

Zhang Minqiang, Zhang Yuhuans elder brother, has been waiting in the detention center for eight years, but he has never seen his brother. He has run to the court at least once a week for more than 20 years.

Zhang Yuhuans eldest son is looking forward to his fathers return home. The photo sent to his father says, Dad, I didnt take a good picture this time. Well take pictures together when you come home..

For many years, he has been labeled as a murderers son, bullied and bullied by children from the same village who put cow dung in his mouth and broke his legs.

Zhang Yuhuans wrong case also changed the life of his ex-wife song xiaonu.

Because of the rumors in the village, the little girl couldnt stay any longer. With her two children, she had to go out to work because her family lost her financial resources.

Illiterate, in order to help her husband redress the injustice, she looked up the dictionary and wrote a complaint letter. In order to go to the court once a week, she applied to the employer for less pay and never gave up the possibility.

The husbands case did not progress, but the little girls body was out of condition first. The tumor was found in the hospital and needed to be operated on.

For the sake of her two sons and the opportunity to avenge Zhang Yuhuan, she married her current husband with only three conditions: to be nice to her two sons, not to stop her from visiting Zhang Yuhuan or her mother.

Song xiaonu has a axis strength, like the modern version of Sisyphus. The futility in the eyes of others is her daily homework and hope.


Perhaps in many peoples consideration, it is very valuable for song xiaonu to take good care of her two sons. She has the right to make a choice, whether she is divorced or remarried.

For her ex husband Zhang Yuhuan, its normal for her to have resentment and resentment. After all, this days disaster not only hit Zhang Yuhuan, but also was unbearable for song xiaonu.

But song xiaonu chose to believe, she said, no matter what others think, I have never doubted his innocence..

Among people, the most important respect is not love, but trust.

It is also because of this belief that song xiaonu has never given up on the difficult road of redressing the grievances of her ex husband.

Song xiaonu said in an interview:

A simple act of embracing is a womans most desired return. For 27 years, she has insisted on her faith and stuck to her heart. In addition to being innocent, she has never asked for more.

Looking at the little girls microblog, the words are simple, but cant hide the heavy love and trust between the lines.

Look at her eyes in the interview, just like the keywords of hot search, her eyes have light.


A simple and energetic woman who endured humiliation and vindicated her ex husbands grievances, was still maliciously speculated by many people that she was for money. Some people, from the micro expression analysis, thought that song xiaonu was a performance personality attack, in order to meet the needs of the media.

It seems that Sisyphus style efforts and persistence, always want to point out what is reasonable, if she just want a hug, it must be hypocritical?

I mourn for these people. Its none of my business. Of course, I can maintain reasonable doubt. However, the misinterpretation of a persons sincerity and belief reveals his inner darkness.

Yes, we have seen so many examples that we only pay emotion and time for the sake of profit and money. We gradually no longer believe that there is beauty and power in this world that is not whitewashed.

But this is not the reason why song Xiaonv moved peoples hearts?

She uses the truth to fight against the false in this world, she uses the good to resist the evil in the world, and she uses faith to dispel the doubt of no reason in the world.

There is no further information on the follow-up of Zhang Yuhuans case, but the little girl has said to her lawyer, I wont ask for a cent if Zhang Yuhuan gets compensation in the future..

I dont know if those who still treat song xiaonu with malicious eyes can see their own darkness.

If you regard calculation and utility as normal, sincerity and faith as false, the good things you dont want to believe will never happen to you.


I really often feel that this is a world without a sense of security. Seeing cheating, betrayal and injury, we can believe less and less, and we can grasp less and less things. People are in danger.

So why are we alive? Is it to keep away from others and protect yourself? Is it to fight with those deceit, betrayal and hurt all your life?

The reason why we still want to pursue peace, happiness, happiness, kindness and love after seeing so many things that are not beautiful, kind and insincere? Isnt it because we still have hidden beliefs in our hearts?

I believe that there is truth, goodness and beauty in the world, and I believe that I will be loved and cherished. It is because I still have something to believe in. Even if it is weak, I will fall down again and again.

Although we are not song xiaonu, to a certain extent, everyone has a song xiaonu in their hearts, love and trust that others do not understand, and persistence and persistence that others can not understand.

Bitter and tired, compared with the loss of hope, doubt everything, always want to be a little happier, because the heart still has a miss.

After Zhang Yuhuan was released from prison, song xiaonu said to him, it doesnt matter if you dont hold it. But you should remember that you owe me a hug, because I didnt come for no reason. This hug is not what I told you. Hug love. My hug is very complicated and complicated.

I think that in this complicated and complicated embrace, grievances, sadness and heartache only account for a few points. Whats more, it is the release and satisfaction. It is the happiness and nourishment that trust and love finally fulfill their wishes.

Everyone needs and deserves such a hug!