Someone splashed water on my son. My son splashed it back 10 times. What happened next was unexpected

 Someone splashed water on my son. My son splashed it back 10 times. What happened next was unexpected

Children are on holiday, a string of about ten, the oldest nine years old, the youngest even walk unsteadily, chirping in the yard, around the tap water fight.

There is a child several times sneak attack Gu Gu, first of all, the back of Gu Gu Zi wet, and then the hair of Gu Gu Zi wet. You dont want to splash me, he cried in a small voice

There is no result in stopping it. After a while, the child slipped over with water and splashed it on his stomach.

This time, he decided to take revenge.

He took a bucket out of his house and filled it with water without saying a word. The child did not know where he was and was still standing beside him laughing. Later, at that time fast, Gu Gu picked up the bucket with the rapid thunder and poured the child into a drowned rat.

I was afraid that there would be a fierce battle, so I quickly led the two children home to change clothes, and the frightening afternoon ended like this.

Gu Gu and the child meet on the ridge.

As soon as he saw the COO, he called out: its you. You threw me with a bucket yesterday and made my clothes all wet.

Gu Gu is not willing to be outdone: you threw me first.

The two children were facing each other. You were staring at me, and I was staring at you with hostility on their faces.

After a few seconds, perhaps aware that the atmosphere is a little nervous, Gu Gu Gu took the initiative to go forward to pave the steps: lets play scissors, stone and paper, who lost who said sorry.

The two children quickly began to draw.

At this time, a bird just flew by. The two children were not angry. They ran to chase the bird in tacit agreement. Half way after the bird, they turned to the child and said, Im sorry first. I said that to you, OK?

Gu Gu said sorry according to the appointment.

The child apologized, Im sorry.

I witnessed the whole process not far away, and I couldnt help but sigh with my heart that the children are really angels. Adults can never guess or even do the plot given by children.

They can say Im sorry frankly and make up as usual without any effort because of a small matter and a few words of reconciliation. One second is irreconcilable, the next is inseparable.

Its a pure white inner world like ice and snow.


After becoming a mother, I have been extremely gentle to all my children.

Originally, I hate children who are not big or small. They are noisy, unreasonable and aggressive. Now on the way to meet children, regardless of what kind of long, skin is not skin, I can not help but see a few more: whose children ah, really cute.

The longer I spend with children, the more careful I am to label bad kids..

This is what my family taught me.

Gu Gu loved to beat people when he was more than one year old. Lao Liang always beat his chest and feet and said that the child had a long fault. However, I firmly believe that this is only a common performance of this age group. As long as we give good guidance, we can certainly change it.

Sure enough, when he was more than two years old, he got rid of beating people.

Later, he began to throw things. When he made a fuss, he ignored them and smashed them on the wall. At that time, Lao Liangs mantra was: its over, your sons life is over!

Fortunately, I have always been patient in parenting.

Even if the world does not believe my child, I am his mother, I should believe him. I believe that my child is not a bad child, he is just a small child, many habits need to be corrected slowly.

Sure enough, after punishing the corner several times, Gu Gu never threw anything again.

Up to now, even Lao Liang, who has always been strict, silently praises Gu Gu. He is really a good child. He is very polite and never makes trouble. He will not take other peoples things or make a big noise in public

Im glad that in the past four years, I didnt label him as a bad boy because of his indulgence, even if he didnt think about it for a moment!

I always believe in his pure and good nature, which is the tacit understanding and righteousness between our mother and son.

Its like splashing water.

Fortunately, Im just a spectator. He did not define others as bad children because other children splashed water on him.

Nor is it defined as a bad kid because of his counter attack.

I didnt get angry to stop the kids from fighting, and I didnt judge them in an adult way. Thats why there was a soft scene at the beginning of the article.


Before I became a mother, everyone looked like a bear child. When I became a mother, I really understood the childrens world. Only then did I find out that not many of them could be called bear children. Most of them were adults who used adult behavior standards to make value judgments for their children.

Children splashing water on each other is just simple fun, even a kind of warm courtship - many children want to play with their partners, but they dont know how to open their mouth, they will use the form of hitting people to attract others attention.

A childs heart is flawless.

But in the eyes of adults, it is easy to evolve into bullying, provocation, and even bad.

The label bad boy is heavy.

I dare say that none of you here would like to be labeled bad kid.. But once we become adults, we always put such big hats on the top of childrens heads without thinking.

One child is crying on the plane. Its baby bear. Its bad. Two children are shouting on the street. Its baby bear. Its bad. Three children are chasing after each other in the mall.

Before I became a mother, I used to think that I wanted to yell at all the disobedient children and force them to shut up with one button. To this day, I am ashamed of these thoughts. How can I label children so heavily when I know nothing about their world?

I am an adult. I am ten or twenty years older than them. Instead of bending down to listen to their world, I hope they will jump up and touch the high threshold set for adults.

What am I doing?

Adults have an obligation to understand children.

If we cant understand why children are noisy with our intelligence quotient, why do adults want to be quiet?

Childrens noise, how simple. When they are happy, they make trouble. A natural emotional outpouring. But in the adult world, emotions are not allowed to show naturally. We have made a lot of rules and regulations.

Childrens world, there is no such a frame.

They laugh and cry without any praise or criticism.

They will eventually be guided by adults, slowly into the world full of boxes, but it will take some time.

It takes time for children to understand the rules.

As adults, are we willing to give children enough time to grow up, or do we ignore them and label them as bad children for all the children who challenge the rules of adulthood?


Whether you admit it or not, the children of this generation are the generation with the highest comprehensive quality.

Thinking of our parents, grandparents and even our own childhood, our parents are busy making a living, and there are many brothers and sisters in our family, so they have no time to carry out ideological and moral education.

However, this generation is different. Every child is the flesh and blood of his parents. He was raised with intensive cultivation and received quite good education since childhood.

Theyre even too civilized to have a childhood.

There is no chance to steal sweet potatoes, nor to catch pheasants. Even they dont know that there is a game called fireworks fried cow dung. The poor children of this generation havent seen the fireworks very much. They cant imagine that their parents still have such wonderful reserved programs.

However, it is also the children of this generation who bear the most malicious from the Internet.

Whenever a child makes a mistake, the Internet will be turbulent, pointing the spear at all children. I have even seen a lot of indiscriminate child hating remarks in the comment area: when I see a child, I want to kick it

It is undeniable that there are some children who are really bad because of neglect of discipline.

But more children are trying to adapt to the rules of adulthood. They know to wait in line when they are two years old, love hygiene when they are three years old, and they cant be noisy when they are four years old Can we give these children a slightly tolerant environment to allow 10% of the 90% of the right to go wrong?

I remember that when wheres dad going broadcast a few years ago, hot search was encircling children almost every day.

A three-year-old girl is fond of crying and is scolded as crying bag and annoying; a four-year-old child who cant lift the vegetable basket is called lazy and Miss temper; an eight year old child who knows a little bit about the world is called snobbish and scheming bitch

A group of adults, by the standards of saints, are picking on a group of children who have already done very, very well. This kind of scene is not glorious in any way.

We all hate being labeled, but once the label is in our hands, we dont hesitate to find someone to put it on.

Remember how we grew up?

They steal sweet potatoes in groups and cook them in the fields. While parents are not at home, climb trees, drill holes, go swimming in the river. I have painted on the wall, painted ducks on my clothes, torn my parents marriage certificates, and smashed valuable vases and inkstones

We grew up in this way.

When we finally grow up, can we pass on the tolerance our parents gave us to our children?

A societys attitude towards children may contain its mind, spirit and vision.

No one wants to cure childhood with a lifetime, and whether our next generation needs to cure childhood with a lifetime is up to you and me.