Nanjing killed girl friend revealed: she only did one thing wrong!

 Nanjing killed girl friend revealed: she only did one thing wrong!

On the 13th, they still couldnt find any news from their daughter, so they called the police for help.

Police investigation found that on July 9, she flew to Yunnan, first to Kunming, and then lost contact in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna.

After preliminary investigation, it is Hong Mou, together with two other boys, lures Yueyue to the outskirts of Menghai County, killing and burying his body.

The motive of the man was identified as emotional dispute.

A girl who is about to step into the society will die in the graduation trip which should be romantic.

Also lost forever should have been beautiful life.

What is more shocking is that before the results of the investigation, Hong has been very calm and accompanied the girls father to report the case.

At that time, a lot of public opinion pointed to Hong.

In this regard, Yueyues father has specially advised that we should not give Hong too much pressure and burden.

The implication was that he almost had no doubt that this seemingly honest boy would be the culprit for hurting his daughter.

Good people are not good at judging others with the worst malice.

However, the cruel people are often beyond their expectations.

This is probably the cruelest truth in the world.


She transferred money for Hongmou many times and paid for meals. She also learned how to weave by hand and gave gifts to Hong.

After Yueyue disappeared, Hong intentionally added his wechat and lied: can you help me contact Yueyue? I had a fight with her.

Then he made up a story of rolling money and running away and said, I still have tens of thousands of cash in my cabinet. She should have taken all of them.

She used to take my dollar and ask that classmate to change it for her.

She gave me four thousand Alipay, and then she took five thousand.

It is clear that he has conspired against Yueyue, but pretends that he knows nothing about it. He constantly induces him to say that Yueyue is greedy for money, and may be infected with gambling or fraud.

Its outrageous to be so deliberate.

However, Hongs vivid performance misled many people.

Until the truth came to light, there were still rumors that the girl worshipped money and wanted to marry the rich second generation, so she was cheated and killed.

Some people accused the girl of living with her boyfriend when she was only 21 years old. No wonder it happened.

The above two statements are not based on facts.

Does a girl want to find a better condition of a boyfriend, called money? You have to find someone poor enough to be decent?

A girl living with her boyfriend is called no self love. If she has to live together after marriage, she will find that it is not suitable. It is called living up to youth?


Really, weve seen too many similar situations.

When a girl is killed, people dont go to find out whats wrong with the murderer, but they pay attention to the girl

What was she wearing? Is it too frivolous?

Did she pay money and spend mens money in the name of love?

She must have put a green cap on a man to get revenge?

Shes got a bad temper, shes talking too fast, and shes pissed off the man?

Did she not shine her eyes?


There are not only men but also women who say these words.

In fact, I can understand such a logicu2014u2014

When a girl is killed, onlookers try to find out her mistakes, so that they can comfort themselves: you see, what did she do wrong? Thats what happened. I wont be like her as long as I abide by the rules, and Im not good at all.

In order to get a sense of security.

People want the perpetrator to be rational and restrained rather than random and impulsive.

And in fact?

We cant expect a perpetrator to be rational and restrained, just as we cant expect a rabid dog to bite.

If you say, those girls who were killed really made some mistakes.

Well, she had only one mistake, that was, she was too bad.

The only advantage we have over her is that this time, we are a little bit lucky and we havent met a mad dog.


When a tragedy happens, there will always be a discipline for girls - you have to learn to protect yourself.

It means that you shouldnt go out late at night, you shouldnt wear a beautiful skirt, you shouldnt travel alone, you shouldnt go to the bar to play

In fact, this is not to protect themselves, it is to give way to bad people and connive them to become more and more rampant.

What is it like to really protect yourself?

A father from abroad released a video to show you.

In the video, his daughter is practicing shooting, her arms are full of muscles and her eyes are firm and resolute.

Inviolable was written all over his face.

Such a girl is called learning to protect herself.

Dont think that if a girl dresses conservatively enough and behaves obediently enough, she can be spared in front of bad luck.

Bad luck is never benevolent and unreasonable.

Even sometimes, the more conservative, the more vulnerable, the more obedient, on the contrary, the easier it is to become the target of murder.

So, when the tragedy happens, please blame the murderer and stop disciplining the girl.

Theres really nothing wrong with them, just a little bit out of luck once in a while.

For this occasional bad luck, what we should really do isu2014u2014

Put an end to the aesthetic tendency of white, young and thin, and avoid girls excessive diet in order to be slim.

We should put an end to virtuous and virtuous domestication, teach girls to pay attention to their own interests, and strangle all kinds of subtle violations in the cradle.

At the same time, encourage girls to develop their own strength, eat more high-quality protein, learn judo and Sanda, and skillfully use various anti wolf tools.

Raising a daughter who is not easy to provoke is called let the girl learn to protect herself!