38 letters from Rockefeller to his son

 38 letters from Rockefeller to his son

But after reading this book intermittently, I found that this book also has more profound analysis of Rockefellers outlook on life and values.

After watching the whole, the biggest feeling is that the Rockefeller family has been able to be rich for six generations because they are full of wolf nature, love to think, talk about strategy, attach importance to faith, and accurately grasp human nature.

The structure of this book is very clear. Every letter Rockefeller wrote to his son is a chapter. At the beginning of each chapter, the spiritual summary of this letter will be attached. The content is very simple and can help you solve many things that you cant think of or understand in reality.

If you feel confused about your future, if you are not satisfied with your current work and life, and if you dont know how to change it, I suggest you read this book, because it will help you to clarify the direction of life and strengthen your faith.

Every step you take will be counted in your future life

These letters written by Rockefeller had only one reader before they were published, that is, his beloved son, who is also the successor of the great cause he created throughout his life.

Therefore, before we read it, we can imagine how these words were carefully thought out and refined by Rockefeller, and finally became the nutrient that can irrigate the soul.

And I am glad that I can read these precious words.

Rockefeller told his son two things about success. First of all, anything you do, as long as it has value, and you have made efforts for it, then there will be harvest.

This is to tell us that when we do a lot of things, we should not always focus on the results, but ignore the process. In this way, you will not only feel the happiness of the struggle process, but also be difficult to achieve the best results.

Secondly, he asked his son to focus on everything he did. As long as he started, he would not think about other things. Otherwise, he would not achieve anything.

Concentration is the most valuable quality of a person. When you can fully devote yourself to what you are doing, you will try your best to do it well. Only in this way can the expected or even better effect be achieved.

Such a truth seems simple, but think carefully, how many people around us can really do it? It seems to be a common fault of modern people, many people want to work with less money, and forget that we must do everything in a down-to-earth way to get good results.

In this era, there are few people who can just ask about the cultivation, not about the harvest, and few people can do everything to the extreme, and face the future and difficulties with an optimistic attitude. Most of the people who can really do so have also succeeded.

Therefore, no matter what work you are doing now, dont think about the results, but take the cultivation as your responsibility, do all the things that should be done well, and take the process as what you have to go through. In this way, maybe you can get the future you expect.

Less complaining, more effort, your life will have more possibilities

Ford, Morgan, Rockefeller, Disney, janini, Hughes and so on, as representatives of the entire generation of American dream, have a lot of things to learn from their lives.

A tycoon like Rockefeller must have done a lot of things he had to do, and he must have experienced a lot of ups and downs. But looking at the words he wrote to his son, I feel very sincere.

No one is born to succeed. Even if you are born with a golden spoon and you are a rich second generation, you must rely on your own ability to achieve real success.

But there are too many people around us who never look for their own reasons when they are in trouble. Instead, they complain that they cant find a good job, the boss doesnt appreciate them, the work is particularly boring, the welfare is very poor, how humble the status is, who gets what through the relationship, and always has a bitter hatred, and the whole world owes itself.

I understand that it is not easy to live, but we must also remember that in the process that we have to go through, only a few complaints and more efforts can we really succeed.

I think its also the most valuable thing weve learned from Rockefeller.

When the status quo is unsatisfactory, how can we change it?

I dont know if there is anyone who, like me, is faced with the same dust, always wants to change the status quo, but has no courage and ability to change.

In order to survive and do not like the work, but also pretend to like, often let me wake up in the middle of the night feel depressed.

Until one time, Rockefeller said in his speech: the greatness of man lies in his own value, and has nothing to do with the position he has obtained.

I suddenly feel that I understand that no one can always do what you like. It is not easy to choose your own life path from the perspective of self realization.

People, as long as they live, they will be subject to many limitations. It is really too difficult to break through ourselves. But should we give up change because of all kinds of difficulties?

It must not be. However, we need to change our mentality, choose different ways of change, have patience and perseverance, so that we can really change the status quo.

For example, I have no way to quit my present job. I can choose to do what I like in my spare time, code words, or make textual research. It can not only make my life more possible, but also increase my income. Why not?

There are many ways to change yourself. It depends on whether you are willing to change. As Mr. Rockefeller said, as we continue to move towards the peak, we must remember that each step has enough time for us to step on, and then step to a higher level. It is not for us to rest. We were tired and frustrated on the way, but as one Boxer said, you have to fight another round to win

I dont live by divine luck, but I thrive on planning. Dealing with assholes makes you smart. In fact, I dont like money. I like making money. I like the feeling of victory. Frankly speaking, when I felt that the world was suffering from poverty, I had a belief: I should be rich, I have no right to be poor. Over time, this belief has become as hard as steel. Cooperation is not equal to friendship, love and marriage. The purpose of cooperation is not to get feelings, but to gain interests and benefits. You are greater than you think, so expand your thoughts to the extent that you are real, and never underestimate yourself. Treasure time and wisdom.

Every time I feel depressed, I will take out this book and read it again.

In fact, its not too late to change our life at any time. Although everything is not so simple, as long as we believe in ourselves and have enough perseverance, we can become the kind of people we want to be.

I would like to say, no matter what, we should be worthy of our own experience in the world. We should read this book with the most positive attitude and examine ourselves with the attitude that we must succeed.

This book is a mirror for me to examine myself. I hope it can also be yours. Come on.

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