Adult shame moment: she didnt even want her life for 300 yuan

 Adult shame moment: she didnt even want her life for 300 yuan

There is such a topic

How do you evaluate the saying its shameful for a man to shop on a PDD after he is 30 years old

This sentence is full of hostility.


We break it down word by word.

If a man stands at 30, he may be successful in his career.

PDD is labeled low and cheap.

Shame refers to the behavior that violates public morality and is reviled by the public.

In other words, 30 + men, shopping on the low-end platform, have no face.

What logic is this?

What you want to buy is the real price. (no charge, no advertisement, please feel free to eat)

Where do others spend their money? Is it shameful to ask before you spend it?

You dont have to.

But actually? This is not an example.

For example, I finally blackmailed the friend who wore the goods at the stall.;

Your children are being abandoned by their peers.;

A woman must have a XX lipstick in her life..

We are all familiar with these words.

Some people take it seriously, keep up with the big stream and follow suit.

Some people struggle for several times, feel their pockets, or forget it.

Yes, there are differences.

The former is the choice of some rich people; the latter is the image of most ordinary people.

In the ordinary peoples world, shopping is more because they are poor and want to save some money.

It is not the so-called no face, no dignity.

If not forced by life, who is willing to drift?

Its not a joke that all living beings suffer.


Chinese people work between 2000 and 2200 hours a year.

In Britain, the average working hour is 1677 hours a year.

China works two more weeks per capita than the UK.

The green book on Leisure: Chinas leisure development report 2017-2018 shows that:

In 2017, the average leisure time of Chinese people was 2.27 hours a day, down from 2.55 hours three years ago.

Image source: Vista looks at the world

Chinese people are working hard, but the pay is another picture.

On May 28, Premier Li Keqiang said:

Our per capita annual income is 30000 yuan, but 600 million people earn 1000 yuan a month.

Photo source: Beijing Daily

1000 yuan per month, 12000 yuan a year.

Some people think its impossible. Their monthly salary is about 12000.

Sitting in an air-conditioned room, you never know how toxic the outdoor sunshine is.

On the subway, the little boy lost his 5 yuan subway ticket.

His mother was very angry and beat him up.

Others thought, isnt it five yuan? Its not good to have a replacement ticket.

Is it more than five yuan?

Not much. I cant buy a cup of milk tea.

But for this mother, the weight of 5 yuan is equivalent to 500 yuan.

Her monthly income is about 900 yuan, sometimes even less.

She is separated from her husband.

While working, taking care of sick mother and young son.

One is a triangle.

Isnt she tired?

Tired, but in order to live, there is no way.

On August 28, 2019, a bus station in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.

A woman walks awkwardly as if she were drunk.

Fall, get up, get up and fall again.

You cant believe it. Shes on the bus.

Shes sick.

The driver said: at that time, she was flushed and couldnt lift her head. She was crying all the time.

The driver advised her for a long time, but she couldnt, so she had to call the police.

After that, the woman had just finished the drip.

In order to get the 300 full attendance award, she dare not ask for leave.

Some people say they dont want their lives for 300 yuan.

300 yuan is just a meal for some people.

But for the poor, its a months living expenses.

The fireman worried about his accident and went to comfort him.

The man couldnt help crying any longer, and he said intermittently, life is too hard.

Your life is smooth and smooth without ups and downs.

He who hears is sad, and he who hears tears.


I have read such a story in Zhihu.

In 2003, every time a boy went to the subway, he met a father and son.

The father pushed the wheelchair, and the son was half lying on it, squinting.

The boy would give the father and son 10 yuan every time.

He knew that these 10 yuan could not do much, but let them buy a steamed bread.

Colleagues told him: these people are pretending, not worth pitying.

Life is dangerous, and he still chooses kindness.

After a year, he went to work in another company.

One day, he needs to go back to his old company and do something.

It took him a long time to recognize the father pushing the wheelchair.

He looked around, and the father seemed to feel something.

The father said softly, my son is gone.

The man wanted to say something, but his throat seemed to be choked by something and could not make a sound.

My father laughed bitterly and said, Im waiting for you here for a month. I want to return the money to you. I want to go back to my hometown. Thank you...

The man later learned that their home was far away from here.

He pushed his son all the way to save money to see a doctor.

The sons mother couldnt walk on the way, so she waited for them to come back.

Source: Zhihu

I cant wait any longer.

The father put the crumpled dozens of dollars to the man, turned and left.

The disappearing figure limped and murmured to himself, blame me for my incompetence. My son is gone...

When God closes a door, sometimes he closes the window.

Youre not poor. You dont understand.

You dont understand the taste of watching your own flesh and blood die in pain, but you cant do anything about it;

You dont understand, 10 yuan from strangers is their daily meal expenses;

You dont understand, the mother who is waiting for her husband and son to return safely on the way, is extremely anxious;

You dont understand, in order to live on, try your best to be helpless;

You dont understand

It reminds me of a scene from the king of comedy.

Liu Piaoxiang looked at the sea and said, its dark in front of you. You cant see anything.

Yin Tianqiu replied, it will be beautiful after dawn.

Yes, no matter how long the night is, the day will come.

Life makes us black and blue, but those who have been injured, will become the strongest armor.


Before that, there was a short film do you know how many Chinese people spell it? it became popular on the Internet.

In the video, at four in the morning.

The programmer lights out and ends the day.

Turn on the lights in the breakfast shop and start the busy day.

Because of work, white-collar workers are used to 24-hour power on.

Because of work, the doctor didnt return the information for a long time.

The wife wants to let the takeout brother have a hot meal first, but he always says its OK..

He rushed to deliver the hottest meal to the customer.

The wife wants the driver to accompany the children more, but he always says somethings wrong..

He put down his mobile phone and took the passengers to their destination.

Sometimes, we can choose a comfortable life, but we dont.

What are we so busy and fighting for?

In order to win the dignity and respect they deserve;

In order to let the children have a brighter future;

For everything we want.

Southern Weekend said in its 2020 New Years address:

This year, from the world to the country, from the small to the individual, they are all under great test, as if there is no escape between heaven and earth.

You smile on the screen and say, Im too hard. how many tears resonate under the screen

No matter how difficult it is, we must live on.

Life is hard, but we still have to carry it.

As long as you live, there is hope for everything.

You see, that migrant worker who jumps on the way to work.

Happy as a child.

The grinding worker is very tired every day, but when it comes to the future, he is still full of expectations.

The coal delivery worker, who was pressed to the waist by life, was covered with ashes.

Still grinning white teeth, happy in bitterness.

They are all trying to live.

And try to live a good life.

Just because the world is worth it, we cant come for nothing.

Salingers catcher in the rye says well that the symbol of an immature man is that he is willing to die bravely for some cause. The mark of a mature man is that he is willing to live humbly for a certain cause.

So, keep going.

One more step, more scenery.

One more day, more possibilities.