Procrastination has a reason, self-control is difficult, only learn a move, at least one day relaxed

 Procrastination has a reason, self-control is difficult, only learn a move, at least one day relaxed

Fortunately, ah Zhen is quick and resourceful. Even in the last two hours, she can finish the tasks she has to finish on that day.

It seems as if the result is satisfactory. Anyway, it will be ok if things are done. In fact, because of this delay to the last minute, ah Zhen was anxious all day.

But this kind of uneasiness is invisible. She may open various websites and turn them off. Take a look and turn it off.

Each social circle brush, and then continue to pour water and tea, in order to refresh themselves, constantly go to the bathroom. Will also continue to pick up and put down the phone, or even unplug and plug in the network cable.

In short, all the actions are to remind yourself: dont waste time, get started.

However, around the past, almost stepped on the thing to do, or will jump away, do something else first.

During this period, she would also keep looking at the time, watching the water of time flow away, and watching the light gradually fade out of the window. Ah Zhens heart was like a cats scratch.

However, there is no way to go back to the key thing. In this way, even though he finished the task in the last two hours every day, ah Zhen was still in the state of not completing it before. He suffered from self reproach like a neuropathy.

Its the strange procrastination that you weave a noose, then you tighten it and you let it go.

It can be imagined that living in the tangled emotions of knowing that we have to do, but not willing or unable to do it all day long, is naturally a rather painful thing.

Lets think about it carefully. What affected ah Zhens inability to finish the task as soon as possible?

It seems that her first obstacle to work on the computer is the Internet, but the network is right. Ah Zhen will miss some things or people in the network.

For example, frequently switch on and off your social circle, in order to see who has come, who comments and likes the interaction, or whether the people you care about have new developments, or see who has sent more novel and interesting things.

This kind of concern makes her unable to calm down and concentrate on one thing. The way to deal with this problem has to be more humanized. If you learn a move first, you will be relaxed for at least a whole day. This is also very simple.

First of all, we must pay attention to some personnel, and focus on it at a certain time of the day.

Its better to put this time when you feel a little tired, as a recreational adjustment. But since its something youre thinking about, its mostly to be solved at the beginning of the day.

At this time, youd better throw the mobile phone away, or its the same as ah Zhen. Even if the computer has no network, the mobile phone is still around.

Some people send a message, but they cant help but look at it and reply. Either you think its impolite not to reply, or you think its the person you care about. You must reply in time.

In fact, not any urgent questions and events can be ignored. The best way is not to look at your cell phone while youre sitting down to finish your task.

You can rest assured that it will not happen that someone will propose to you, or someone will fall into the water waiting for you to rescue.

Reply later, the one who loves you will still be there. A bit later to learn a news, the world is still turning, people are still living step by step.

In this way, you overcome the interference of the mind. At this point, you only need to focus on the task you want to complete. What you are doing now is the most important thing.

If you dont finish it, dont worry about other unimportant news. It also requires time management and self-control.

After all, people all have weaknesses. Procrastination sometimes means that they are afraid of not doing well enough, or that they are afraid of facing difficulties, because doing anything casually will be easier and easier than work, and they do not want to take the exam, so they avoid it.

For the habit of procrastinating to the last minute, remind yourself subconsciously: if you only need two hours to finish, why not finish it at the beginning of the day, so that you can spend the whole day easily.

Why should you treat yourself badly, why should you let yourself worry and feel guilty all day instead of dealing with the most important things in the morning.

If you are afraid that many small things will distract your attention from completing the task after getting up, you might as well turn on the computer together and sit down to finish it.

Dont brush your teeth and wash your face. Dont make tea or coffee. Dont look for food. Get up a little earlier than the right time to eat breakfast, dont think about anything, dont say anything, go straight to the topic to complete your motionless task.

Remember: its still early, everyone in your circle of friends hasnt woken up, the people youre paying attention to are still sleeping, or washing your face, brushing your teeth, having breakfast to send the children, on the way to work, or making tea, morning exercises or doing preparatory work.

And youve done an important thing with little success at this time. As the progress of the task at hand is getting faster and closer to completion, you will find that the good mood becomes more and more obvious.

When youre finished, its quite possible that youll sing a song, go to the morning exercise, have a good breakfast, and start the next happy and relaxed day. This day, you can arrange freely, watch a movie, open a book, or chat with friends.

In this way, you have a lot of things to do on this day. Your day is bound to be a relaxed and happy day.