Just 30: so many people dont like Lin Youyou, not only because she is a third party

 Just 30: so many people dont like Lin Youyou, not only because she is a third party

Of course, we dont like the third party, but there are still some third party, which may not be so annoying, and even feel some good.

Because maybe its love, or its not destroying the family, but saving and prompting the two people who dont love to walk out of the last step of separation. Of course, it depends.

No sympathy for her, no understanding, really just because she is a third party? No, there are several things she hates.

1u3001 She approached Xu Huashan in a premeditated way from the beginning, which was a trick in her mind.

2u3001 She probably doesnt like Xu Huashan very much. She just thinks that he is the boss of the company and should have money to rely on. This is contemptible.

3u3001 Too thick skinned, there are always routines, means, pretending literature and art, pretending to be because of love.

4u3001 He always reminds Xu Huashan that his wife is not good and treats him badly. However, he will care about his feelings. In fact, he is irresponsible to let him indulge himself.

5u3001 The most important point is that you dont want to work hard, and you want to change your destiny for nothing. Because of this, she has no confidence in Gu Jia.

What she said is that she accompanied Xu Huashan to dinner every day, and she said that she would spend as many days together as she ate as many meals. But the money for opening a room, for eating and for playing is all from Xu Huashan.

The first time she came to find Xu Huashan, she didnt know. She didnt have any money, but she still stayed in such an expensive hotel. Xu Huashan had to take money from home to pay for her room.

The key is that if you go directly to those who are willing to pay for a third party because of money, why use love to package it? It makes people feel uncomfortable.

In particular, she didnt have any money, she didnt work well, and she didnt like it when people saw her.

This is also the loss of independence. Even if they are just graduated and dont make much money, there are still many people who have just graduated. If they make less money, they will spend less, they will save, and they will have to work hard to earn and spend as much as they earn.

In this way, even if its robbing someone elses husband, at least he has a little self-respect, which makes people less despised.

Dont think that you are a woman, you can spend other mens money at will, and you can say its love. Womens independence is more important.

This independence doesnt mean that you have to be rich and make a lot of money. At least, you dont depend on others to live or spend money on others.

When Gu Jia said that Lin had, the money you spent was the joint property of my husband and wife, and I could find you to recover it.

Lin youyou suddenly lost his confidence and said nothing. Gu Jia said that he had just graduated and didnt have any money. Thats my invitation.

These two words are very simple, but very heart piercing. If Lin youyou still has self-esteem, it should be a broken place at that moment, and should also wake up to what he should do first.

Taking a shortcut is not suitable for everyone, or if you want to take a shortcut, dont be duplicity. Lin Youzhi has a high spirited manner, which means soft food and hard food. As a result, Gu Jia reveals the truth and is suddenly frustrated.

This is not a joke that she is poor, but that she does not rely on her own hands to make money, those girls who sweat hard to make money, they have confidence.

No matter what kind of partner they are looking for, the other party has money, which is the icing on the cake for her. The other party is similar to herself, which is just a close match and mutual respect.

Unless it is really because of love, or for the love of children can not work, still do not reach out to others for money to spend, or wait for others to give their own money to spend, that is really very difficult to have confidence. Even if others dont say it clearly, there is an idea that looks down on you.

If you want to rely on others and you dont want to work hard, you cant really be independent. Even if you dont make a lot of money, as long as you dont always take advantage of others, or wait for other people to arrange relief, you will be a little more stubborn. This independence is actually a necessary condition for self-respect and self-respect.

Of course, its not easy to be independent, but you should at least have this awareness and be aware of it.

At least we need to know how to be independent, because there are some independent ways, which have nothing to do with making more or less. This is actually very simple. To learn to be independent, you can start by reading a book that reminds you to be independent.