Nie yuan and Wu Jingyan interpret the definition of happiness

 Nie yuan and Wu Jingyan interpret the definition of happiness

The group portrait poster shows the clue of the role, and the starring lineup is expected

Happiness will knock on the door tells the story of doctor Huang Zili (NIE yuan) who, after experiencing the double attack of love and career, accidentally becomes the object of assistance of police dialect (Wu Jinyan). With the help of dialect, he regains confidence, walks out of the trough, pursues happiness again, and finally wins a good life. The exposure of the family photo version of the poster, all nine core characters appear, all the stars smile brightly, showing a happy and warm atmosphere. The design of the poster is unique, so that the protagonists are placed in the soft sunshine, full of tension. It not only shows their distinctive personalities, but also indicates that the nine people in the story will strive to create their own happy lives. At the same time, the audience can naturally find their own shadow of seeking happiness and striving hard.

It is worth mentioning that Nie yuan changed his previous image in the play, playing the leading actor Huang Zili, challenging a small character who achieved happiness through his own struggle. The character image is three-dimensional and real. Wu Jinyan plays the dialect of a policewoman who wants to be a criminal police officer. She is novel and interesting and very grounded. In addition to the wonderful performance of Nie yuan and Wu Jinyan, three generations of powerful actors, including Qian Yongchen, Mao Junjie, Guo Jiaming, Feng Enhe and Li Chengyuan, have joined in the show, which also makes the play very interesting. Netizens through the network platform, competing to express their views. Netizens have said that want to see all kinds of God online drag drama, cant wait to see the main film..

Behind the scenes, the strength of the team is strong, fighting against the little people, and after the storm, we can see the rainbow

In addition, the strength of the behind the scenes team of happiness will knock on the door is also very strong. The director Yan Sui had previously used the play the new marriage era as an apotheosis. This time, the director focused on the perplexity of the little people who fell into the bottom of their lives, stripping the cocoons of the real life of the small and medium-sized people, and hitting the audience directly. In addition to the joining of famous directors, the play was written by Zhou Yong, a famous screenwriter who created naked marriage era and mens and womens looks. Liu Sisi, a gold medal producer and producer who produced and released seamless and escape, served as the chief producer and distributor, and Liu Hengzhi, the chief writer and professor of the PLA Academy of art, served as the literary consultant. As a warm realistic drama facing the future, happiness will knock on the door has been listed in the chasing drama list in advance by the majority of netizens with its warm positive energy and the escort of the golden team.

As a representative of the realistic theme drama, happiness will come to knock on the door at the present time when sweet favorite drama and ancient puppet play dominate the screen. This time, it unfolds the worries and life difficulties of contemporary adults one by one through the story of grounding. The drama closely follows the pulse of the times, pays attention to the growing power that resonates with the times, takes care of the present with a life-oriented attitude and focuses on ordinary peoples life. Through the vivid description, it vividly presents the ordinary little people, and shows the theme of happiness will knock on the door with the rise and fall of multiple roles in life. Tell the audience that when they have the courage to face life, when they are crushed by life but still cant lose their way, happiness is already coming to you. Only after experiencing the wind and rain can you see the rainbow.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yin Lili_ NK3689