Life: to live life as a dream itself

 Life: to live life as a dream itself

She said, in recent years, all my joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows, important decisions and major turns, have been witnessed together with the earliest opportunity..

Her story is about beauty and dream, which is her lifetime

u2014u2014She tried hard to live her life into a dream itself.


Beautiful time

Lulu has an interesting view on good looking. Fitness belongs to deep beauty, beauty related belongs to surface beauty, and beauty camera belongs to temporary beauty.

All three kinds of good-looking make people happy, but to be beautiful for a long time, we should pay more attention to the depth and beauty.

However, Lulu didnt like to keep fit at the beginning, and she finally decided to start regular fitness clock in. It was after the big sister launched Chen and chic Jie for 100 days.

In 2010, when I saw me in 2020, I would say, Wow, Im so good-looking after losing weight successfully, persisting in exercise and seriously living. u300du201d

Yes, freezing age and fearless aging seem to have been realized on Lulu at the same time. However, years are always there, and age cant be frozen. The only thing we can do is to keep our own good-looking time.

When you have really paid time and energy for a good body, good looking will become a natural blessing.


Learning to manage her body with good-looking time is like finding a secret for Lulu to lose weight and upgrade her beauty. The secret language of this secret is written in Lulus 2015 efficiency manual.

Time back to 2014.

At that time, Lulu was responsible for selecting festival gifts for enterprises. After browsing all the popular cultural and creative products on the market, Lulu paid attention to a book called early efficiency manual.

u00b7Lulus six early efficiency manuals

A little notebook with a name?

Half curious and half attracted, Lulu first placed an order for himself a 2015 manual. However, when he got it, Lulu couldnt understand it.

This book has a lot of places to fill in. It has body coordinates at the beginning and a life plan at the end. I really dont know how to write it at the beginning.

The efficiency manual with abundant information is like a bridge. Along this bridge, Lulu gradually got to know her elder sister, and knew more early stars.

In Foshan early reading club, she had a feeling that she met the next days relatives. like me, they were the first time to Foshan

However, it is this group of new comers in Foshan who have shown their enthusiasm and built Foshan into a strong and warm team.

Lulu is one of the main forces to build Foshan as soon as possible.

Five years after she formally joined the company, it was also the five years of continuous development of Foshan. In these five years, Lulu himself has also ushered in a great leap forward, and those dreams of life once written in the efficiency manual have been realized one by one.

A lot of things that I didnt expect to happen have come true.

In the past five years, Lulu has changed jobs twice, from an ordinary employee to a director, leading a large team to independently take charge of the project; from the 800 meter poor households who are afraid of running to marathon running in cities all over the world; from a body with no wireless sense to having a waistcoat line of abdominal muscles; and;

u00b7Take part in the Taipei Marathon & Singapore Marathon & Hong Kong Marathon

u00b7Lulu with abdominal muscles & waistline

u00b7Lulu in 2017

u00b7Lulus speech in 2018

Step by step, she became her own chronicle.

When I participated in the early party for the first time in 2016, I was thinking that one day I would stand on the stage of the early party. I didnt expect that it would be realized in 2018. I was very happy at that time!

u2014u2014Its the happiness of dreams.


Her lifetime

Someone once asked Lulu that there are always things out of plan in life, full of unknowns and coincidences. Why is it necessary to plan?

To this, Lulus answer is, because every step in life counts, but if you dont plan and go aimlessly, its not arithmetic, its called walking.

Since the 2015 efficiency manual, Lulu has a copy every year, never stopping. She dreams, she realizes, she plans and she gains.

She felt an unprecedented sense of trust in herself - knowing what she wanted and how to achieve it.

In 2018, Lulu was also selected as a member of the early years of life, and her monthly summary page was selected into the museum as soon as possible.

As for the life of Chen, it is grand and solemn. Its the name of the early venture lifetime membership program.

As for the lifetime of the efficiency manual, the commitment of lifelong members is: every year, when the new season is renewed, the smart sister and the team will send you a new efficiency manual, which will be sent to the members lifetime or as soon as possible.

This years selection has begun.


About selection

The Institute of cultural and creative research and the soul committee will jointly become the judges, and the group policy will select ten lifetime members in 2020. The final list will be released on September 1.

The efficiency manual is a tool. Whats more valuable is a set of methods for time management by elder sister precipitated in it.

Lulu is now very used to planning her daily life with the five time of life created by her elder sister. Even during the epidemic, she did not feel confused and anxious at all. I learned balance car and skateboard, and got a certificate..

Last year, Lulu took his lovely son to Beijing base camp for the summer vacation.

u00b7Xiaoxiaoxiaohe, director of cultural and Creative Research Institute

What the team didnt expect was that xiaoxiaoxiao also took the manual for primary school students as early as possible. Like his mother, he also developed the habit of making plans and checking hooks, and knew what was the efficiency manual and what was his own will.

Now, in less than three months, Lulu is officially celebrating her 38th birthday.

Looking back on her lifetime, she has not experienced the wind and rain and dangers, she has also experienced the death of a close relative, and has been tortured by the real life of the road.

u2014u2014In her lifetime, she became more and more brave and continued to live her life into a beautiful dream.

We must all have said this at some point:

Either boastful or silly, the determination at that moment can be learned from the world.

And when you write it down in the manual, it is the beginning of a single persons silent sowing.

This sowing, heaven and earth know, efficiency manual knows, they will witness your grievances and unwillingness, also witness your tenacity and transformation.

u00b7Coincidentally, the early star wearing college t

In this year based practice, without the eyes and gossip of others, you will understand your heart and desire unprecedentedly, and drive to your dream in the extreme flow of heart.

Those wishes in the efficiency manual, like a lamp, will be your eternal guidance and belief.

Of course, it is undeniable that the pile of want often makes you feel the hardship of life, but it is also because of these wishes that you have to run with all your strength, have the collapse cry from the heart, and have the victory smile after thousands of sails,

u2014u2014Only then has the real life year.

But as soon as possible, I would like to take another 10 years to witness your wishes and arrivals one after another, to see you give life to time instead of giving time to life, so that there is no other life year in the world.