Worlds first frozen man: plan to resurrect in 2017, wake up now?

 Worlds first frozen man: plan to resurrect in 2017, wake up now?

Many science fiction and science fiction movies often appear the plot of freezing people. They always think that this technology can only survive in human fantasy. Unexpectedly, with the development of science, some scientists put these unimaginable research into real life, and the freezing technology has been realized. Of course, this kind of research is still in its infancy, and the final resurrection plan has not yet appeared. Theoretically speaking, human body freezing may be a feasible means to achieve immortality, but in reality, it is also a gamble to die. Who knows what will happen after decades of freezing? Moreover, the annual cost of freezing is quite high, and ordinary people are even more afraid to try. However, some people facing death, especially those rich people, are reluctant to leave like this because of their rich life. Once they hear of this kind of technology, no matter what they try, the first frozen person in the United States is one of them.

In the face of illness, seek the best solution

James Bedford is a famous American physicist. He is not only very good at academic research, but also outstanding in business mind. His family industry involves many fields. With his keen eyes, he became the richest man in the United States at that time. People call him a master of money collecting secretly. Great wealth also gave him the supreme power and status. Material enjoyment and academic achievements make James Bedford full of passion and nostalgia for the world. He also began to yearn for some skills of long life, hoping that he could achieve eternal life.

However, as James Bedford grew older, he could not resist the suffering of illness. In a physical examination, James Bedford was found to have suffered from severe advanced gastric cancer. The news made him suffer a heavy blow. Thinking that he would die before he could enjoy the beauty of the world, James Bedford collapsed, so he went everywhere Looking for a panacea in an attempt to cure himself, however, after a period of time, his illness not only did not get better, but began to decline gradually.

When he was very depressed, a friend came to see him and brought a message that a scientist had invented a cryosurgery. It is said that the human body can be frozen and resuscitated after several decades. By then, maybe medicine will be developed and medicine can cure this disease. Hearing this new technology, James Bedfords eyes lit up. He thought over his friends words and decided to go to the scientist immediately. He was Robert Ettinger.

Robert Ettinger was born in 1918. He was a famous American scientist. He was deeply influenced by science fiction when he was young. He was particularly obsessed with the frozen world. When he grew up, he began to devote himself to reviving people through freezing technology, and did a lot of experiments. Although there was no concrete effect, he did not give up. In 1964, he wrote a book entitled the expectation of immortality, which introduced the concept of human body freezing method in detail. It is said that as long as the temperature of the human body is reduced by two degrees, a person can live 120 to 150 years longer. By this way, human life can be extended to 700 to 800 years old.

At the end of 1966, Robert Ettinger finally waited for this man, James Bedford, who were scientists at first sight. Before leaving, James Bedford said to Robert Ettinger, I dont have much time. Then I hope I can help you complete this great invention, and after I freeze it, all the expenses I have to pay, I Your family will be transferred to you. On January 19, 1967, James Bedford died in a hospital in California. When he finally took a breath, Robert Ettinger and his team immediately performed cryosurgery for him, and James Bedford became the first frozen man in the world. Robert Ettinger has become the father of human freezing.

The road to resurrection has no end

With the increasing popularity of Robert Ettinger and the first crab eater, nearly 100 rich people from all over the world came here. They asked Robert Ettinger to freeze his own, and placed many containers filled with liquid nitrogen in his laboratory. However, before he had time to study how to revive, Robert Ettinger passed away. Before he died, he delivered his research results to his team and asked the team to freeze his body. With the technology passed down from generation to generation, he also wanted to see the day when the technology was successful!

At that time, James Bedford wrote a will before his death, and told his descendants to revive him 50 years later. According to the content of the will, he should have been thawed in 2017, but Robert Ettingers Institute has not yet worked out a way to unfreeze and revive him. The Institute found James Bedfords family members, and after obtaining approval, they decided to continue to freeze him Today, he is still sleeping in the container of liquid nitrogen until a breakthrough in medical development, but no one knows whether this day will come.

Although this technology is not mature, many people still flock to it. In 2015, Du Hong, a famous Chinese writer, died of pancreatic cancer. American doctors waiting for her outside quickly took a series of measures and carried out cryosurgery on her. This is also the first frozen person in China. Like her predecessors, she was placed in the Institute of Robert Ettinger, waiting for her resurrection u3002

I dont know whether this technology can be successful, but if it does, it will be a great invention in the medical field. But like the previous cloning technology, this technology seriously violates the natural development of human beings. Imagine how terrible it would be if there were all living people in the street at that time. Birth, aging, and death are the things that everyone or biology must go through Calendar process, as long as in the limited life to live wonderful, leaving no regrets, resurrection is not necessary.