Japanese soft rice man killed 9 people in March, and used the money of the dead to carry out plastic surgery

 Japanese soft rice man killed 9 people in March, and used the money of the dead to carry out plastic surgery

The story is that Sato, who lives in Kanagawa Prefecture, got to know a female high school student in Saitama Prefecture through Twitter. The two met on Twitter and agreed to meet offline in Shinjuku, Tokyo, on July 4. The girl then followed her husband to her home in Yokohama.

This is no doubt for Hindo, thousands of miles to send the head, a girl was robbed of the mobile phone, and then made of steel wire rope tied waist tied to the bed.

In addition to the waist, girls can move their limbs, and they are not sealed. They cant use mobile phones, but there are game machines for recreation.

Although the police had searched for the girls family more than a month ago, there was no result. The reason for the revelation is also due to the suspects video game.

After being jailed for one month, the girl sent a distress message and location to Saitama County Police via 110 mail on August 5, using the Internet function of the game console, and was finally rescued.

Different from the vicious criminals in his past impression, Hiroshi Hato runs a company in Yokohama, not for the purpose of robbing money; the girl students have not spread the news of sexual assault, nor is it robbery.

At the same time, when the police asked the surrounding residents whether they heard the cry for help or abnormal sound, the negative response also made the incident a bit strange.

What is the purpose of gotos imprisonment of girls needs further investigation by the police. In Japan, if you are arrested for the crime of imprisonment, you will face a penalty of more than 3 months but less than 7 years.

In Japan, female high school students are often kidnapped, detained or even killed after meeting with SNS. This time, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Compared with the victim who was killed in the murder case, this female high school student is extremely lucky.

While exploring the causes of this incident, people also have the impression that the most tragic serial homicide case in which SNS was used to deceive and commit a crime has once again come back to the publics view.

Jiutou serial homicide in Zuojian city

Also known as 10.30 Kanagawa homicide and dismemberment case. In the past, young Jun has checked the 10 most ferocious homicide cases in Japans criminal history. Although this case has not been listed on the list, its severity is no worse than other several.

In this case, which happened in Kawabata Prefecture, Japan three years ago, the police found the skulls of nine victims in the killers home on October 30, 2017, which was identified as one of the most terrible homicide cases in Japan in recent years.

The murderer Bai shilonghao also used sns social networking sites and Twitter to lure nine victims (1 male and 8 female) to their homes in just two months, killing and cruelly dismembering their bodies.

The broken body was hidden in a small apartment with only Siping (about 13.2 square meters). Police found nine skulls and 240 bones in two refrigerators and seven lockers in the apartment, some of which had begun to rot. It took the police a long time to finally confirm the full identities of the nine victims.

At the same time, there are various ropes, nylon ties, awls and saws scattered in the room; there are several different types of kitchen knives in the kitchen; there are food scissors in the food cabinet; all knives are stained with suspected blood objects. These are the tools that white stone uses to separate corpses.

Baishi told himself that he was in the bathroom to complete the dismemberment, put the flesh and viscera of the dead in the garbage bag, and sprinkled cat litter on the bones in an attempt to cover up the evidence. Among the nine people he killed, four were only about 17 years old, four were about 20 years old, and one was between 25 and 30 years old.

The time distribution of the crime is: 1 person in August, 4 people in September and 4 people in October, which can be called master of time management. The only male victim was found Baishi after his girlfriend disappeared and asked him about her whereabouts. He was cheated into drinking at home and killed him. Baishi killed nine people and dismembered them in three months.

Most of the neighbors living in this apartment are elderly people. Sometimes they see the action of white stone carrying boxes, and occasionally smell the stench coming from the garbage dump, but they have no doubt.

According to the description of the neighbor who has seen the killer Baishi, he usually looks like a good boy who is harmless to human and livestock.

I always go out early. Although I dont know how to greet each other when I meet, I also dress up and go out in a proper way.,

This is the impression of his neighbors. Its what he looks like when hes chatting up young women online and offline.

On the surface, he pretends to be harmless to human beings and animals, shy and even a little self abased. He is gentle and considerate when treating women. In fact, he is pretending to be a pig eating a tiger. Looking through Bai Shis resume:

u00b7After that, when the cowherd learned how to speak eloquently, he was able to please girls;

u00b7She looks quiet and shy, and is a girls favorite type. She has been a soft rice man;

u00b7He used to sleep with men, and later became a pimp who introduced girls into the custom industry and was sentenced

All in all, it seems that they have learned the dark means to mingle with the society, and Renshi is not a group of useless firewood who have lost confidence in life and have suicidal thoughts when chatting with others.

After being sentenced for pimping, he once revealed to his father:

Its no fun living, no future...

Until you find pleasure in killing others.

Baishi continued to commit crimes in the house full of corpses every day, even lived in a room with these corpses and lived a normal life. Whats more, his brain is still thinking about how to use online social software and offline chat up skills to find the next prey.. The motive of the crime is extremely simple. As a jobless vagrant, professional waste wood is to rob money and lust.

Once had the female recollection which once had the brief contact with Baishi, he will always be extremely sweet to each other

The maximum amount of money taken from the victim after the murder is 500000 yen, at least 500 yen. Use the victims money to do plastic surgery and continue to look for the next victim.

The common ground of the nine victims had expressed their wish to commit suicide on SNS twitter. Bai Shi also took advantage of this to gradually make friends with the victims and invite them to commit suicide together after gaining trust.

It was not until the brother of the last victim, Aiko tianmura, who couldnt find her sister, broke her twitter account and saw her suicide post.

After finding her chat record with one of the accounts in Whitestones disguise, Shun Teng found another woman who showed suicide intention in connection with the account.

Then the police called the police, which finally found the killer Bai Shi Longhao, implicated in this series of serial homicide events.

Thanks to the brother of the last victim who persevered in looking for his sister, he finally let this serial homicide case come to light. But after the eight victims lost contact, did their family and friends not react?

The two incidents have reflected some common problems in Japanese society.


Japanese youth suicide rate continues to rise

Another topic in contrast to aging is that Japanese suicides are getting younger and younger. Compared with other countries, the number of suicide cases among young people aged 15-24 in Japan has increased rapidly.

Young people in Japan are generally lack of self-confidence in their own situation, even self affirmation. They often feel lost in society, even if they know that people around them are suffering from depression, they will not take any action to help them, because they also feel that they cant do anything. Family and friends are gradually missing in various links

Not only is the Japanese government struggling to reduce the number of young people committing suicide every year, but even the United Nations has also called on the government to pay attention to the psychological training of children and adolescents.


Social software encourages chat up

In Japan, there are not only chatting up and dadaohuo in Japan, but also some people make a living and become professional chat up masters.

In other words, PUA, which is now rejected by the public, aims to meet various purposes after approaching the opposite sex. In Japan, there are more diverse purposes of Masahiko, which are not only dating and establishing relationships, but also some gangs use chatting up to lure women into the custom industry to serve as hostesses, shoot adult portraits and films. This is also a crime in Japan, but it is common and forbidden.

However, behind the seemingly simple food and chat with money, there is also the harm of interest chain even going to extremes. Some netizens also speculated that the first female high school student was jailed may be caused by living.

Both the new and the old cases took advantage of the suicidal thoughts generated by the inferiority complex of the young people, turning the originally sad events into worse social practices.

What Bai Shi Longhao has done has sounded an alarm for many women. The reality is far more terrifying than Mr. Guos nine head case. The latter is no longer the spokesman of mourning, on the contrary, he is a successful person.

For individuals, especially women, it is not easy to believe men who chat up and speak tender and thoughtful words or warm words. To the Japanese government or social groups, maintaining optimism and self-confidence has become a new topic.

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