The old man who lives alone falls on the balcony and cries for help for 4 days and nights: its better to raise children than a basin

 The old man who lives alone falls on the balcony and cries for help for 4 days and nights: its better to raise children than a basin

A piece of news that is ignored by most people has been lingering in my heart for several days.

After reporting to the police, the old man fell down four days ago and was unable to get up.

So naked, lying on the balcony for four days and nights.

The rice is moldy! The old man who lived alone fell to the ground for 4 days and didnt get into the water by knocking on the washbasin was found by his neighbor (source: ~)

The old man in the video is bony.

His children, who live in the same city, have not visited for more than 20 days.

Under the news released by Sanlian Life Weekly, a netizens message was very sad

Raising so many children is not as good as one pot.

The date of writing this letter is the traditional Chinese festival of reunion, the Mid Autumn Festival.

The letter was left alone on the wall of the old mans house. Like her body, it remained silent for two months.

The old lady, with children and women, moved to her home alone seven years ago.

In her twilight years, her illness adds to her body. She has a premonition that she is going to die, leaving her last instructions to this world.

She expected that someone would find out the next day.

And the person who found out was not his own child, but a neighbor who had nothing to do with it.

Even so, the old lady did not complain about her children. Instead, she asked the children to clean carefully, open windows and ventilate them to avoid getting sick.

The old man, surnamed Tang, was a teacher in a key middle school while the old lady was a primary school teacher.

A decent career and a life full of peaches and plums all over the world are not equal to people in their old age, and they are haunted by diseases.

The old man had Alzheimers disease, and the old lady was not in good health. On weekdays, the couple could help each other.

This is not the sadness, but the fact that the husband and wife have two children and a daughter.

One of the children is in the city, just one street away from the old couples home.

It is said that the best distance between parents and children is a bowl of soup.

Yes, my parents are in the community across the road. Im in the high-rise building on this side of the road. A bowl of soup will not be cold. But with the same blood, how can it be cold?

According to the Research Report on the market panoramic survey and investment direction of Chinas elderly health service industry from 2019 to 2025 released by Zhiyan Consulting Co., Ltd

In 2016, there were more than 100 million empty nesters in China, and more than 20 million people lived alone.

When they were young, they ran to death (working to death), built houses for their children, married their wives, and looked after their children. Once they completed their life tasks , they lost their ability to work, and received very little feedback, both material and emotional.

After being squeezed out of all their values, the old man seems to be worthless and has to wait to die.


Born as a human being, parents and children are together. They try their best to provide the conditions within their ability to prevent us from hunger, cold and loneliness. They care for us to grow up and watch us far away. They hope that we can fly as high as possible, but they have no home for old people

What are Chinese parents for?

I remember when I was a child, my grandfather took me to the grave to clean the grave, and I would always talk about the familys past.

How did the ancestors move to this small mountain village, how did they open up the wasteland, how did they give birth to their children, and how they died

When I was a child, I didnt understand the solemnity and desolation of my grandfather when I said this sentence. When I understood it, I was already a middle-aged vagrant in a foreign land.

It turns out that there is only one place for a family to root in the earth.

Over the years, we have been used to the difficulties of middle-aged people.

But only forget:

Behind every lonely middle-aged person, there may be more lonely parents than they.

Chinese parents have a saying:

Its not too much trouble for them if you dont help them.

But you have to understand:

Parents do not take filial piety to kidnap you, it is the parents tolerance and love, but you cant just let yourself go and ignore your parents.

Because life is a reincarnation, we are the children of parents, and will eventually be the parents of children.

Never forget where your roots are, where your life came from, how you treat your parents today, and how your children may treat you tomorrow, just because you have gone too far.


My legacy is left to my daughter Wu, and the rest of my property includes a house property and a deposit of 800000 yuan, all of which are left to Ms. Chen.

Mrs. Chen in the will, who was not related to the old man, was the babysitter who took care of him during his lifetime. She came home only three months ago.

When his daughter was born, Lao Wu was ecstatic.

For the sake of her daughters health, I gave up smoking for decades and quitting for dozens of times without success.

He had a high fever in the middle of the night. He went to the hospital with his daughter in his arms.

Whats wrong with her father?

Wu didnt know how to answer, so he said, Dad loves you so much.

But her daughter will grow up. One day, she comes home with her boyfriend.

Then they get married and have children, and then they disappear.

From a phone call a week, to a phone call in January, and then to a phone call in March;

Once every half a month, once a month, then three months, and finally, not once every six months.

The most painful thing for Lao Wu is not this. It is only about an hours drive from his daughters home to his own home.

As time goes by, Lao Wu is still old and ill.

Lying on the bed, Wu hoped that his daughter would remember the past and how his father took care of himself when he was a child.

However, during the three months in hospital, her daughter only came twice in a hurry and left in a hurry. Then she invited a nanny for him, Ms. Chen, who never showed up again.

On his deathbed, Lao Wu sighed that 50 years was not as good as three months, so he made the previous will.

I will not ask you to support me for the rest of my life. Similarly, I will not support you for the rest of my life. When you grow up to be independent, my responsibility is over. In the future, whether you want to take the bus or Benz, eat shark fin or vermicelli, you will be responsible for it.

Can you look at the current China, food and clothing, school does not count, get married to buy a house, buy a car, give birth to children and baby sitter, how many children can not gnaw old?

In fact, the biggest financial owner in our life is our parents.

Relatives only once fate, no matter how long I will get along with you in this life, please also cherish the time together. In my life, I will never see you again.

Yes, in the next life, no matter love or not, we will never see each other again.

Parents and children once, is the fate of several generations to repair, but also several generations can repay gratitude.

Therefore, every child in the world must remember:

Dont let your filial piety be worth only 1 yuan.