Interview with Zhang Meng: its not easy to be an actor now, and I dont have much money

 Interview with Zhang Meng: its not easy to be an actor now, and I dont have much money

But Zhang Meng is also honest, and he is not a master in dealing with problems. I do solve problems every day in my life. I have some real things, but I havent done everything right. Sometimes I will offend others. Netizens have a very funny comment, they all said that Mengmeng has full EQ score, but if EQ is full, how can they often apologize? So its a paradox in itself, you know?

You cant expect popularity in a month or two to surpass decades of accumulation.

The rest of the time, she gradually put down the producer mentality and began to enjoy every performance in the program. It would be better if there were no competitions to eliminate, said Zhang Meng. If we were to perform something every time, I would be very happy. It would definitely explode, you know? Im still thinking about canvassing here. Its really a big pressure.

In every public performance, Zhang Meng enthusiastically canvasses for her team. When asked whether she thinks there is an ecological chain of popularity and qualification in the audience voting process, Zhang Meng says bluntly: its impossible. Its true that if the audience comes to vote, there will be a familiarity. If you are not as qualified as others, then you will be eliminated earlier. You cant expect your popularity to surpass other peoples accumulation for decades in one month or two months. Its impossible, so I feel like doing well in myself

The elder sister who rides the wind and waves lets the audience see all kinds of sisters of different ages and different personalities. They enjoy the stage and also face the audiences eyes and examination together. In the face of controversial comments from the outside world, Zhang Meng has a good attitude. She will choose to use one video to explain it directly, so as to extinguish the misunderstanding in the bud. Yi Nengjing, another elder sister who likes to express herself as much as Zhang Meng, will choose to express her feelings in a small composition. Zhang Meng laughs that this way is more suitable for her than sending videos, because she does write better.

Different from them, there are some older sisters who choose not to explain when facing disputes. Zhang Mengbi fully understood this. Most of the time, I wont give a lot of advice to others, unless this person will tell me, because they have other peoples choices. Whats so hard to say? What people dont want to express is their character. Maybe people think you talk too much, and you are noisy all day long. Why should I talk about other people?

Zhang Meng mentioned that once chatting with Wu Xin, the other party said that she admired her personality and said everything, but she didnt dare to express herself. She liked to keep everything in her heart. Although Zhang Meng encouraged Wu Xin to speak her heart, she would reflect on her own afterwards, to tell the truth, I think Wu Xins popularity is also very good, peoples popularity is certainly better than mine. Maybe everyone thinks that what they cant do, or they dont have that feature, may be more precious and better.

If I were with LAN Yingying, I would talk to her directly.

Ive even participated in sister who breaks the wind and waves . What pressure can I have Zhang Meng said that her participation in the program gave her great exercise. My whole bodys blood has flowed and boiled, which is very good.

In addition, the more open-minded she is in the program. When she was asked whether she would worry that her favorite things would arouse peoples Association, Zhang Meng didnt think so: association means Association. What should we do? Thats me. Its also good to be able to associate, which means that he still has a few more seconds to think about me. Its not a bad thing, do you think?

Not long ago, Zhang Meng praised LAN Yingying when her personality was most discussed. When she was asked during the interview, she freely admitted that she ordered it when she was surfing.

In her opinion, LAN Yingyings emotional intelligence discussion caused by the high pressure of her team members is actually just a collision of different ways of dealing with people, which can be solved by changing the way of communication. If I were with Yingying, I would tell her a lot. I think its OK for you to work hard, but you should never think that everyone can be as capable as you and can be so good in a short time. I will directly say that I cant, Im on that level. Its better to use some of these as soon as possible. She has her way, and you should have your own way.

But Zhang Meng doesnt think that Lan Yingyings personality is a defect, I think its real at least. Everything is real. Dont fake it for me. There are some really I told her, do not make sense, then even if everyone calm down, it does not matter

Zhang Meng has been active in the front line of online surfing all year round. She almost regards microblog as her circle of friends. She cant help sharing her feelings about big and small events. Previously, she also asked for cooperation between AI teyu Shuxin and Zhao Xiaotang on Weibo. Talking about this, Zhang Meng explained: because they had their own company at that time, they may have formed a group, and there will be new agents to bring them. So at that time, I asked the people around me. It seems that it is not very clear who is in charge of their work now. I happen to have a script on hand. I think its suitable for both of them. Its relatively fast. And I think that with everyones witness, the success rate is higher, which may be a little selfish of me

Its not easy to be an actor now, and theres no money.

As the owners wife of Yao Ke and an actor who has been a star for many years, many people will wonder that Zhang Meng should have numerous resources and wide contacts. Why is she always complaining about the difficulty in finding actors? In the face of our questions, Zhang Meng said that this is a very normal thing. Because most of the people who look for me are not the people I want; the people I want must depend on me to reach him. Zhang Meng said, in fact, any industry is the same. The most popular one is to shoot what he wants to shoot and cooperate with the people he wants to cooperate with. So I think its normal.

In Zhang Mengs opinion, actor supremacy in the industry has become more rational than in previous years. A few years ago, I felt that the role of actors had been exaggerated. In fact, we cant blame actors. Its the industry and the market that think we can say anything. In the past two years, with the return of the industry to rationality, the competitive pressure of actors has become increasingly strong. Zhang Meng said: in fact, actors are not easy to do now. When I became a producer, I found that sometimes a man No. 8 and a woman No. 7 were robbed by many people. In fact, its not easy to be an actor now, and theres no money.

Zhang Meng said that the first criterion for her to be a producer in selecting an actor is to be appropriate, and the second is to have a good character. The actors I work with must have a correct attitude. She said that she would ask for an actor before deciding on an actor. If its not good, I wont cooperate.

One of the things that made Zhang Meng more busy recently was the launch of his new drama crossing the line of fire. When we talked about this play, Zhang Meng was immediately in high spirits. When talking about the topic of workplace PUA which was popular at the beginning of the films broadcast, Zhang Meng thinks that she belongs to the people who are hard to be PUA by others. If I dont have PUA, others will be fine, so I dont think I have too many such problems for me, because I have passed that stage of life. But do you think that when I was young, did you have any? There may be. But I am a person who pays more attention to inner feelings, and my inner values are also more clear. So even if I feel that there are some problems for the time being, I will adjust myself. Just like Xiao Feng (played by Lu Han), he obviously bowed his head in front of life and gave up his dream. However, he must have a dream in his heart. You know that your dream will not be lost. Sometimes, the more you are in an environment without any dream, Your dream will be very vocal and powerful

Zhang Mengs 30 + speech:

I saw a netizens message two days ago, and I was particularly moved. She said that she was 18 years old and looked forward to her appearance after 30 years old, because after seeing these sisters, she thought they were wonderful. Oh, my God, dont you think this program is really great, so cool? No girl wants to grow into a teenager, but thats the charm of this program. It can give sisters a platform.

I think as an actor, or as an entertainer in the entertainment industry, you dont have to worry about your age. When you are in your 20s, when you are playing the leading role, there are some people in front of you who will act as Mom. This is an era. You should regard time as your friend, not as your enemy, and feel that it has been eroding you. You cant change things, why do you tangle it? Just embrace it and look for the bright spot on your body. I think that our program is to let the sisters find their own shining points. If they dont admit defeat, the audience can also feel these shining places on you.

But do you think I dont feel as good-looking as I used to be. Its normal. If you cant control the appearance, you will be more and more young and beautiful, and keep youth forever, then you can enrich it in your heart and make your heart more beautiful and young, so you wont care about your appearance so much.

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