Heavy weight! Haidian another public housing project approved to start

 Heavy weight! Haidian another public housing project approved to start

In order to shorten the construction period of the project, the construction company can optimize the construction period of the project from the earthwork construction plan to the construction site of the municipal construction company Construction cost.

The construction unit Beijing Jianhai Huihe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. introduced the construction preparation letter, which saved about 80 days of construction period and 52 million yuan of construction funds.

The project is located in Yongfeng Industrial Base of Northwest Wangzhen town in the north of Haidian, adjacent to Xindian North Street in the north, Xindian South Street in the south, Xindian East 1st Road in the East, Xindian East Road between the Fifth Ring Road and the Sixth Ring Road in the west, and the west side of Beijing Xinjiang expressway

Around the project, there are Aerospace City, Yongfeng Industrial Park, UFIDA Industrial Park, life science park and other industrial parks, gathering high-end industries such as aerospace technology, aviation materials, electromagnetic research, photoelectric research, software research and development, and biological medicine. The surrounding area has complete educational, medical and commercial resources. It is close to the educational resources such as Yongfeng school, Yongfeng Central Primary School, Zhongguancun No.3 science and Technology Park branch school, Peking University International Hospital, and Yongwang international shopping mall.

The completion of the project will effectively promote the balance of work and residence in the north of Haidian, and enhance the attraction of several science and Technology Parks in the north of Zhongguancun Science City for high-level talents

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