Kalasco: I have never regretted joining Dalian Atletico for the Champions League

 Kalasco: I have never regretted joining Dalian Atletico for the Champions League

Everyone makes critical choices in life. For me, its a personal career choice.

u2014u2014What kind of conditions make you choose to accept the offer

Its my personal business and I dont want to go into details.

u2014u2014Do you regret joining Dalian

I never regret the decision I made. It was a great experience to play in China. I saw different leagues from Europe, and it was also a very good life experience. When I played in Dalian, I had to take on the burden of leading the team forward, which was very different from my feeling of playing in big teams with many stars, so I grew up. After returning to Atletico, I became more mature and had a different attitude towards life.

u2014u2014Scoring in the Champions League final is a dream of many players and you have done it

Yes, but more importantly, the team can win the championship.

u2014u2014Does Atletico deserve a Champions League

Yes, Atleticos first two Champions League finals were bitterly beaten, the first time by reading seconds, the second was defeated in penalty kicks. After losing two Champions League finals in this way, Atletico deserves the last Champions League.

u2014u2014The atmosphere of the current dressing room

We all know what the atmosphere in Atleticos dressing room is like. Everyone works hard every season and will only fight for the next game.

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