Zhao Zhiyong: what did he experience in the 22 years from robbing and killing the suspect of cash truck to deputy director of the court

 Zhao Zhiyong: what did he experience in the 22 years from robbing and killing the suspect of cash truck to deputy director of the court

Zhao Zhiyong, a criminal suspect who has worked in the court for 22 years. Photo source: Peoples public servant website

In Zhao Zhiyongs rural hometown, most villagers are not impressed with him. His old house is now a dilapidated one. When he went to the city with his parents, Zhao Zhiyong worked as a temporary worker in a supply and marketing cooperative to sell fertilizer. He was a young, mature and steady young man in the eyes of his colleagues. Later, he became the deputy director of the court, and he became the pride of his relatives and friends. No one thought that he would make a big deal.

I thought at first that he was just handling a case, eating and drinking, and something was wrong. A cousin of Zhao Zhiyong told the surging news. Zhao Zhiyongs wife, who has been suffering from cancer, said she did not know about her husbands robbery for more than 20 years, and now she has to wait for the polices investigation.

The roof of Zhao Zhiyongs home in the countryside has collapsed. Zhu Yuanxiang, a journalist

Rural hometown: collapsed old house, faded memory

Born in 1969, Zhao Zhiyong was born in a village called Chencun in Dongwang Town, Xinle City, Shijiazhuang. The terrain here is flat, about 25 kilometers away from the urban area.

Most of the villagers in Chen Village, with a population of more than 3000, are surnamed Zhao. Most of the villagers know about Zhao Zhiyong who was born here, but they are not deeply impressed. Its been 40 or 50 years since his family moved out. Village secretary Zhao Guohui told surging news.

On the West Second Street in the west of the village, there is an old green brick house -- Zhao Zhiyongs former home. The roof had collapsed completely, leaving only the brick walls around, and a wooden door of the main door was dilapidated. A field in front of the old house is surrounded by bamboo and firewood, and some vegetables are planted in it.

The owner of the garden is Zhao Yuliang, the former neighbor of Zhao Zhiyongs family. Zhao Yuliang, 67, said Zhao Zhiyongs father, Zhao Jinhai, was a soldier when he was young. His wife took Zhao Zhiyong and other five children to live in the village in those years. Later, Zhao Jinhai moved to Xinle City, and Zhao Zhiyong followed his parents into the city. The house in my hometown has been uninhabited and collapsed for a long time.

Zhao Yuliang said that after the collapse of Zhao Zhiyongs house a few years ago, nearby villagers used to dump garbage in the open space in front of the collapsed house, which made the environment bad. Zhao Yuliang and his wife, who lived nearby, simply surrounded the open space into a vegetable garden.

In the alley of Zhao Zhiyongs hometown, dozens of meters away, his cousin Zhao Zhanying lives.

Zhao Zhanying, who married to the village, was four years older than Zhao Zhiyong. On August 5, she told the surging news that a few days ago, she heard from the villagers that her cousin had an accident. She began to think that Zhao Zhiyong was involved in eating, drinking and drinking in the process of handling the case. Later, she checked the news on her mobile phone and found out that he was involved in the big case of robbing cash carrying vehicles. I really didnt expect that, how could it be possible?

According to Zhao Zhanying, her father and Zhao Zhiyongs father are brothers, and the two families are not closely related for various reasons. In her memory, her uncle Zhao Jinhai went to work in Xinle supply and Marketing Association. At first, her aunt took the children to work in the village. Because she was a half family and had many children, her family life was a little embarrassed. My uncle sometimes came back from the city by bike, pulling some wheat flour, corn and peanuts.

Zhao Zhanying remembers that when Zhao Zhiyong was five or six years old, his family moved to the downtown area of Xinle. From then on, the family rarely went back to Chen village. She revealed that her uncle Zhao Jinhai died in the city three years ago, and Zhao Zhiyong did not tell his relatives and friends in his hometown at that time.

In the impression of Zhao Zhanying, Zhao Zhiyong has only returned to his hometown twice in the past 40 years. One was that Zhao Zhanyings father died a few years ago, and Zhao Zhiyong, a nephew, returned to the village to attend a funeral. Another time, on April 29, this year, Zhao Zhanyings younger brother died and was buried. As a cousin, Zhao Zhiyong rushed back to the village and left on the same day. Many villagers did not see him. Only two months later, the news of his arrest reached the village.

He has a good character since he was a child. How could he break the law? Zhao Zhanying doesnt understand that she wants to contact Zhao Zhiyongs family these days, but she has been unable to contact him.

Years in the city: working as a temporary worker to sell chemical fertilizer

According to Zhao Zhanying, her cousin Zhao Zhiyong grew up in Xinle City. In those years, his father Zhao Jinhai was a cadre of the county-level city supply and Marketing Association.

The former site of Xinle supply and marketing association is located near the North Street of station in the urban area. The former office building of the supply and Marketing Association has been demolished and the site is a construction site.

In the 1970s and 1980s, supply and marketing cooperatives were relatively prosperous commercial units. According to Niu Qingyun, an employee of Xinles supply and marketing system, Zhao Jinhai was the section chief of the business section of Xinles supply and Marketing Association. His son Zhao Zhiyong once worked as a temporary worker in the supply and marketing cooperatives.

I talked with Zhang Jun and often mentioned Zhao Zhiyong. I heard that he did a good job in the court. Niu Qingyun said.

Zhang Jun, who once worked in Xinles supply and marketing system, worked with Zhao Zhiyong. He remembers that in 1987 or 1988, Zhao Zhiyong, who was 18 or 19 years old, graduated from technical school and worked as a temporary worker in the Qiaodong supply and Marketing Cooperative in the northeast of Xinle City and became a sales department colleague with Zhang Jun.

Zhang Jun recalled that when he and Zhao Zhiyong worked in the fertilizer Department of Qiaodong supply and marketing cooperatives, their main job was to sell chemical fertilizers for agricultural production to the surrounding people. In Zhang Juns impression, Zhao Zhiyong is a bit of a teenager. He doesnt talk much, but hes very steady.

About half a year later, Zhao Zhiyong joined the army and left the supply and marketing cooperatives. Almost no contact with us. I havent seen him since. Zhang Jun said.

According to Zhao Zhanying, Zhao Zhiyongs cousin, Zhao Zhiyong went to Beijing as a soldier and became an armed police officer. There are five soldiers in his family. Zhao Zhanying said that in addition to his uncle Zhao Jinhai, Zhao Zhiyong, his brother and two younger sisters joined the army in Beijing and Yunnan respectively when they were young. Zhao Zhiyong also has a sister who teaches in Shijiazhuang.

Zhao Zhanying revealed that her uncle had been promoted to a comrade in arms in the army, and later had a lot of care for his uncles family. Zhao Jinhai also completed his fathers mission. He retired from Xinle supply and Marketing Association in the early 1990s.

In the dormitory building of Qiaodong supply and marketing society, Niu Qingyun once lived in the same yard with Zhao Jinhais family. He remembered that Zhao Jinhai and his family moved out after living here for about a year. The Zhao family moved to the dormitory building of the cotton oil factory on the South Ring Road.

According to the residents of the dormitory building of the cotton oil factory, Zhao Jinhai and his wife lived here for many years, and later went to Beijing to live with their daughter. A neighbor said that Zhao Jinhais house on the first floor is still idle, while his house on the fourth floor of another unit was sold to others a few years ago.

For Zhao Zhiyong, the residents here have little impression. After Zhao Zhiyong left Xinle 30 years ago, he had little contact with his former colleagues and neighbors.

I feel that he may be deliberately downplaying the relationship with his hometown. Many people who know him dont know that he is a new musician. Said a lawyer who had been associated with Zhao Zhiyong.

Latent Court: when the Executive becomes the deputy director, some people say that he is capable and others say that he is perfunctory

In January 1997, the robbery of cash carrying vehicles occurred in Xinghua Road, Xinji city. Dai yuetu, a journalist

He Cunmei, a staff member of the foundation, died at the scene at the age of 39. Her brother he Hai (not his real name) told surging news that after the incident, he saw his sisters body and found obvious gunshot wounds to the head.

23 years after the crime, on July 23, 2020, the Propaganda Department of Xinji municipal Party committee reported the details of the case: the suspect Liu Xiaokui and other five people ganged up, drove a robbed taxi, shot staff of the foundation in Xinji City, and absconded after robbing cash carrying vehicles. On July 20 this year, the case was finally solved. Four suspects, including Liu xukui, were arrested one after another. Another suspect, Zhang Yulin, died in an accident in 2014.

People close to the police revealed that the use of DNA identification technology is the key to the detection of the case. In the year of the crime, the scene had extracted cigarette butts dropped by the suspect after smoking. DNA tests 23 years later identified a suspect, who was arrested and then identified other accomplices. However, the police have not confirmed the above investigation process.

Among the four suspects, Zhao Zhiyong, who has worked in the Yuhua District Court of Shijiazhuang city for 22 years, was arrested.

In 1997, Zhao Zhiyong had not changed his career. His cousin Zhao Zhanying analyzed that if Zhao Zhiyong was really involved in the robbery of cash carrying vehicles, it should be during the period when he went home to visit relatives.

One year after the robbery of cash carrying vehicles in Xinji City, Zhao Zhiyong transferred to the court of Yuhua District of Shijiazhuang City (the former suburban court).

According to media reports such as Hebei legal news, Zhao Zhiyong transferred from the army to the court in 1998. Out of his fascination with the law, Zhao Zhiyong took part in the national higher education self-study examination in the army, studying law major, and got a bachelors degree. According to the above-mentioned report, years of learning reserves have given him a high starting point after he was transferred from the army to work in the court in 1998.

In 2004, the Yuhua District Court set up the executive board, and Zhao Zhiyong became the executive officer of the Bureau. According to public reports, in 2013 and 2014, Zhao Zhiyong served as deputy director of Coordination Division of the Executive Bureau of Yuhua District Court. After 2015, he has been promoted to deputy director of the Executive Bureau of Yuhua District Court in his position of public report.

According to the above-mentioned report, Zhao Zhiyong has outstanding ability in executing cases and is a big player in the execution post. In 2009, he was rated as excellent Party member of Yuhua District, 2011 by Shijiazhuang intermediate court as top ten executive experts, and in 2012 and 2013, he was recorded as personal third class merit.

In an interview with the surging news, a lawyer in Shijiazhuang said that Zhao Zhiyong was steady in his work and had a clear idea of handling a case. However, as for Zhao Zhiyongs 95% completion rate of enforcement cases, local lawyers also questioned that the figures in the propaganda articles might have moisture.

Lu Tingge, director of Hebei Peugeot law firm, met Zhao Zhiyong because of an economic case he represented in 2010.

On August 8, Lu Tingge disclosed to the surging news that the case with a target of 3 million yuan was executed by the Yuhua District Court after the judgment took effect, but later, without the knowledge of him and the party concerned, the execution of the case was suspended for a time.

The reporter inquired on China judicial document website and found that from 2013 to 2018, Zhao Zhiyong participated in 1076 cases. However, many of these cases ended the current execution because no property is found under the name of the executed person.

According to Lu Tingges analysis, the suspension of execution may be due to the need to improve the closing rate.

In the years when he applied for the execution of the case, Lu Tingge had many contacts with Zhao Zhiyong. In his impression, Zhao Zhiyong is more easygoing, will not put on the airs of a judge..

Lu Tingge said that because the economic case had not been implemented, he had complained to Shijiazhuang intermediate court. Later, Zhao Zhiyong took an executive judge to the law firm to find him to work.

He advised me not to worry, and the complaint would not solve the problem. Lu Tingge recalled that at that time Zhao Zhiyong stressed to him the difficulty of carrying out the case, he just appeased me. Talking about the case, I found that he did not understand the context of the case, and felt a bit perfunctory.

Mr. Lu said that until now, the economic case he represented 10 years ago has not been carried out.

Double life: the real movie burning in the sun?

The sudden turning point happened in the middle of July 2020, when Zhao Zhiyong was taken away by the police. According to people close to the Yuhua District Court, he was taken away from the court office, and colleagues were shocked at the time.

After the incident was disclosed, surging journalists went to Yuhua District Court to learn about the situation, and President Liang Jingchen avoided the interview. Everything is subject to the notice issued by the public security department, said Zhang Qiaolian, director of the Institutes publicity research office. We dont have more information now.

The case was investigated by Xinji police. Zhang Haijun, vice mayor of Xinji city and director of the Public Security Bureau, told surging news that at present, the case handling department is carrying out further investigation on the case, they may commit more than this one, and may also involve other cases. As for the identity of Zhao Zhiyongs court staff, Zhang Haijun said: whether he belongs to the court or not has nothing to do with our law enforcement. We will certainly handle the case impartially.

On August 5, surging journalists found Zhao Zhiyongs home near Donggang road in Shijiazhuang city. Zhao Zhiyongs red painted door looks like a new one compared with some old iron doors in his neighbors house. After knocking on the door many times, Zhao Zhiyongs wife Liu Li (pseudonym) opened the door, revealing the crack. She was wearing a mask and a towel over her head.

After learning the identity of the reporter, Liu Liwan refused to interview. Im also waiting for the results of the investigation. Liu Li said that for more than 20 years, she did not know about her husbands suspected robbery. I dont know. Now I only care about my illness. Im cancer.

In a report many years ago, Zhao Zhiyong mentioned that he was too busy with his work to take care of his family. His parents are not in good health, and his family is taken care of by his wife. As a key teacher in key middle schools, his wife has to do housework while completing heavy teaching tasks.

Zhao Zhanying thinks it is inconceivable that Zhao Zhiyong was suspected of robbing a cash truck 23 years ago.

Zhao Zhiyong was 28 years old at the time of the crime, and he studied law by himself.

In a working photo, Zhao Zhiyong is sitting in his office with several stacks of files at his desk. He is simple in dress, square in face and simple in appearance. Wang Hui (not his real name), a legal person who has had contact with Zhao Zhiyong, suddenly feels that this person has worked diligently in the court for more than 20 years. Is it for some kind of atonement?

From deputy director of the court to the suspect of robbery, Zhao Zhiyongs two identities are quite different. Some netizens compared him to Xin Xiaofeng played by Deng Chao in the film burning heart in the sun -- after suspected involvement in a massacre, he entered the police station as an assistant police officer. He was brave every time he arrested criminals, but he was punished by law in the end.

Some netizens left a message after the previous report of the surging news that Zhao Zhiyongs life experience can not be written out of the movie script..

During his work in the court, Zhao Zhiyong had the habit of taking notes. He used to write down his feeling and thinking. In a note, he believes that the improvement of the comprehensive quality of executive judges requires long-term cultural edification and tortuous social experience.

Notes written by Zhao Zhiyong. Photo source: Peoples public servant website

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }At the end of the note, he wrote that only through the torment of love and hate, pain and regret, gain and loss, can we complete the leap in personality, like the rebirth of Phoenix Nirvana. Source: surging news editor: Li Tianyi_ NN7528

At the end of the note, he wrote that only through the torment of love and hate, pain and regret, gain and loss, can we complete the leap in personality, like the rebirth of Phoenix Nirvana.