Wang Luodan and men in the car large-scale intimate, ridiculed in bed looking too dark

 Wang Luodan and men in the car large-scale intimate, ridiculed in bed looking too dark

Some people say that Wang Luodan is not only alluding to the current flow of small fresh meat and small Huadan, but also connotes Wanxi and other middle-aged female stars who have become popular through the wind and waves.

Now 36 year old Wang Luodan seems to be really no one in the entertainment industry.

Last year, Wang Luodan posted a funny self portrait of himself and a mysterious man on the social platform. In the photo, two people with their heads tilted at a novel angle, just like a pair of lovers in love!

This is a self disclosure of love!

At the beginning of last year, Wang Luodan was also photographed interacting with mysterious men for many times. The two men not only watched movies alone, but were also photographed returning to the hotel together.

It has always been a topic full of topics for a female star to disclose her love affair, but it has been nearly 24 hours since her self disclosure of love affair. She has not even been on a hot search, no one has discussed it, and there is no water splash. It can be said that it has penetrated the heart of the earth

Wang Luodan is really popular.

At the beginning, Wang Luodan, with the role of Miley in struggle, made people realize the tall, thin and a little black. Although not a traditional beauty, she has her own characteristics.

Even Zhao Baogang, director of the red Wang Luodan, once said: Wang Luodan is not beautiful. It is a miracle to be able to fire.

In 2009, Wang Luodan has been ranked as the new four little flower Dan in the mainland, following Yang Mi, Liu Yifei and Huang Shengyi.

In the same years whos in charge of my youth made Wang Luodans image of Beijing chick deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the Qian xiaosample in the play made Wang Luodan famous among the people.

So Wang Luodans coffee position in those years can be converted into the current top flow florets, right?

Then the sample of lactic acid bacteria, the slogan Im a sample, Im like this! It is a household name.

Seeing this, someone must have asked. They are all rated as four little Huadan. Why is there such a big gap between Wang Luodan and Yang Mi and Liu Yifei in the same period?

When Wang Luodan starred in I know who is in charge, Bai Baihe also played a supporting role in it, called Lei Lei. I dont know if you have any impression.

Who would have thought that such a humble supporting role would overtake the heroine in the play in the future and completely cover up her light!

In 2011, when Wang Luodan was named the fourth little Dandan, Bai Baihe continued to play a supporting role in Zhao Baogangs drama the nth power of the family. He was still an unpleasant villain - a young woman who worshipped money and had poisonous tongue.

At that time, Bai Baihe, who was said to be on the top of junior three, was proud of his love scene. However, his career didnt improve much. His TV dramas also tended to be literary and artistic. He even said in an interview that Bai Baihe had already given up his efforts in the entertainment industry at that time.

Until she met the character who changed her fate -- Huang Xiaoxian in 33 days of lovelorn.

33 days of lovelorn is the first successful case of love film in China. In the market environment at that time, this kind of modern urban love drama has always been unpopular, and lovelorn 33 days broke this Convention, relying on the fresh theme of lovelorn and Bachelors Day, and beat the Hollywood blockbuster iron and steel fist released at the same time, and won 350 million box office tickets, ranking in the top ten box office of that year and becoming a worthy ticket House black horse.

The success of 33 days in love also made Bai Baihe, a little actor who has not been known for a long time, become famous overnight. However, due to the extremely similar appearance and highly overlapped acting style between Bai Baihe and Wang Luodan, many people once thought that 33 days of lovelorn was performed by Wang Luodan.

There is also a rumor that Wang Luodan once said that Wang Luodan first ordered the role of Huang Xiaoxian in 33 days of lovelorn. However, Wang Luodan gave up because Huang Xiaoxian and her former Miley and Qian Xiaoshis plays were the same as Beijing chick. This is Bai Baihes turn? In this way, Bai Baihe can be regarded as picking up Wang Luodans leak?

However, Teng Huatao, director of 33 days of lovelorn, clarified on his microblog that he had not asked Wang Luodan to play Huang Xiaoxian, and said: everyone is an actor. Why use such propaganda means? After 33 days of lovelorn release, a terrier has to use it every year. Why not improve your acting skills when you have this time? Do you want me to send news every year before your film is released: I never asked you to play Huang Xiaoxian

And most netizens also think that Wang Luodan is taking the opportunity to hype himself. So far, the secret war between Wang Luodan and Bai Baihe officially started. As like as two peas, Wang Luodan and Bai Baihe are successful in relying on the little girl movie to play a stable role in the entertainment industry. What makes Wang Luodan of the same type has no good film resources.

In those years, only the movie version of Zhuyus love in the Hawthorn Tree and thirty three days of lovelorn were the only ones that Wang Luodan could get rid of in those years. It was not as good as struggle when he just started his career.

And Bai Baihes side, the resources are open! The box office of 33 days of lovelorn was 350 million, the box office of break up contract was 190 million, the box office of stolen five years in mainland China was more than 150 million, the box office of private customized was more than 700 million, the box office of catch the demon was 2.44 billion, the rolling tumor king was 510 million, and the hot pot hero was 370 million Can be said to be a well deserved box office queen?

The second reason for Wang Luodans paste is that he is fond of using his private life to hype, and many negative emotional rumors have aroused public disgust. One of the most famous is the large-scale intimacy with her boyfriend in the car and the speculation with Han Han.

On the night after Tong Daweis wedding, after watching the movie in Wanda cinema, they staged a large-scale intimacy in a luxury car in the underground garage. After that, Xu Rui also found that some paparazzi were photographing secretly, so he begged the reporter to let them go, because Xu Rui didnt want to ruin Wang Luodan, whose career was on the rise, because Xu Rui didnt want to ruin Wang Luodan, whose career was on the rise. However, it is said that their love affair lasted only three months. After that, Wang Luodan was also exposed to the mysterious middle-aged man, and Xu Rui announced his marriage to his girlfriend Chen silent in 2012. The next year, Chen silent gave birth to Xu Rui, and now he has his own life.

As for the affair between Wang Luodan and Han Han, it was even more popular that year. At that time, the well-known netizen Ju Chunlei disclosed that Han Han and Wang Luodan had a tryst in the hotel, and said that they had been keeping a relationship with each other since 2009, and the two were photographed holding at the door of the hotel.

It is rumored that Han Han and Wang Luodan have been in love since 2009 because of his desire to love in the film no time to see you later. There are even rumors that Han Han once commented that Wang Luodan looked too dark in bed.

To this scandal, Han Han once generously responded: we have known each other for many years and have been very close.

As for the hugging incident, Han Han explained that it was just because the other party went to work in other places that he saw off at the hotel. My only regret is that she helped the film so much that she left us a full schedule and didnt ask for a pay. When she saw off, the hugging time was too short and should not be affected. If she had a chance next time, the hugging time would be longer..

Whether or not Wang Luodan really got involved in Han Hans family, the scandal really made her reputation worse.

The third reason why Wang Luodan pasted off is that her EQ is too low.

There is a rumor that Wang Luodan once went to a project. She immediately asked, can the box office surpass the thirty-three days of lovelorn ? The comer is at a loss. Who can make it clear? Later, Wang Luodan didnt take over, so the screenwriter changed the play into a man oriented play

yes! This project was a hit at that time, directed by Xu Zheng.

Wang Luodan once starred in the TV version of Du Lalas promotion, while Xu Jinglei starred in the film version of Du Lala. In an interview, the media asked what was the difference between her Du Lala and Xu Jingleis Du Lala?

In front of the media to say that their predecessors are old, people Xu Jinglei who provoked whom?

In an interview, the host mentioned: often a play can produce a new person, the results of Wang Luodan blurted out: out of a Sun Li? Let host be stunned directly

In recent years, Wang Luodans films have hit the streets in an all-round way: 35.44 million for my war and 61 million for the lost lover. Not even a hundred million

And Zhou Yumin starred in the film homestead detective Guixiang only 40 million, it can be said that the box office reputation of both.

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