The great Xia Huo Yuanjia was popular, and the Jingwu gate was frequently kicked when it opened

 The great Xia Huo Yuanjia was popular, and the Jingwu gate was frequently kicked when it opened

Chen Zhen (Shi Xiaolong) kicked the Jingwu gate, which made the newly opened Jingwu gate uneasy. However, Huo Yuanjia posted a notice to avoid war and followed his original intention of establishing the martial arts school: to strengthen the physique of the Chinese people, except for the fallacy of the sick man of East Asia. He led his disciples to practice martial arts in the museum. Also let the audience understand the martial spirit of the great master Huo Yuanjia.

Chen Zhens challenge to the Jingwu gate of the martial arts school leads Huo Yuanjias family to express their views on the struggle in the Wulin

From the latest trailer, we can find that master Chen Zhen, who originally came to fight with Huo Yuanjia, started fighting with three other Wulin sects in Shanghai. Later, Huo Yuanjias wife Wang Yunying also told her husband her views on the struggle among different sects in the current Wulin. Todays Wulin people should no longer fight for the level of martial arts. No matter how high the martial arts skills are, they cant compete with foreign guns Foreign cannons, such sectarian disputes, are highly respected because they are the generation of the four eagles.

The great Xia Huo Yuanjia, as a Chinese martial arts drama, is always showing the audience the exciting scenes and conveying the heroic feelings and spirit of the martial arts heroes to all the time. Is learning martial arts for the sake of fighting for the strong or for strengthening the body and becoming the pride of the country, the great Xia Huo Yuanjia gives the audience the best answer with the martial spirit.

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