The battle of power: 8.28 Edison vs. Tesla

 The battle of power: 8.28 Edison vs. Tesla

The battle for power tells the story of the greatest genius inventor in the late 19th century and the industrial age, who launched a cruel commercial competition and a summit duel in order to compete for the power supply system market in the United States and even the world. On both sides of the four starring sub stations in the fixed file poster, there is a hint of their antagonistic competitive relationship. In the notice, Edison and InSAR took the lead in launching an attack. The power system they provided quickly seized the market, which greatly surprised the world and turned the situation into a downward spiral. Tesla chose to form an alliance with Westinghouses electric power company. If he blocked all the engines invented by himself, could the future be reversed? Whose power system will break through the darkness and light up the world?

The film is played by Dr. strange juan Fu and Benedict Cumberbatch as Edison, and Michael Shannon, general of Zod, has performed admirably in many Hollywood masterpieces water story and blade out of sheath. This time, he will play the role of commercial giant Westinghouse to join the electric power scuffle. And Edisons Centennial enemy Tesla, starred by Nicholas Holt, the beast of X-Men: reversing the future, takes you to decipher the man closest to God.. Spider Tom Holland will join the Edison team and become his best partner, InSAR, to explore the territory of electric power with him. In addition, Katherine Watson of where are the amazing animals and cool DJ tappens Middleton in super sense hunt play the women behind successful men.

This power war more truly shows the hundred year old enmity between Edison and his old enemy Tesla, the power struggle, commercial intrigue, and human nature confrontation As a Hollywood film that has won high praise at the Toronto Film Festival and award season, the film is directed by Alfonso Gomez rehun (I and Earl and the dying girl, American horror story), which uses modern visual aesthetics and dramatic techniques to reproduce this cross era power fight.

The films behind the scenes team is also very strong, with the Oscar best director Martin Scorsese (taxi driver, infernal walker, wolf of Wall Street) as the executive producer, basil ivanik (the birth of a star, the fast attack and the dare to die series) as the producer, and the art director Jan ruloulfs participated in the film He has made several Hollywood visual effects blockbusters including shell attack team and speed and passion 6. The excellent film language is naturally inseparable from the perfect cooperation of photography art. Ding Zhengxun (miss, stoke, old boy), the Royal photographer of the famous Korean director Park Zan Yu (miss, stoke, old boy) was invited to serve as the photography director. This is also his cooperation with director Alfonso Gomez rehun after I and Earl and the dying girl.

It is reported that battle of power will officially meet Chinese audiences in the cinema on August 28.