Behind every grumpy mother, there is an absent father

 Behind every grumpy mother, there is an absent father

Once read a sentence: those temperaments behind, in fact, is accumulated for a long time discontent suddenly poured out.

When I went to the hospital a few days later, she was not in the way of a massage.

When his father took me to the clinic to wait in line, in front of me was an elder sister who seemed not much older than me, with three children!

All are waiting, then chatting, she also sprained her feet. Ha ha, she must have been fat together..

Because I sprained my foot, the child went to grandmas house, and because of the inconvenience of activities, his father accompanied me. When the elder sister in line with me learned about this, she suddenly became hostile to me and stopped talking. I didnt know why, so I turned to chat with my husband.

When the elder sister was massaging, the three children finally fried the pot. My brother was holding that little sister for a walk, but she was too small. Because she left her mothers arms and the strange environment, she kept humming and whining, which made me headache.

The next second, brother holding the crying sister sat next to his mother, mother had already been irritable, told brother to take his sister side. At this time, my brother did not want to move at all, and said back: she is willing to cry, what can I do?.

The bomb in the elder sisters heart blew, exploded!

Yes, youre right. She scolded so loud and ugly that she warned her brother never to touch her sister again, and she would never need his help again! Scold until they leave, who advise with whom impatient.

After they left, everyone felt that the elder sister was too bad tempered, the child didnt say anything, she was really unreasonable, and she was not good to the child

After I got home, I talked about it with my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law said to me, how long does she have to accumulate her grievances in order to lose control in such a public place. You also have children, also sprained feet, but someone to help you with it, and someone to accompany you to see a doctor. She, with her three children on her own, goes to see a doctor, not to mention tired

Behind every grumpy mother, there is an absent father.

A few days ago, I saw a screenshot on Weibo. It was a dynamic message from a mother in the circle of friends

It seems like an interesting thing, but the sadness behind it is estimated that only a mother can understand it.

Maybe many men sometimes wonder, when they are in love, how can a warm and gentle wife get married and give birth to children? Why is it so difficult to serve? Youve got a temper tantrum in minutes?

You wonder? Is it not because the father is not good?

How to turn a girl into a grumpy woman? Marry a husband who doesnt care, and have a child who doesnt worry.

All of a while, pretty good was very fire. I saw that the official account was all about how Su Ma was strong, and so did his husband.

At the beginning, I also thought that it was mother Su who was too strong. Later, I saw a series of things that Sus father did after his wife left (he almost divorced his son). I thought that if you meet such a husband, women cant be strong!

Even his second son also said, how wonderful the family is when mom is here. leaving aside the son preference, Sus mother is really working alone.

If you can choose, dont Mother Su want to find a reliable man to spend her life without worrying about anything?

Of course I want to, but the reality is forced to come out~

Teacher Wu Zhihong wrote in her book that problematic family structure can often be attributed to a pattern: an anxious mother, an absent father, and a problematic child.

One reason is that a mother, who is often irritable, is worried about her children. The biggest reason is the absent father.

I remember last year, Zhu Dan got angry on Weibo because the cartoon depiction of her mother made her angry.

Seeing what she said, I think about it. Its true.

For example, my family treasure used to like to watch big ears map, and my mother was angry from time to time

Big head son, small head father is just a common occurrence. Do you have it?

Crayon Xiaoxin mother gets angry and makes a shudder~

Because the result is dissatisfied, has the opinion, is always the mother~

Why do mothers always lose control of their temper? In the final analysis, it is that one person bears too much and no one shares it.

When you focus on your children and family, you can only do things by yourself without any discussion. You can hardly have your own freedom 24 hours a day. You are irritable and depressed. You just need a cool saying that doesnt concern you.

These phenomena raise a worldwide question: wheres dad?

Family happiness we always rely on the mother, but the family is not the mothers responsibility alone. Always said that the mothers character, mothers temper will affect the happiness index of the family, but forget that there is a father at home.

Why did she suddenly stop being gentle? Because you forced her to be gentle.

Many dads dont help their wives with housework and childrens education. They take it for granted that wives take care of their children and undertake housework.

In the first issue of the battle for love, the husband accuses his wife of having a child, and changes her temperament from tender and considerate to irritable and irritable. The wifes explanation is very simple, the husband does not undertake to take care of the children, he is too tired.

Studies have shown that in the first year of birth, about 67% of womens satisfaction with marriage has dropped sharply.

Although there are various reasons for womens dissatisfaction, there is only one fundamental reason: the wife feels that she is already a mother, but her husband does not seem to be a father. The lack of father is the fundamental reason why mothers are tired.

When a person takes good care of the childrens food and daily life, and even gives his life to tutor the childrens homework in the middle of the night, no one sees the mothers hard work and thinks that is what the mother should do.

Mothers in the tired state, it is not easy to control their emotions, will often because of some little things angry.

Once a mother cant control her mood and cant help yelling at her child, she will be considered incompetent and terrible. Even the husband will say sarcastic words on the edge, the child is still young.

It is suggested that the father should do the housework alone for a week and bring the children to experience it for a week, while the mothers have been doing it for several years.

When you do housework, take part in taking care of your children. You can take turns to help your children with their homework. In this way, you will find that the gentle wife can come back again.

Please take part in the housework and educate the children, share some hard work for the wife and bring some nice company to the children.

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