The limited edition Bugatti Divo, worth half a billion, has a speed of 380km / h

 The limited edition Bugatti Divo, worth half a billion, has a speed of 380km / h

Compared with the Bugatti Chiron, Bugatti Divo adopts a more radical and personalized design in appearance. The air inlet on the hood improves the air flow, while the new spoiler generates greater downforce, which is 90kg more than Chiron. It also helps to direct more air into the forward ports and also helps cool the brakes.

There is also an airflow optimized air duct on the roof, and the rear spoiler is 23% wider than before, which can be set at different angles according to the driving mode of the car. Bugatti said such a design can also improve the downforce and efficiency, resulting in higher air braking performance.

The rear of the car adopts a unique 3D tail light design, and 44 luminous fins constitute the tail light. At the same time, the tail lights are also available in transparent and red styles, and the exhaust of four outlets in the middle of the lower part is also divided into square and circular.

In terms of power, Bugatti Divo is equipped with the ancestral 8.0tw16 four turbocharged engine, with a maximum output power of 1500 horsepower and a peak torque of 1600 n u00b7 M. in terms of transmission system, it is matched with a 7-speed double clutch transmission, and the speed of 380km / h gives the car more room to play.

Besides being fast enough and expensive enough, Bugatti Divo also supports more customized services. Externally, customers can choose the color of the body, centerline, roof, hood, and decorative patterns on the wheel hub, air inlet and aerodynamic components. Inside, you can use various decorative materials, and even add custom styles. You can also carve your childs palm print, footprints or name in the cockpit, and even any text you want to express.


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