Five politicians of Indias ruling party were killed in January, and more than ten members resigned to protect their lives

 Five politicians of Indias ruling party were killed in January, and more than ten members resigned to protect their lives

A 38 year old member of the peoples party, Abdel Hamid Najar, was attacked by a shooter while walking in the bugam District of Jammu and Kashmir on the 9th of local time, Russian satellite news agency and Indian media reported on the 10th. On the 10th, Najar died of serious injuries. On August 6, Ahmed, another PPP politician, was shot dead in the kurgham area of Jammu and Kashmir.

Foreign media data show that at least five members of modis peoples party have been killed in the past month, which has caused panic among the party and led to eight resignations in the past 24 hours. It is worth noting that 17 members of the peoples party have resigned since the killing of Sheikh wassam Barry, a politician of the peoples party, and his father and brother on 8 July. It is reported that when Barry and his party were killed, there were 10 security personnel at the scene to provide protection.

In August 2019, India announced the abolition of article 370 of the constitution, the special status of Jammu and Kashmir state, blockaded most areas of Indian controlled Kashmir, cut off local foreign communication, and sent more troops to the border areas. But after nearly nine months of calm, there has been a sharp increase in attacks in the past three months.

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Modi: it is a historic decision to revoke the autonomy status of Indian controlled Kashmir

On Thursday (August 8, 2019), Indian Prime Minister modi delivered a television address on the situation in Kashmir. Modi said that article 370 of the constitution, which gives special status and power to the Indian controlled Kashmir region, has led to separatism, terrorism, dynastic politics and corruption, and said that the revocation of the status of Kashmir autonomous region is a historic decision.

According to times website on the 8th, modi said he believed that the insurgency in Kashmir would soon end, the local economy would achieve growth and even a tourism boom.

I want to make it clear to my brothers and sisters in Jammu and Kashmir that your representatives will be chosen by you. The way you elect legislators and the Council of the League of ministers will not change. You will elect your own chief minister in the same way. I am fully confident that under this new order, we will liberate Jammu and Kashmir from separatism and terrorism. India Express quoted modis speech on the 8th and wrote.

Modi did not mention whether the detained Kashmiri politicians would be released or promised to end the curfew imposed in the area since early Monday morning, the time reported.

On August 5, Indias ruling BJP (BJP) suddenly bypassed parliament to push for the amendment of the Constitution and announced the abolition of the special status of Jammu Kashmir state (Indian controlled Kashmir) with a high degree of autonomy for many years.

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