Beautiful woman resigns to be a housewife, imitates the home decoration of 1950s and makes skirt by herself

 Beautiful woman resigns to be a housewife, imitates the home decoration of 1950s and makes skirt by herself

The living room is dominated by red and white tones, outlining the retro mood of the 1950s.

The dining table, sofa, chandelier and so on in the home are all the appearance of 1950s.

In a word, although Katrina is only 30 years old, she has been an old tailor with 10 years of experience. Her craftsmanship is very good, so she actually makes all the retro clothes in the family.

Sometimes she would take orders online and make retro dresses and gowns to support her family.

Sales are not so good, but she has customers in many countries around the world.

Besides the hardware of clothing and decoration, her life is no different from those housewives 70 years ago: she gets up at 6:30 every morning to help her husband prepare clothes, breakfast and lunch.

After seeing off her husband, do exercises, exercise, and dress up as a housewife 70 years ago. Cleaning the room, washing clothes, drinking afternoon tea, of course, snacks must be made in the style of the year.

Im going to buy a dish in the evening. 70 years ago, of course, people used baskets and paper bags. Then I began to prepare dinner and wait for my husband to go home. This is the days work.

Occasionally I would go out with my husband and make an appointment. Of course, the couple will also choose a restaurant with a style similar to that of the 1950s.

As far as entertainment is concerned, we also strictly prohibit any modern entertainment. We use vinyl records to listen to songs. Games are traditional board games, and we can watch them on TV. But the couple only watch old movies with black and white pictures

As for cable TV, network TV and so on, both husband and wife do not look at it. Of course, cell phones still have to be used!

Although it seems a bit boring, Katrina loves it very much and her husband is very supportive of her.

Sometimes Katrina meets people who dont understand her, questioning her choice to be a housewife. But she insisted, women should support each other. If a woman says she wants to be a housewife, we shouldnt say its wrong.

Can clearly know what they want to do, can also realize their own ideals, such a housewife, can also be called an independent woman with ideas?

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