Tragedy! A 21-year-old and a 15-year-old man drowned in the same river two times a day

 Tragedy! A 21-year-old and a 15-year-old man drowned in the same river two times a day

Fangshan blue sky rescue team immediately organized 33 members of the rescue team. On the way back, the rescue team learned that the drowning man was only 21 years old. On that day, he went swimming with his partner in Juma River because of the hot weather. Due to the rapid water flow near the south bank and the lack of physical strength, the rescue team called the police.

At 13:33, Fangshan fire fighters also arrived at the rescue scene. The police, fire commanders and blue sky team members negotiated the search and rescue plan, and found the shadow of the suspected drowning person about 4 meters away from the shore.

Fangshan blue sky rescue team members noticed that not far upstream of the incident, there were many people swimming and splashing.

In the afternoon, the Fangshan blue sky rescue team, which was rescuing the mountains, was once again assisted by the water rescue task. The location was still in jumaheni, the border of Zhangfang Town, Fangshan District, and Hebei Province. A teenager drowned.

Fangshan blue sky rescue team came to the scene and learned from the crowd that the drowning child was only 15 years old, from Hebei Province, on the third day of junior high school. At that time, due to the tragedy of crossing with several children, he was not prepared to swim together.

The children swimming together were frightened and did not know the specific falling point of their companions. The blue sky team members could only find the drowning childs body according to the approximate location until about 20:30 last night. At the scene, the mother of the child cried bitterly and couldnt bear to hear it!

Just last weekend, on August 1, a 26 year old man drowned in a field trip in jumaheni, Shidu, Fangshan District. Only a week later, the tragedy happened again.

Fangshan blue sky rescue team reminds us that life is only once, cherish life and revere nature. Please stay away from dangerous waters such as rivers and reservoirs, especially in the rainy season, and do not swim or fish in the wild. Many rivers seem to have smooth water flow and calm water surface, but underwater there are mixed plants and undercurrent!

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On August 6, a drowning accident occurred in Guangxin District of Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. Nine people went swimming in groups and one drowned. He was only 23 years old.

The white hair person sends the black hair person, looks lets the human heartache!

At 15:00 on the 6th, a police station in Shishi Township, Guangxin District, said that a man drowned in Xiayang Rao Beihe River in Sandu village, Shishi township. At 15:02, Shangrao blue sky rescue team sent 20 members to the scene of the incident.

At 16:34, the search and rescue team members found the drowning man in the water about 1.3 meters deep, with no vital signs.