The cremation ceremony of Zeng Zhiweis dead wife Zhu Xizhen

 The cremation ceremony of Zeng Zhiweis dead wife Zhu Xizhen

According to Hong Kong media, the current wife of actor Zeng Zhiwei, Zhu Xizhen, died last Monday (March 3). In the early morning, reporters were waiting at the Baofu Memorial Hall in Tai Wai. Zeng Zhiwei arranged to hold a farewell ceremony early in the morning and then go to Baolian temple. A group of relatives and friends got on the bus at about 7 am and drove to Baolian temple on Lantau Island. At about 8:30, Zeng Zhiwei appeared in the temple.

Zeng Zhiwei, wearing a white Lapel flower on his chest, communicated with a master who was wearing a yellow robe and spoke Mandarin. During this period, Zeng Zhiwei was calm and occasionally nodded in response. When he saw the reporter coming forward to interview, he also had a little smile and stopped to clasp his hands and said, Ill talk about it later. Then turn around and enter the inner hall. In the vicinity of the crematorium, a hearse decorated with white flowers was seen.

At about 12:00 p.m., Zeng Zhiwei, Zeng Guoxiang and Wang Minyi stepped out of the fire pot and stopped for the reporters to take photos. After that, Wang Minyi left first. Zeng Zhiwei and Zeng Guoxiang were interviewed by the media. Zhiwei mentioned that the funeral was his wifes last wish: both our father and son wanted to follow her wishes. She (Zhu Xizhen) was originally a very low-key person, but now there is an epidemic situation, and they dont want too many people to gather, so they chose a peaceful way. Are you prepared for your wife to leave Yes, she has been ill for some time, and the whole family wants to use the method she most wants to fulfill her last wish Did your mother tell me what to do? Zeng Guoxiang pointed out that his mother had always wanted to be buried at sea: she always said that everything should be simple. Before her death, her mother was also a low-key person and didnt like to trouble people. (or sea burial?) Yes, no date has been chosen.

Zhiwei also mentioned that on the day of his wifes death, the whole family gathered together to accompany her, and had already given her last wish: in fact, she has been fully prepared psychologically. So are we. It is not too sudden for us (to leave), and it is also possible for her to end her pain. She has been ill for ten months, and her son is very good. We hope that she will not suffer any more. What disease did the wife die of There are many kinds of them.

Referring to Zeng Guoxiangs winning the golden statue award as the best director is the best gift to his mother. Zeng Guoxiang said that he was watching the live broadcast with his mother in the hospital at that time: everyone was very happy when the announcement was made. She also held me, and everyone was crying. I hope that award is the best mothers Day gift he has ever received. I am grateful to have a chance to let her see my small achievements.

Although everyone has been prepared, Zhiwei is still reluctant to give up: this is inevitable, everyone will, this is life Its very good that our family are all Buddhists. We also have a view on life and death, and we know that it is an inevitable thing in life. Our family also understand that everyone has explained this matter clearly before death, and the ceremony has been completed today, and all of them follow her will. During this period, Zhiwei also praised his wife for doing a lot of volunteer work and visiting temples in her lifetime. Before she left, she had already understood how she wanted to complete it: when entering the temple, everyone would say, she (Zhu Xizhen) is our man! Its like a big family to finish this. Its not just our father and son. Today, everything is smooth, low-key and peaceful. Its also her own merit.

Did you add any special funeral objects? Zhiwei emphasizes that his wife is a light hearted person. As long as a family is around her, it is already a happy thing. Referring to the cremation in Baolian temple, Zhiwei continued that he didnt know whether it would be feasible: she hopes, but we dont know whether it can be done, such as time, environment, epidemic situation, etc., but she often comes to work as a volunteer. When we went to ask for the master, the master said, she is from her own family, and she will help! It seems that relatives and friends all ask why this time is so low-key, because the epidemic does not want to concentrate too many people, and it is not convenient for us to have so many people, so thank you very much! Thank you very much