Start four brothers moving company: bidding to win customers by throwing money, deliberately hiding high labor costs

 Start four brothers moving company: bidding to win customers by throwing money, deliberately hiding high labor costs

According to a survey by Beijing News reporter, Zhao Zhenqiang, the legal representative of Sifang brothers, and most of its staff are from Pengshui Miao and Tujia Autonomous County, Chongqing. The company was established in 2016 with only 56 vehicles and more than 10 employees. But on its website, the company claims to have been founded in 1994 with more than 200 different vehicles and more than 800 employees.

Since February 2017, Sifang brothers has taken the competitive ranking of Baidu, 58 and other information websites as an important channel for the company to obtain customers. Many consumers come to their homes after searching the Internet, and reach a cooperation with Sifang brothers under the condition of concealing the true charging standard.

The company was established in 2016 and delivered goods by car

The reason why people who move in nianzhuang is that it is convenient to enter the city and park here. Wang Feng, who runs a moving company in nianzhuang village, said that more than a decade ago, parking here was free from regulation and parking fees.

Zhao Zhenqiang, the legal representative of Sifang brothers, settled in nianzhuang village and lived in a lane 3-4 meters wide. According to Wang Feng and the operator of another moving company, Zhao Zhenqiang does not have a special office, and his home is an office.

On July 31, the Beijing News reporter met Zhao Zhenqiang in another moving company in nianzhuang village. He is about 1.75 meters tall, slightly fat, wearing T-shirt and shorts, with a scar at the corner of his right eyebrow. When talking about the Wu Hongfei incident, he thought that the performance of the workers was not as serious as Wu Hongfei said, just discuss the price with her. As long as I give her money, I (the person) will go immediately.

Zhao Zhenqiang, 24, from Sangzhe Town, Pengshui County, Chongqing, was told by several people in the moving industry. Feng you, who runs another moving company in nianzhuang, said that Zhao Zhenqiang was born in a rural area and his parents divorced. He had worked in a construction site before. He started moving business in Beijing in 2016 and became the boss as soon as he joined the industry.

Tianyancha shows that Sifang brothers, formerly known as Beijing Brothers Jinyang moving Co., Ltd., was established on December 1, 2016, and its business scope is road freight transportation (changed to ordinary freight transportation in March 2017). This is a small and micro enterprise with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. On April 24, 2018, the name of the enterprise was changed to Sifang brothers.

Transportation contract of Sifang brothers. Photos provided by interviewees

Compared with the early 2000s, when Zhao Zhenqiang joined the industry, the qualification threshold of moving industry had been greatly reduced. According to the Regulations of the peoples Republic of China on road transport in 2004, moving transportation is classified as ordinary freight transport, which is no longer a special mode of goods transportation.

Chen Jie, chairman of Beijing Sitong moving Co., Ltd. and director of the moving working committee of Beijing Road Transport Association, remembers that around 2007, when he went to the original administrative department for Industry and commerce, he was informed that moving was no longer a separate business category. At that time, the moving company only needed to apply for the business scope of ordinary freight and apply for the road transportation business license.

Feng you and Wang Feng are also from Pengshui, Chongqing. In Feng yous impression, when Zhao Zhenqiang just entered the industry, he didnt know anything. He went to buy a truck and was cheated. he was a driver himself and drove himself. Wang Feng said that Zhao Zhenqiangs father also came from Pengshui to help people move. Later, Zhao bought more vehicles and hired more drivers and movers, mostly his relatives or fellow Pengshui villagers.

In July this year, Zhao Zhenqiang told people about the achievements of Sifang brothers. Mr. Zhao claimed that the monthly output value of each moving car reached 100000 yuan, Wang said. Compared with Sifang brothers, the output value of other small and medium-sized moving companies is much lower, such as Wang Fengs company. The output value of a car in a month is only 560000 yuan.

Because of his high income, Zhao Zhenqiang is very famous in Pengshuis moving circle. It is widely spread that he bought a house in downtown Chongqing last year. In Wang Fengs opinion, this is an achievement that some colleagues have been unable to achieve for more than ten years.

When the Beijing News reporter met Zhao Zhenqiang on July 31, the other party did not refute the purchase of a house in Chongqing.

In a parking lot of nianzhuang village, there are two vans for moving. Take a picture

Using network bidding to rank customers

Not long after entering the moving industry, Zhao Zhenqiang, a post-90s generation, found a channel to obtain customers: competitive ranking of information websites.

On August 9, Beijing News reporter learned from a Baidu promotion service regional agent that Sifang brothers opened a Baidu promotion account in February 2017 to carry out Baidu search bidding advertising business. That is more than two months after the establishment of the company.

Competitive ranking is a kind of network marketing service, which means that search engine service providers sell limited advertising space by auction. The higher a companys bid, the higher its advertising position.

Wu Hongfeis contact with Sifang brothers started from Baidus bidding ranking.

On the morning of July 26, she searched Baidu for which Beijing moving company has the best service. The title of the first item of the search results said brother Sifang and price transparency. Under the title, on the left is a publicity photo of a moving worker in blue overalls. On the right, the company name says brother Sifang moving company. The introduction text includes choice of reputation, affordable price, ultra-low starting price and high-quality service.

However, after the exposure of Wu Hongfei incident, the Beijing News reporter searched Baidu for key words such as moving company and Beijing moving house for many times, and no more found Sifang brothers. The above Baidu promotion agent said that Sifang brothers Baidu marketing account has been suspended.

Baidu promotion account background page of Fengyou company. From 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., the cost of a single keyword click has exceeded 3000 yuan. Beijing News reporter Haiyang

On July 31, Feng you showed the backstage operation page of Baidu search promotion function to Beijing News reporter. From 8:00 to 12:00 a.m., Baidu has deducted 3000 yuan from its company account. Feng said that his companys bidding price was 80-90 yuan per click, but Sifang brothers always ranked higher than his company. I dont know what his offer is, and I dare not compare it with him. But his expenses should not be less than 6000 yuan a day.

Through Baidu bidding ranking, consumers can click into the official website of Sifang brothers. In the prominent position on the home page of the official website, the company claims to have cooperation with the Olympic Games, Li Ning, Samsung and other brands; there is a wechat QR code floating on the side of the website, which is for online customer service.

On the company profile page, Sifang brothers wrote that the company was founded in 1994, with more than 800 employees and more than 200 vehicles in operation, including 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, Jinbei, gondola and other different models, all vehicles are equipped with GPS satellite positioning system and communication equipment..

However, according to the tianyancha, Sifang brothers was founded at the end of 2016. A person familiar with the matter told the Beijing news that at the end of July this year, staff of Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau told it that Sifang brothers had 56 vans and more than 10 workers.

In addition to the above information inconsistent with the facts, on the vehicle display page of Sifang brothers official website, the carriage of several pictures is marked with the words brother moving company. After verification with Beijing Brothers Moving Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as brother moving), three pictures are from the companys official website.

In addition, the logo pattern at the company profile below the home page of Sifang brothers official website is also highly similar to the registered trademark of brother moving.

On July 30, Duan Ting, legal adviser of brothers move, told Beijing news that there are many small moving companies imitating the company in the market. In recent months, the company has received a large number of complaints, it is understood that all are consumers who have been cheated by fake Brothers moving.

According to Duan Tings summary form of complaints about the relocation of counterfeit brothers in May 2020, 15 of the 35 complaints were from the same city of Baidu and 58, and 8 were from the Internet, totaling more than half of the total; there were 2 cases involving Sifang brothers.

The routine of exorbitant moving expenses

Ms. Liu contacted Sifang brothers through Baidu bidding ranking.

In June of this year, she searched Baidu for Chaoyang brothers move and clicked into the website of the No. 1 moving company. She did not find that this is the official website of Sifang brothers, mistaking it as brother moving.

Ms. Liu said that after the moving car arrived at the moving out address, the workers asked Ms. Lius cousin to sign a contract form on the ground of confirming the moving in address. At that time, Lius only cousin was present. When he signed, he didnt notice or be reminded that the column labor cost 300 yuan per hour per person in the contract sheet had been checked. Therefore, after moving, Ms. Liu was asked to move 4800 yuan.

Ms. Chen has been through something similar. She said she asked Sifang brothers to move in mid July, and the agreed moving fee was about 500 yuan. But after moving, the other party took out the contract with labor cost and asked it to pay more than 3000 yuan.

Beijing News reporter interviewed a number of consumers who had disputes with Sifang brothers, and found that it has become the companys charging routine to deliberately conceal labor costs before moving and to sign contracts without the consumers attention or knowledge.

Home page of Sifang brothers official website. Webpage Screenshot

On August 8, the reporter called the official website of Sifang brothers and asked about the moving expenses. The other side said that the fee includes start-up fee, disassembly fee, and taxi fee beyond the starting range. In addition, there are no other expenses. After questioning, the other side said that there were still 300 yuan per hour of labor cost per person.

Zhao Zhenqiang told the Beijing news that it started with other companies.

Zhao Pengjun told the Beijing news that this is a common practice for small and medium-sized moving companies. Because these companies invest a lot in the competitive ranking, in order to survive, we must raise the moving expenses to make profits.

Ms. Chen said that after refusing to pay, the workers lay down at the entrance of the van and refused to let her take anything from the van. Ms. Wang, mentioned at the beginning of the article, said that after refusing to pay, the workers said this is our hard-earned money while making a gesture to beat Ms. Wangs male friend.

In this case, consumers will call Sifang brothers, such as Ms. Liu. In July 25th, the Beijing News reporter inquired the telephone number of the four party brothers on Lius call record. Alipays real name authentication showed that the number was owned by Zhao Zhenqiang.

I said on the phone that your contract is too fake and didnt tell us about the labor cost when signing it. The other side said that its no use saying anything more, and you can come as you like in the contract. Ms. Liu said.

In view of the above problems, Shanghai lawyer Gao Yonghong believes that the contract sheet signed by Sifang brothers and consumers belongs to standard contract. According to the contract law, if there is a dispute over the understanding of the standard terms, it shall be interpreted according to the usual understanding; if there are more than two interpretations, the interpretation shall be unfavorable to the party providing the standard terms. In addition, if the contract is obviously unfair or there is a significant misunderstanding, it can be revoked.

But judging from the experience of many consumers, few people solve the problem through judicial channels. Even if they didnt pay their skyrocketing bills in full, their actual expenses were much higher than what they had negotiated in advance. For example, Ms. Wang actually paid 2000 yuan, Ms. Liu paid 2400 yuan, and Wu Hongfei, who was asked for 18000 yuan, paid 4000 yuan.

Wang Feng remembers that Zhao Zhenqiang once revealed to him that four brothers sometimes earn more than 10000 yuan a single. Occasionally, there will be two or three thousand yuan for a single order, and if it is not enough, you can earn more than 1000 yuan. But this is very rare. Wang Feng said.

Consumers are lack of evidence consciousness and difficult to protect their rights

After the cost dispute with Sifang brothers, many consumers chose to call the police, such as Ms. Chen.

Ms. Chen said that the police of the nearby police station arrived at the scene soon after receiving the police, and began to mediate after understanding the matter. The police asked Ms. Chen how much moving fee she was willing to pay, and Ms. Chen said 1000 yuan. Finally, she paid four brothers 1100 yuan.

Generally speaking, public security organs are mainly responsible for public security cases and criminal cases, but problems like Sifang brothers belong to civil disputes, so the police do not care. But for the sake of social stability, they will also organize mediation to resolve conflicts. Gao Yonghong said.

Another moving company in nianzhuang village. Take a picture

In fact, this is not the first time that regulatory authorities have found Sifang brothers operating in different places. Tianyancha shows that in 2018 and 2019, the company was listed in the abnormal business list by Chaoyang Branch of the former Beijing Administration for Industry and commerce, for the reason that the registered residence or business site cannot be contacted.

On July 25, the Beijing News reporter visited the headquarters address on the official website of Sifang brothers and the registered address on tianyancha, but failed to find the company.

In this regard, a staff member of Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau said that for the market supervision department, remote operation is one of the supervision difficulties for many small and medium-sized moving companies including Sifang brothers. These moving companies are widely distributed, many of the registered address is wrong, it is difficult to find the actual business site.

At the same time, the lack of evidence awareness of consumers is also one of the reasons why it is difficult to protect their rights.

The staff member of the comprehensive law enforcement team also said, in fact, the most important thing is to see the contract. Chatting (recording), recording and video recording can only be used as reference. Because the two sides have different opinions, it is very difficult for us to judge if there is no contract.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }In view of the problems such as high fees and difficult rights protection of Sifang brothers, Gao Yonghong suggested that consumers should know more about the market situation when choosing a moving company and try to choose a regular moving company. In the negotiation before moving and payment after moving, the recording, chatting record, contract sheet and other evidences should be kept to the greatest extent to prevent disputes after the event. A person close to the market supervision bureau of Chaoyang District disclosed that at present, the regulatory authorities have contacted Zhao Zhenqiang, Wu Hongfei and others to obtain evidence and understand the situation, and have inspected the actual business premises of Sifang brothers. On August 4, Beijing News reporter called Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau to inquire about the progress. A staff member said that the case is still under investigation and it is temporarily inconvenient to be interviewed. (Feng you, Zhao Pengjun and Wang Feng are pseudonyms in the article) Gao Xinran, an intern from Haiyang, Beijing News, edited by Wang Wei, proofread by Hua Xuan_ NN4892

In view of the problems of Sifang brothers high fees and difficult rights protection, Gao Yonghong suggested that consumers should know more about the market situation when choosing moving companies, and try to choose regular moving companies. In the negotiation before moving and payment after moving, the recording, chatting record, contract sheet and other evidences should be kept to the greatest extent to prevent disputes after the event.

(Feng you, Zhao Pengjun and Wang Feng are pseudonyms)

Beijing News reporter Haiyang intern Gao Xinran and Wang Wei

Editor Hua Xuan proofread Liu Jun