29 years old brand domestic products come out of the market

 29 years old brand domestic products come out of the market

Whether its product packaging, tweet posters, or store design, its a professional level.

The first Holland lab opened in Shanghai, at first glance, you cant tell that its actually a cake shop. It is more like a laboratory factory with a strong sense of science and technology.

The space design of the whole shop is like a systematic production workshop, and the displayed products are like exquisite industrial products.

Designers use foam aluminum, stainless steel and other gray adjustment materials, under the uniform illumination of the luminous film, showing a high quality texture.

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If the previous store is cold enough, this one is warm enough! The pink feeling full of creativity is enough to stir up the hearts of boys and girls.

Hollys store is divided into 4 areas: cake opening area, French dessert area, ice cream area and bread area.

About Haolilai, we have to mention one person, that is CEO Luo Hong.

In December 2009, he founded Black Swan cake and created the top cake in China, which can be called Hermes of cake industry.

This hundred geese Chaofeng is a legendary treasure worth 2 million. Two million! The feeling of tens of thousands of yuan in one mouthful is sour!

Do you think Luo Hong is going on the cake business in peace of mind? For Luo Hong, the management of this large company with more than 7000 people is just his sideline business. His hundreds of millions worth of money is only for his photography.

It is said that photography is poor for three generations, and SLR destroys ones life.. As a rich man, Luo Hong has spent a lot of money for photography.

When Haolilai is on the rise, Luo Hong gives Haolilai to the team and realizes her dream in Africa! In the past ten years, he has visited Africa 38 times, Arctic Circle 4 times and Antarctica twice. He has collected almost all the beautiful scenery of the world in his camera.

Covering an area of 5500 square meters, the gallery displays 150 photographic works selected from hundreds of thousands of photos taken by Luo Hong. It took two years to select photos alone!

However, the opening of the art museum did not bring about any profit. Even, the museum lost tens of millions of dollars every year, so it is necessary to fill this gap with profits from good profits. Even so, the exhibition still carries Luo Hongs good hope. He hopes to provide a place for children to receive art education and environmental education, so the exhibition hall will be open to young people under the age of 15 for free.

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