Let Lexus LM shut up and add MPV

 Let Lexus LM shut up and add MPV

Lexus LM

Since the new Lexus LM was launched in Shanghai auto show in April 2019, the 7-seat version of 1.166 million and the 4-seat version of 1.466 million have completely surpassed the former king of price increase ELFA to become a new upstart in the MPV market, and news of a price increase of 800000 has been heard in a period of time.

Looking back on this Tianyue MPV, you will find that although it maintains the front face design of Tianyue, its overall body structure and design focus have changed forward. The short hood, high ground clearance and forward moving A-pillar, combined with Bentleys iconic front face, all make it look like a very expensive MPV, but this is not the style of Lexus LM.

Tianyue SUV interior

Although it may not fit Tianyues 4.0tv 8 or 6.0tw12 engine depending on its size, it also has many excellent engines available from Volkswagen Group, which is different from the weak chicken Lexus LM. Even if the adjustment is more conservative, the engine power of this Bentley MPV has to go up by 400 horsepower.


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