The newly married couple are both officials. The second generation of wife accidentally found her husbands secret and killed her

 The newly married couple are both officials. The second generation of wife accidentally found her husbands secret and killed her

Zhu Jiang, a 29 year old from Suzhou, graduated from the Universitys finance department and worked in a financial institution. His father was the deputy director of a unit in Suzhou, and his uncle was the person in charge of a large enterprise in Suzhou. At the same time, as the second generation of officials and the second generation of wealth, Zhu Jiang was not arrogant and extravagant. On the contrary, he was easy-going and listened to his parents.

When she was a sophomore, Zhu Jiang fell in love with her school girl, Cheng Nini. Cheng Nini and Zhu Jiang are two years old. They are fellow villagers. After their parents divorced, she and her mother were dependent on each other. Maybe its from a single parent family. Chennie always likes to be alone. It is that arrogant temperament that attracts Zhu Jiang deeply.

That day, Zhu Jiang went to the canteen to eat. He saw a girl in a white flower skirt reading under a loquat tree from a distance. The girl was wearing headphones. She seemed to be listening to the happy song, with a smile on her mouth and long hair dancing with the wind. The scene is like a painting. If you look closer, its chennini. Zhu Jiang summoned up his courage and stepped forward and sat down beside her.

Because of the relationship between the villagers, they soon became good friends, and soon Cheng Nini became Zhu Jiangs first girlfriend.

At that time, Zhu Jiang and Cheng Nini would go to the playground for a walk every night, and they agreed to spend their lives together. But Zhu Jiang did not expect that this pure and beautiful feeling would be strongly opposed by his family.

After graduating from University, they both found jobs in Suzhou. However, when Zhu Jiang took his girlfriend home, the Zhu family was very indifferent to Cheng Nini, who was from an ordinary family and came from a single parent family. The parents quietly pulled their son aside: you two have different living environment, almost one in the sky, the other on the ground, when you fall in love, everything is good, but once you get married, you cant find a common language, how can you live? Zhu Jiang choked his neck and said, Nini and I really love each other. But the family just didnt agree with chennini, the future daughter-in-law.

Zhu Jiang felt that his heart had been torn in two because of his beloved first girlfriend and his parents. Watching her boyfriend lose weight day by day, chennini is also distressed. One day, she finally broke up and returned all the gifts Zhu Jiang gave her. Looking at every love letter and every token, Zhu Jiang burst into tears.

Li Yuanyuan is also a second generation official. Her father is a national cadre in Suzhou. After graduating from University, she worked in an institution. Due to strict family education and high requirements, Li Yuanyuan has never been in love.

The first time we met, Zhu Jiangs handsome let her heart. Zhu Jiang was absent-minded. But in order to reassure his parents, he showed a love for Li Yuanyuan. But in the dead of night, he sometimes couldnt help missing, so he wrote down chennini on the paper, and then he was in a daze.

Zhu Jiangs heart could not be concealed from his parents eyes, so his family decided to get married as soon as possible. In May 2010, Zhu Jiang married Li Yuanyuan.

The war between two women is silent

After discovering her husbands secret, Li Yuanyuan has been holding back and saying nothing. She thinks that as long as she manages the family well, her husbands heart will come back. Zhu Jiang was grateful and guilty for his wifes tolerance. In Zhu Jiangs extremely contradictory time, Cheng Nini appeared in his life again.

One day, Zhu Jiang went out to do business, and suddenly found Cheng Nini walking into a coffee shop alone. He quickly stopped to catch up.

Zhu Jiangs sudden appearance made Cheng Nini a little unprepared. She stood up in a panic. The two have not seen each other for more than a year. Chennie is much thinner than before. In order to get out of Zhu Jiangs life completely, she stopped her previous mobile phone number and quit her job. Now she works in a community. How are you? asked Zhu Jiang. After a long time, chennini nodded: a person is very good. Although chennini had a smile on her face, it seemed far fetched. This meeting, like a knife, opened the two peoples past. Zhu Jiang found that he still had the position of Cheng Nini in his heart. Since then, they have resumed contact.

At breakfast the next day, Zhu Jiang said a meeting would be held in the afternoon. Her husbands lies made Li Yuanyuan very sad. Seeing his wifes disappointed expression, afraid of her suspicion, he made a phone call on purpose, and then told his wife that the afternoon meeting was postponed, and he could accompany her. Li Yuanyuans tears were rolling in her eyes. She was glad that her husband still had her in her heart.

Receiving Zhu Jiangs message that she cant keep the appointment, chennini is in a low mood and wanders aimlessly in the street alone. She felt more sad for her love. It was she who met Zhu Jiang first. Could she not deserve love without a prominent family background? Why cant two people who really love each other be together? Since heaven let them meet again, she wont let go of her hand to hold on to love.

One side is his first love girlfriend, the other is a virtuous wife, wandering between the two women, Zhu Jiang is very painful. He had thought about divorcing his wife and marrying his first girlfriend, but how could his parents get along with it. Besides, Li Yuanyuan is a good woman, and he cant bear to hurt her. But let him leave chennie, he can not make up his mind. Zhu Jiangs swing left and right, so that the two women opened their own love defense war.

One day later, Zhu Jiang went back to his alma mater to attend a class meeting. Chennini went with her. Walking in the familiar campus, the past scenes are more clear. After returning to Suzhou, chennini eagerly hopes that Zhu Jiang can give her an account. Although she feels guilty about Li Yuanyuan, she is relieved that no one is selfish in the face of love.

A month later, Zhu Jiang and his wife went back to his father-in-laws house for dinner. Seeing that her daughter was haggard, Zhaos mother couldnt help blaming Zhu Jiang: did you not take good care of Yuanyuan? listening to her mothers words, Li Yuanyuan was busy saying good things for her husband. Zhaos mother nodded: Xiao Tao, my father and I are Yuanyuans daughter. We are old and cant take care of her. We will depend on you in the future. If she is wronged, we can ask you. Although what his mother-in-law said was a joke, every sentence sounded like a warning to Zhu Jiang. He believed that when the incident between himself and his first girlfriend came to light, not only Zhaos family, but even his own parents would not let him go. The idea of divorce was abruptly cut off.

One day in October, Chen Nini made an appointment with Zhu Jiang. Touching her stomach, she did not speak, tears came down: after a period of time, I cant hide this stomach. Today, you give me a happy word. If you dont have me in your heart, Ill knock out the child and walk out of your life completely. If you have me in your heart, you must give an account to me and the child. Zhu Jiang once again indicated that he would give the other party a satisfactory reply.

But as time went by, Zhu Jiang did not think of any good way. Once, because of a small matter, he and his wife quarreled. Li Yuanyuans accumulated grievances for many days broke out at that moment. She cried and said, I know you annoy me, and I also annoy myself. Why do you keep this marriage? Its really no good. Lets get divorced. His wifes words let Zhu Jiang quickly put away his temper and repeatedly apologized to his wife.

A family disturbance finally subsided, but in the face of repeated phone calls from Chen Nini, Zhu Jiang felt that he was going to be driven crazy. He weighed it in his heart. His ex girlfriend and wife have weight in his heart, but with the children, Cheng Ninis weight is naturally heavier. But divorce is not only the parents of both sides do not agree, and it will certainly discredit the families of both sides. This road will certainly not work. For a moment, he couldnt think of a better way.

One day in late October, Chen Nini and Zhu Jiang argued about whether they could get divorced again. Chennini said sadly, we can be together until she is gone. The words of his first love to his girlfriend made Zhu Jiang suddenly realize something. At first, he just thought about it, but he thought about it. The idea of getting rid of his wife was forming in his mind.

It is said that the first love is the purest one in ones life. Zhu Jiang is reluctant to give up. In front of him, there is only one way: let his wife disappear from the world. He told chennie what he thought. Just know, chennini is very afraid, but on second thought, in this life except Zhu Jiang, she will never fall in love with a second man, in the face of this life only once true love, she finally compromise. They discussed many ways, but none of them was feasible. Zhu Jiang thinks that his wife does not have enough alcohol and likes to take a walk. If she is drunk and pushed into the lake, causing her to drown and die, his secret will not be discovered, and all problems will be solved easily. In order to be sure of the plan, Zhu Jiang and Cheng Nini also stepped on the spot in advance. They decided to take Xiaoshi Lake in Suzhou as the drowning place.

On November 6, Li Yuanyuan received a phone call from her husband saying that she would go out to dinner together in the evening to celebrate the coming 200 day anniversary of her marriage. 200 days to commemorate? Others know not to laugh at death. Zhu Jiang tried his best to persuade his wife: we can talk about our affairs as others like. Thinking of some unhappiness between her husband and her during this period, Li Yuanyuan agreed.

After the beer came up, Zhu Jiang poured a glass for his wife, then held the glass and repeatedly reviewed to his wife: during this period of time, because of my busy work, I have neglected you. If you dont blame me, you can drink this glass of wine. Li Yuanyuan looked up and drank the wine. In Zhu Jiangs persuasion, she unconsciously drank several bottles of beer, dizzy. I cant drink any more, lets go home! seeing his wife just got drunk, Zhu Jiang was worried and ordered two bottles of beer. After investigation, Zhu Jiang and Li Yuanyuan drank 14 bottles of beer during the meal. After 14 bottles of beer, Zhu Jiang was still sober, but Li Yuanyuan was so drunk that she couldnt even stand still. It was ten oclock in the evening. Zhu Jiang helped Li Yuanyuan to the car.

When the car reached the park, Zhu Jiang took Li Yuanyuan out of the car. Already dazed, Li Yuanyuan could only follow her husbands footsteps. Zhu Jiang supported his wife and said to her: you are drunk. You can wake up by walking. At that time, Li Yuanyuan did not know whether she was conscious or not. She neither nodded nor shook her head. Cheng Nis wife is not afraid to take him to a place by the lake. She went forward to hold liyuanyuan on the other side, and liyuanyuan didnt seem to feel it. Zhu Jiang and Cheng Nini, you look at me, I look at you, standing on the shore, no one has taken that step first. Having arrived at this place, it is difficult to turn back. Zhu Jiang is cruel and pushes his wife into the lake. Innocent Li Yuanyuan even had no time to call for help, she sank into the cold lake, how could she have imagined that her beloved husband would use her life to open up a blood path for his first love.

After pushing his wife into the lake, Zhu Jiang told Cheng Nini to leave quickly, while he ran into a roadside coffee shop to go to the toilet. He knew that such leisure places must be equipped with cameras, and then he would have evidence of his alibi.

At 11:00 p.m., Uncle Li Yuanyuan suddenly received a phone call from Zhu Jiang: Yuanyuan went out with me for dinner and had a drink. After dinner, she called for a walk to Xiaoshi lake, but when I got out of the cafe next to me, she would be gone. Hearing this news, Zhaos family is in a mess, relatives and friends are out to help find. Zhu Jiang deliberately pretended to be very anxious and called his wifes name again and again near the small stone lake. Thinking that for such a long time, his wife must have passed away. Zhu Jiang deliberately took Li Yuanyuans cousin to the place where his wife was drowning. He pointed to a group of shadows floating on the lake and said, whats that? the cousin took a flashlight and looked like a person. He quickly called everyone.

When the police arrived, the black shadow was salvaged. The Zhao family saw clearly that the shadow was Li Yuanyuan. Seeing that his wife had lost his breath, Zhu Jiang held his wife tightly in his arms with a look of grief.

After Li Yuanyuans death, her parents were deeply grieved. They couldnt understand why the drunken daughter didnt go home directly, but went for a walk by the lake. How could her son-in-law leave her alone. After careful consideration, they called the police to Wuzhong District Public Security Bureau.

During the interview, a good friend of Li Yuanyuan said: Yuanyuan is a simple and kind girl. She once told me that Zhu Jiang just loves to play, but his heart will definitely come back. I am waiting for him here, waiting for him to see me... However, Li Yuanyuan did not know that Zhu Jiang had deviated too far and far on this way home.

At present, the case is under further trial.

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