Let go of movies and TV dramas about resisting US aggression and aiding Korea! Will it become anti American drama in the future?

 Let go of movies and TV dramas about resisting US aggression and aiding Korea! Will it become anti American drama in the future?

Heroes and daughters, no matter how much you shoot.

First, the commemorative medal of the 70th anniversary of the Chinese peoples Volunteer Army going abroad to fight against US aggression and aid Korea was presented to the veteran soldiers and logistics personnel who had participated in the anti US war and aid Korea.

On July 17, SARFT also held a teleconference of the National Radio and television system to deploy and broadcast the Anti Japanese War theme, anti US aid Korea theme, anti epidemic theme TV series, and called for carrying forward the spirit of Anti Japanese War and anti us and aid Korea spirit.

When I first saw the news, my first feeling was excitement. As a fan of war movies, I thought, does this mean that with the guidance of the policy, a large number of films and TV plays about the war of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea will emerge in the future?

If this is the case, the army fans eagerness for excellent domestic war movies will also be greatly satisfied. After all, for many years, there are too few excellent films and TV works based on the theme of real war in China, and those that can get on the stage have been seen for many times.

The quality of Anti Japanese drama is obvious to all

There are many themes of Anti Japanese War, but the quality is obvious to all. A large number of Anti Japanese dramas are mixed with mud and sand, which makes the audience unbearable.

Therefore, this also makes me a little worried: will directors and writers rush in and finally shoot a lot of hot eyed anti American drama?

There will be a big film, but it will not blow out

Before this, although there were many classic works such as Shangganling and heroes and daughters, they were all before the reform and opening up. Later, based on the consideration of international politics, the film and television works with the theme of anti US aggression and aid Korea were not released. After all, a war involved more than a dozen countries.

Heros children: shoot at me for victory

The opening up of films and TV plays on the theme of anti US aggression and aid Korea is probably related to the current situation.

In 2000, CCTV led the shooting of a 30 episode TV series resisting US aggression and aiding Korea. It is said that more than 100000 actors and troops from 17 countries such as the United States and Russia were used. The original plan was to broadcast in 2001, but it was called off by the relevant departments before the broadcast because it was not conducive to Sino US diplomatic relations.

Calling for a halt to Resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea has also become a landmark event with the theme of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea. Since then, the theme of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea became untouchable.

Online comments.

Nowadays, as the focus of the US competition on China has shifted from trade war to public opinion war, and the spirit of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea has always been the spirit of Chinese peoples protecting the country. Opening up the theme of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea is also a positive response to the spirit of relevant departments echoing the current era with literary works.

Some people in the industry (I will not tell you that I consulted two film and television industry tycoons) think that films and TV works with the theme of anti US aggression and aid Korea are generally concentrated in two categories.

One is the major historical theme works shot for official propaganda, similar to the type films of the great cause of the founding of the peoples Republic of China and the great cause of the party building, which is characterized by grand narration, but no outstanding leading role, and focuses on the depiction of group images. For example, it reproduces how leaders such as Chairman Mao made decisions in a short time before they sent troops, or remake the battle of Shangganling.

A strong cast.

This kind of large-scale production of film and television works is generally made by the national team such as China Film Co., Ltd., which should not be let down.

The other is seeing the world with a drop of water, which expresses the theme through a historical detail or a small figure, or reflects on war, or analyzes human nature, so as to see the big from the small.

This kind of works are mainly made by the folk. For example, the better quality assembly and Fanghua in recent years belong to this type. They are grounded, easy to commercialize and relatively easy to shoot. Adding personal emotional factors such as love and comrades in arms can also move peoples hearts, and the box office will not be too bad.

The wonderful fighting scenes in Fanghua

However, no matter what kind of film and television works with the theme of anti US aggression and aid Korea will not appear.

It takes at least two years for the official shooting of grand narrative works, from script writing to the selection of special actors, and then to shooting and production. It is a meticulous work.

Another important reason is that some people in the industry are worried about what to do if the relationship between China and the U.S. will ease up again? Do you want it to be broadcast? If you dont let it broadcast, the money you spend will be wasted? To be sure, many film and television companies will take a wait-and-see attitude.

However, we should not be too pessimistic.

The 38th line broadcast in 2016 has been well received

On the TV drama 38th line broadcast in 2016, peoples daily gave a positive evaluation: it has a clear historical view and a firm stand on war evaluation, that is, the entry of the Chinese peoples Volunteer Army into North Korea is a just action to protect the country and a feat for the Korean people to fight for freedom and independence. Countries participating in the war have expressed their war positions through art forms for decades. Chinas position has become more important and profound in terms of consistency and firmness. This involves the evaluation of historical events and important decisions, as well as the historical evaluation of the volunteers who participated in the war and died.

Will anti American drama appear?

This worry is not groundless.

In 2016, a film named my war was released, which attracted both box office and word-of-mouth. There are many stars in the film, such as Liu Ye and Wang Luodan, as well as Huang Zhizhong, an old actor. However, the quality of the film can not be flattered.

In my war, the volunteers charged in great numbers

Its not true history

However, the probability of anti American drama is not very high.

The large number of Anti Japanese dramas has something to do with its audience. Many viewers still like to watch this kind of low-quality TV series, so local TV stations shoot more. Because there is a market, it is easy to make money.

In a nutshell, someone will watch the killing of devils

However, this phenomenon has changed in recent years. With more and more attacks on Anti Japanese dramas in the society, people are tired of such dramas. Another important reason is that the states censorship of such films and TV plays has become more and more strict.

This command is not a great pleasure, but at least it is also the respect of the heroes in the war.

Therefore, it can be seen that the state will pay more and more attention to the audit of war movies to prevent such serious themes from being too entertaining. Especially the important historical theme of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea.

Some people will ask, the relatively flexible network drama will follow the hot spot? Indeed, in recent years, the rapid development of online drama, such as twelve hours of Changan and hidden corner of high-quality online drama, but the network university is almost meaning.

Moreover, this form also attracts the attention of young people. With the continuous improvement of young peoples aesthetic taste, good film and television works do not worry about the degree of communication. If the word of mouth is good, the commercial value will naturally be large.

But as mentioned above, the quality must be excellent.

Good work coming?

Zhang Li, the producer of historical dramas such as Ming Dynasty 1566, going to the Republic and the right way in the world is vicissitudes and other historical dramas, is expected in any case.

Recommend Zhang Lis sacrifice of the forty ninth day

The play version of the thirteen hairpins in Jinling is very classic.

In the early morning of July 26, screenwriter Yu Fei (in the name of the people) revealed on his micro blog that his TV series crossing the Yalu River reflecting the war of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea will be launched in August.

As early as the end of last year, the film ice and snow Changjin Lake produced by Bona pictures had been set up and started shooting. The director is Liu Weiqiang who has made Infernal Affairs, and Zhang Hanyu is the leading actor. This kind of configuration can also be expected.

Prior to this, Mr. Yu Dong of Bona also disclosed that all the people and horses had been put in place. When the epidemic broke out, 1800 people were detained in Dandong and 200 people were stranded in the desert, resulting in a direct loss of more than 150 million yuan. Because the film needs a lot of snow, it can only be postponed to November this year.

Directed by Guan Hu (me and my motherland), Guo fan (wandering earth) and Lu Yang (embroidered spring knife), and starring Zhang Yi and Wu Jing, diamond river was successfully launched in March this year. As for when to start shooting and release, there are few public information.

According to the project approved by the national film administration, the film will tell a story from three perspectives: the engineering bridge was repaired and bombed, and then repaired again Its a miracle of war that cant stand and make the enemy understand.

I dont know who will be played by Wu Jing and Zhang Yi in the movie vajrakawa.

However, this super luxury director and cast lineup has already made me fascinated. When it will be released, I will definitely go to see it for the first time.

We all hope that at this time point, we can produce more good works of our own, instead of having to see Hollywood blockbusters.

As a major type of Hollywood, war films have developed from the longest day and tiger, tiger and tiger in the 1960s and 1970s to Pearl Harbor, Saving Private Ryan, blood and chainsaw ridge in the new century, including the Grey Hound, which was just released recently. It can be seen that they are also constantly transforming from grand narrative to the joys and sorrows of small people under the background of big times Clutch, flesh and blood, and export American style universal values to the world.

I dont know if there will be a day when people unconsciously think that the United States saved the world in World War II.

In the magnificent history of the war of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea, there are so many people and things that we can sing. As long as we take pictures carefully, we can certainly make classic works that are popular in the world, so that our future generations will remember and reflect on this history.

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