Sobei Lingyun online media cloud service platform launched

 Sobei Lingyun online media cloud service platform launched

Under the background of the rapid development of digital economy, cloud has become the general trend, and media is no exception. SaaS cloud service has the advantages of zero deployment, zero maintenance, low cost, automatic upgrade, seamless integration, stability and efficiency, security and better user experience, which also plays an important role in the field of professional media.

On the other hand, the general trend of media convergence is rapidly changing the operation mode of many businesses. With the increasing use of media cloud services, various cloud business forms, such as live interaction, intelligent content, Cloud Collection and cloud data, have emerged. The cloud mode has become the best choice to meet the needs of emerging media business, The emergence of cloud variety show, cloud live, cloud connection and other modes make this trend more obvious.

In the new era, the ability of media to collect, store and distribute information on the cloud has become a must in the new era. However, professional media often encounter some problems when using cloud services. One is whether cloud services can give full play to the unique advantages of cloud services and how to reduce the cost of function realization, To solve the various difficulties encountered in the construction of basic functions? Second, are there any cloud service products that are different from the basic cloud services and are specifically aimed at the media field? In a word, we cant go to the cloud for the sake of going to the cloud. What kind of cloud services do professional media need.

SaaS as the core of sobei Lingyun

In order to meet the needs of media cloud services from all walks of life, sobei adheres to the dual wheel drive of business and technology. According to the video cloud strategy and the valuable experience accumulated in media cloud services, it deepens the professional media cloud service capability, penetrates the cloud service concept into every corner of media products, and creates the best media cloud solution - sobei Lingyun mall is officially launched.

With SaaS service as the core, sobei Lingyun is committed to the cloud service of professional video field, providing customers with out of the box video cloud services; according to the characteristics of video media cloud business, it provides rich video cloud services and enterprise applications; it focuses on serving new media industries such as network media radio, TV station, we media, etc; It is a one-stop video cloud service integrating video collection, production, publishing and interaction.

For the first time, sobei Lingyun released online cloud services, including interactive connection, cloud editing, live video striping, intelligent services, ficuspi big data processing, and live broadcast services. More cloud services will be launched online.

Interactive connection

It provides a one-stop solution with low delay, high concurrency, cross platform and automatic recording, and supports a variety of business scenarios, such as one-to-one, multi person video connection, bypass streaming, multi terminal output, etc

Tally: synchronize tally signal during live broadcast, and access terminal displays PGM and PVW status.

High fluency: live access terminal dual stream mode, to ensure multi-user connection picture fluency and high fidelity audio, reduce network pressure.

Multi terminal access: support mobile terminal, Web terminal and PC client to access the live broadcasting room at the same time.

Low delay: the connection delay of multi person video live broadcast is 200-600ms, ensuring the fluency of real-time full screen interaction.

Multi channel rendering: support 16 channel signal real-time custom splicing, special effects, subtitles, packaging rendering; support multi-channel multi-channel output.

Multi rate recording: automatic recording service on cloud, automatic storage, supporting 360 ~ 1080p multiple code rate collection.

Live broadcast service

For government enterprises, educational institutions, e-commerce media and other customers to provide live with goods, party live broadcast, education live broadcast, media broadcast and other solutions. It includes the core functions of live management, live tools, live broadcast, interactive activities, media processing, AI analysis, instant messaging and other core functions.

Convenient: it can be used as soon as it is opened, and the live broadcast can be launched anytime and anywhere.

Rich: TV, radio live, live activities, anchor show, education annual meeting, etc.

Stability: cloud deployment, dynamic load distributed architecture, ultra-low latency, ultra-high quality, elastic and scalable.

Fast alignment of real-time live broadcast signal (IP / SDI / RTMP) and time shift signal for browsing, dotting and other stripping and editing work, effectively assisting the extraction of classic fragments and one-stop publishing

Easy to use: the interface is simple and easy to understand, the operation process is simple and easy to use.

Frame precision: from tangent point to frame, high precision film.

High efficiency and low delay: recording while splitting, to achieve live broadcast at the same time to complete the stripping work, minute level presentation.

High decoupling design: provide relatively independent acquisition ability module, strip removal tool module, transcoding release module, intelligent processing module.

Video Compendium: support video editing, adding subtitles, titles, endings, removing logo, efficient one-stop release.

As a B / S-based video quick editing tool, Jove cloud fast editing inherits professional video editing ability, supports frame accurate editing, and supports proxy code rate editing of 4K Ultra HD professional materials. The cloud can also carry out high-quality material editing.

Cloud quick editing: editing based on B / s, without downloading, the browser can quickly start video production.

Professional production: accurate frame editing, at the same time support agent code rate editing 4K format, convenient and professional.

Rich functions: support to add special effects, add subtitles, add filters and other practical functions to make your video more exciting.

Ficuspi big data processing

Global data aggregation: support multi-source heterogeneous data acquisition and synchronization, convenient and efficient data aggregation.

Efficient data development: batch processing, stream processing multi engine task scheduling, building a complete business layer data processing link.

Support asset management: unified management of data assets, with data modeling, data mapping, blood source traceability, classification, data retrieval capabilities.

Rich data applications: built in Bi tools, intelligent documents, excel import tools, data publishing.

Media data processing: built in mediamapreduce, which can support the structured processing and analysis and mining of media data.

Intelligent service

Character recognition OCR

Through the detection and recognition of the text content in the picture, it is finally transformed into the text that can be edited.

Rich recognition types: support the recognition of multiple languages in pictures and videos, such as pure English, simplified and traditional Chinese, Chinese and English mixed, etc.

High accuracy: with advanced character recognition technology, the recognition speed is fast and the accuracy is high, and the overall recognition accuracy rate is as high as 99%.

Multi scene application: it is widely used in OCR recognition of radio and television news media production, military information security, intelligent medical and other scenarios.

Stable and reliable: Based on Lingyun, it provides enterprise level stable services, flexible high concurrency bearing and high reliability guarantee.

Personalized service: it can segment and classify the characters in the target area, and return the location information of accurate character recognition.

Based on deep convolution neural network, audio data is quickly converted into text data, providing users with the best experience of voice to text service.

High recognition rate: with advanced speech recognition technology, can understand semantics, intelligent sentence segmentation, speech recognition accuracy rate industry leader.

Multi domain coverage: support voice recognition transcribing in radio and television news media production, military information security, intelligent medical and other fields.

Stable and reliable: Based on Lingyun, it provides enterprise level stable services, flexible high concurrency bearing and high reliability guarantee.

Video content comprehensive analysis VCA

Through multi-dimensional intelligent analysis and fusion reasoning of video content, the output data structured tags are recommended to users.

High recognition accuracy: massive video data training, analysis, modeling, output tag up to 10000 level, high recognition accuracy.

Multi scene application: it is widely used in VCA recognition in radio and television news media production, military information security, intelligent medical and other scenarios.

Stable and reliable: Based on Lingyun, it provides enterprise level stable services, flexible high concurrency bearing and high reliability guarantee.

Video classification: Based on the comprehensive analysis of video voice and image, the classification label is formed after understanding the video content.

Focus on professional media cloud services to empower media

On the one hand, it is the objective environment stimulation of the epidemic situation, on the other hand, the subjective policy of new infrastructure promotes the market demand of going to the cloud for a while, but it is not the outbreak that cloud manufacturers help the media to go to the cloud.

Over the past 20 years, sobei has grown into a world-class professional video technology and solution provider and Video Technology Innovation workshop. It has always adhered to independent innovation, and has made breakthroughs in AI, big data, cloud computing, blockchain and other high-tech technologies. It continues to lead the market in ultra-high definition, converged media, smart media, media cloud and other markets. It has more than 60 patents and 413 copyrights, It has successively won the first prize of national science and technology progress award, several provincial and ministerial level first prize of scientific and technological progress, and the annual grand prize of iabmeter Wayne. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a key software enterprise within the national planning layout, a key enterprise of national cultural export, a national science and technology and culture demonstration base, and a national enterprise technology center, It has become a world-class professional video technology and solution provider and Video Technology Innovation workshop. Sobei has always been a leader in the news, sports and variety show markets, providing products, solutions and services to more than 5000 + users. It has high-end professional media models at all levels, including CCTV CCTV, cctv-cgtn, China blue cloud, Qingdao radio and television station, Changxing media group, etc, In the 70th anniversary of the National Day parade, the 1993 military parade, the G20 summit, the previous Olympic Games, the previous two sessions and other major activities support outstanding performance. While the domestic market is in full bloom, sobei has surpassed the international high-end media market and won the favor of international mainstream news agencies, voice of Germany and Swiss National Television Group. Its products have been sold to nearly 200 media organizations in more than 30 countries and regions.

Sobei laid out the video cloud strategy in advance, and made great achievements during this years war epidemic. It timely launched Linglong live broadcast, interactive connection and other services based on sobei Lingyun platform, supporting professional medias first-line epidemic reporting and program production, playing the era of cloud live and cloud variety show.

In sobeis view, professional media cloud services must be driven by both business and technology, which is the advantage of sobeis cloud capabilities. In terms of business, as a world-class professional video technology and solution provider, sobei has always maintained a very close cooperative relationship with professional media institutions. Cases have covered the world, including CCTV global news cloud, China blue cloud, Reuters global cloud, etc. in the new era, soby is also the leader in the construction of media cloud. In terms of technology, soby runs through the concept of cloud services throughout the professional media services. It adopts the mainstream cloud service delivery mode to provide high availability, elastic scalability and flexible expansion system capabilities. It greatly upgrades and expands the professional media cloud service capabilities, so that users can use the real SaaS / PAAS professional media cloud services.

In the process of media convergence, SaaS cloud service is a reasonable way to reduce costs and become a trend choice of professional media organizations at all levels. The online operation platform of sobei Lingyun will become a better choice for professional media and provide all-round professional media cloud service support for media organizations at all levels. Facing the future, sobei is relying on media, based on video technology, and promoting development through data fusion. Through the brand-new video + strategy, sobei has made an all-round March to professional media, overseas, pan media, government and enterprise data, and cooperates with all parties in the video industry chain to intelligently create a new vision.