She is known as Hong Kongs second wonder and has been nurtured by a young male director

 She is known as Hong Kongs second wonder and has been nurtured by a young male director

Because she did not have the status of a permanent resident of Hong Kong, Zhang Minlian was not qualified to apply for the police academy. As she grew up, she became beautiful and graceful, but her dream was still far away. So she changed the track.

In 1986, 18-year-old Zhang Min studied in the art training class of ATV. A girl with a height of 166cm, who wanted a face with a face and a figure of stature, stepped on the stage of history charmingly.

At that time, Xiang Huaqiang and Xiang Huasheng brothers, backed by the family organization Xin Yian, were preparing to build Yongsheng film. They happened to see a beautiful woman in the Miss Asia propaganda film.

Together with the observation, and the future director Wang Jing, at that time has not yet reached the peak. Wang Jing is also accurate at seeing people. She thinks that this woman is very good. She suggests Xiang Huasheng to consider it.

Xiang Huasheng is in the middle of his heart and is ready to ask ATV. Unexpectedly, as soon as he goes out, he meets his sister-in-law Chen Lan. Chen Lan said to the thirteen younger brother, I saw a girl who was handing out leaflets in the street today

After a few words, they found that they were talking about the same person. That person is, in the peak period of beauty, Zhang min.

Xiang Huasheng made a move in person. He quickly took Zhang Min, who was 18 years old, into his pocket, making her the first artist to sign a contract with Yongsheng. This also opened the grand curtain of the big mans beauty and romantic past.

When Zhang Min signed the contract with Yongsheng, the Hong Kong film industry was in the tripartite confrontation of Shaos film, Jiahe film and Xinyi City, and its market share was basically monopolized. Even with the support of Xin Yian, Yongsheng film industry could hardly break through.

The film industry is different from other industries. Stars are often the guarantee of box office, but there are only so many stars. Who can get them depends on their own means.

For example, Jet Lis agent Cai Ziming was shot dead, Anita Mui was slapped in the face, and Carina Lau was kidnapped Liu Dehua, Liang Jiahui Many of the famous Hong Kong stars, which seem to have unlimited scenery, have been forced to film by the underworld.

A new force suddenly rises. In such a bitter struggle, he seeks to survive in his brothers cracks. Later, he successfully escorted Stephen Chow and Zhou Runfa in the official account of double Monday, and released debt of gratitude.

Slowly, in the Hong Kong film industry, the name of Yongsheng film gradually became famous, forming a pattern of four parts of the world with the other three. Zhang Min, with the rise of Yongsheng, naturally left some fragrant legends.


In 1986, under the arrangement of Xiang Huasheng, 18-year-old Zhang Min made her first film, playing female No.1 in magic jade. What does that mean?

Lets say, at that time, 25-year-old Andy Lau had not yet become the king of heaven. He and Zhang Min acted in the film as the No. 1 man, and they had to rely on the help of another woman to get the role.

So many famous actors are still playing strange and upgrading for their future success. Zhang Min, a little-known wench, can play the leading role as soon as Mao comes out?

This, of course, attracts the envy of countless people. Her relationship with Xiang Huasheng has become a source of speculation after dinner. However, no matter what others said, Zhang Mins career was not affected, and he made great progress all the way.

In 1988, Yongsheng film produced another film the wind and cloud of Fire Dance. The 28 year old actress, Chung Chuhong, was already popular in Hong Kong at that time. Her acting skills and appearance were in the peak stage. She was known as Marilyn Monroe in Hong Kong.

During the shooting process, Xiang Huasheng has been asking for Zhang Mins part in the scene, which leads to Zhang Min, who was originally a supporting role, to have almost as many scenes as Honggu. This led to Honggu saying that she would never cooperate with Yongsheng film again.

But is Zhang Min really Xiang Huashengs girlfriend? At least at that time, I didnt think so.

There is a scene in the film, in order to save his family, Zhang Min devotes himself to Qin Pei in the old drama, and fights in the bathroom. This may not be a big deal for the fans who have seen too many small island movies, but it is Zhang Mins only passionate drama.

Some female artists, in order to be famous, are willing to devote themselves to art and shoot various third level films in order to get a chance to make a debut.

But it is obvious that Zhang Min, who has made a magnificent start, will not be the second. Is that the first one? If she doesnt listen, who does she listen to? After that, I didnt shoot the passion drama again because of who I heard?


In 1989, 21-year-old Zhang Min and 27-year-old Zhou Xingchi cooperated on best son-in-law for the first time on screen, and won the Golden Dragon Award for the most promising newcomer award.

At about the same time, at a party, Xiang Huasheng won the contract for a film by Chow Yun fat for only HK $800000.

This 800000 contract has brought the first spring of Yongsheng.

At that time, many Hong Kong artists liked playing cards because it was really unsafe outside.

Like Jacky Cheung and Tony Leung, they are all veteran friends. Even if Carina Lau received Eric Tsangs phone call in the morning, he would drive to the official account. The kidnapping happened.

Wang Jing, 34, had such a person in her heart for a long time. She wanted to shoot the God of gambling in her heart.

Yongsheng signed Zhou Runfa, who had already relied on heros true colors and other big fires, so Wang Jing had the best candidate. Soon she started filming God of gamblers, a grand screen banquet with the theme of gambling was opened from then on.

Zhou Runfa, 34, has made the God of gamblers an unrivalled classic image, becoming the first man who wont lose in his BGM.

The success of God of gamblers made Xiang brothers taste the taste of box office champion for the first time, and also let Zhang Min shine in it. The open-ended ending left countless opportunities for Andy Lau and Stephen Chow.

That year, in the gambler saint with Zhou Xingchis cooperation, Zhang Mins Qimeng entered the dreams of innumerable homestead men. Even the paper towels of grandma downstairs were sold more expensive than usual.

At about the same time, 15-year-old Zhang Yushan returned from the United States to visit her relatives in Hong Kong. She was accidentally discovered by star scouts and entered the entertainment industry.


In 1991, 23-year-old Zhang Min was nominated as the empress of the 11th Hong Kong Film Awards for her dance with the dragon, and her truant Weilong co starring with Stephen Chow was also very popular.

The next year, Zhang Min, 24, together with Ye Yuqing, Guan Zhilin and Lizhi, was selected as the Four Beauties by the Hong Kong entertainment media, ranking second among them.

Different from the rich love history of the other three, there is only one xianghuasheng in Zhang Mins story.

In 1993, Zhang Min, who was only seven years old, ushered in the pinnacle of her acting career. Together with Jet Li, who is 30, she starred in Wang Jings the demon cult leader in the story of killing the Dragon by relying on heaven.

Zhang Min, 25, is at the peak of her beauty. Zhao Min, as she plays, has become the only Zhao Min in many peoples hearts.

This scene was later called the four classic scenes of Hong Kong Film by netizens with Zhu Yin blinking, Shu Zhen licensing, Zuxian dressing.

But this is the last glory of Hong Kong film, and also the last glory of Zhang min.

It is said that during the shooting of the film, Wang Jing once swore at Zhang Min on the set. On his way home that day, he was severely beaten by a group of unidentified persons on the street of Tsim Sha Tsui and was sent to the hospital where he was discharged after more than ten stitches.

When Xiang Huasheng heard this, he laughed and said that he was shaving at the barbers and had no idea about it.

In 1994, Zhang Min and Xiang Huasheng, together with the couple Xiang Huaqiang, ate in a high-grade restaurant, but they were also attacked by a group of unidentified persons.

But Xiang Huaqiangs injury was just an accident. He blocked the gun for his thirteen younger brother.

There are also rumors that Xiang Huasheng gave up Zhang Min because he went to the master to calculate Zhang Mins fate, and found that Zhang Min was a loser. If she was married home, it would not only block Xiangs wealth, but also make her decline.

However, Wan Xiaodao, as a scientific and rational gourd eating writer, naturally would not believe this theory of fate. In my opinion, the disturbance between Xiang Huasheng and Zhang Min has something to do with the disparity of family background and their temperament.

Although he is a big brother, Xiang Huasheng is not the same as Liu Luan Xiong, who is a romantic and philatelic man. What Xiang Huasheng needs is a thirteen Tai who can help him manage his career, not a small vase with beautiful skin bags.

This is a song that you cant help singing when you look at the lyrics when you look at the title of the song

Zhang Yushan, who was 20 years old at that time, was very much like Zhang Min when she first entered Yongsheng. However, the complicated affairs after that did not seem to copy Zhang Mins story?


In 1995, Zhang Min, 27, formally parted ways with Xiang Huasheng and chose to leave Yongsheng film.

Perhaps in order to prove that his success has nothing to do with Yongsheng, Zhang Mins first thing after leaving Yongsheng film industry was to invest in making a film, the man in the dream of a thousand and one nights.

In this film, Zhang Min invited his friends Liang Jiahui and Wu Qianlian to help him. However, due to lack of experience, the shooting material is not enough for later editing.

Although this version looks more like Hong Kong Film and reasonable, it is not necessarily the truth.

Because there is a very important producer named Huang Yumin in the dream of one thousand and one nights. It is because of his existence that this story has a trace to follow.

Obviously, with Zhang Mins qualifications, it is very difficult to invite out such figures. Then there is only one possibility: to send a farewell to Huasheng and invite your friends to escort Zhang Mins new movie.

In this case, Xiang Huasheng certainly has no reason to coerce Liang Jiahui from shooting Zhang Mins plays.

Liang Jiahui said that there is no schedule, perhaps it is really no schedule. After all, who knows how Liang Jiahuis plays were invited at that time?

In order to make up for the loss of nearly ten million Hong Kong dollars, Zhang Min had to go out of the mountain again and make a new film to fill in the hole.

The film is called the dream of chasing a girl 95..

Obviously, this film is the original gambler series of Qimeng, and hardcover chase girl in the classic role, take out fried rice.

In the end, the film, which only took seven days, sold more than 10 million Hong Kong dollars. Zhang Min managed to get back a game without losing too much money. But after this battle, Zhang Min was tired of this circle and had the idea of quitting the entertainment circle.

The next year, after making ten brothers, Zhang Min, 28, had made nearly 60 films in just a few years. She announced that she would quit the entertainment industry and return to Shanghai to do business.

When Zhang Min chooses torrent to retreat, Zhang Yushan, who is 6 years younger than her, is desperate to enter this circle.

First, it was reported that he had been involved in the love affair between Tong Ailing and Li Runhua in July, and then had an affair with Gu Tianle during the filming period in November. Finally, Gu Zai could only respond with a thought-provoking remark

I dont want to comment on this woman.

Zhang Yushan decided to act well, but she didnt think that the new Shanghai beach, which was shot that year, was also infamous and did not stir up any ripples.

But although Zhang Yushan did not succeed in acting, she later followed Zhang Mins footsteps and broke into the window that God opened for her.

The betrayal of relatives and friends, coupled with their own poor management, Zhang Min felt that his luck was too bad. Perhaps, nine years of brilliance in the actors career have already used up Zhang Mins luck in this life?

However, in the late 1990s, Hong Kong was hit by the financial crisis, which greatly affected the economy of the whole society. The film industry has experienced a brief resplendence of double Monday success, and has never seen the glory of the past.

As a result, many Hong Kong actors have come to the mainland market to seek development opportunities, including Tang Zhenzong, the elder brother of wireless five tigers Tang Zhenye.

It is said that the master gave Zhang Yushans life style as Wang Fus life. But even so, Zhang Yushan failed to become the thirteen Tai in the end. It can be seen that Zhang Min was not defeated in his fate.

This year, 30-year-old Zhang Min took over the role of mainland director Zhang Jianweis costume drama beauty of the Warring States. Zhang Min, who wanted to rely on her beauty to play again, had an affair with director Zhang Jianwei in order to turn the red.

But for some reason, the beauty of the Warring States period was delayed until 2000, and its influence was still very small. In the face of another mockery of fate, Zhang Min, who insists on standing tall and upright, ushers in another spring.

In 1998, Wang Yu, 23, returned from studying in the United States. As a big four in the capital, Wang Yu had a strong background, rich face, and rich money. He was the dream of many girls in the dream of Prince Charming (see the official account of the 10000 knives in the past: four girls in the capital)

Zhang Min, who is frustrated and frustrated, is in her 30-year-old life. When she meets Wang Yu, who is 7-year-old, she meets her husband immediately. She is very sentimental, like a fish in water.

In the next two years, Zhang Min disappeared in front of the public. I dont know whether she was spoiled by the golden house or by the golden house.

Happy days are always very fast, twinkling of an eye to 2002, has been red Zhao Wei, and students occasionally said that he is Wang Yus girlfriend. People who eat melons know that Zhang Min, the goddess of the past, has become a lonely person again.

Later, although it was rumored that Zhang Min had called Zhao Wei to scold her after being drunk, her love had become a thing of the past.

This year, 34 year old Zhang Min reappeared again, starring in the ancient costume TV series Diao Chan, still tepid.

In 2003, Zhang Min, who may have bowed to his fate, chose to sign a contract with the mainlands Kyushu Yahua company. At that time, Liu Yonghui, vice president of Kyushu Yahua, was in charge of the brokerage contracts of some Hong Kong artists after they came to the mainland. They soon got familiar with each other.

The next year, Liu Yonghui moved to Xingmei media. At the same time, Xingmei media is about to come, and the wind is all over the building. There is only one year left before the groups cash cow heaven and earth is investigated.

Liu Yonghui changed jobs again when the situation was bad. He and his stepfather, Chen Jinfei, co founded Liu Yifeis exclusive brokerage company, hongxingwu entertainment company. Liu Yonghui served as the vice president and personally took charge of Liu Yifeis brokerage contract.

But although Liu Yonghui helped Liu Yifei through the most difficult period, he failed to make Zhang Min popular again.

Zhang Yushan, who had been dating Xiang Huasheng for seven or eight years, in 2006, like Zhang Min, quietly withdrew from the big mans life and became another beautiful but hasty passer-by in his love history.

In 2012, the media reported that Zhang Min, 44, admitted to marrying Liu Yonghui, her boyfriend of nine years, the next year.

After that, another four years later, some media revealed that Zhang Min suspected to have fostered a young male director, playing with brother-in-law love. Public opinion exploded: Zhang Min has not married Liu Yonghui? Isnt this an infidelity?

When asked about his marriage with Liu Yonghui, Zhang Min unexpectedly responded: I have never been married!

The emotions of the goddess are enigmatic. In May 2017, 49 year old Zhang Min posted a micro blog. Netizens thought that she confessed Zhou Huimin, two veteran actresses, from the space. Is this the rhythm of going together for the rest of her life?

Later, the media confirmed that the two were not lovers, and Zhang Min did not come out of the cabinet. Its just that they have to join hands to participate in a TV program were here to cooperate with the program planning.

In addition to scolding a satellite TV station for its unscrupulous propaganda, more people are filled with emotion

Time is so merciless that even Zhang Min, a goddess who once looked back on her smile, was never let go. In order to publicize, she even had to rely on such gimmicks as coming out of the cabinet to attract peoples attention.

Cold rain in the morning, wind in the evening, hate the water forever. Liuguang is easy to throw people, red cherry, green banana The ancients Huazhang brocade sentence, road to the world wind and rain, until the end of the bustle, left, a sigh.

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