Whether to start the prosecution of Zhang Yuhuan case? Deputy Secretary of the county political and Legal Committee: not in my charge

 Whether to start the prosecution of Zhang Yuhuan case? Deputy Secretary of the county political and Legal Committee: not in my charge

The surging news noted that when the retrial of the case was held on July 9, Zhang Yuhuan told the details of his confession by torture and reported the name of the police officer handling the case.

On August 10, Wang Yihua, deputy secretary of the political and Legal Committee of Jinxian county Party committee, told surging news that it was the public security departments business to restart the investigation into the second childs death case and to start the investigation on the investigators of the case, and we can only tell you if it is organized.

As for Zhang Yuhuans previous proposal that the local government would help him solve the housing problem, Wang Yihua said that according to the rural dilapidated housing transformation policy, relevant functional departments would connect with rural cadres and Zhang Yuhuan himself and declare.

Wang Yihua finally said that Zhang Yuhuans case has attracted extensive attention from all walks of life. It represents the rule of law government and social progress. If there is any mistake, it must be corrected. It has also been recognized by the general public.

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Zhang Yuhuan, who has been detained for the longest time in public reports so far, finally waited for the acquittal of Jiangxi Provincial High Court after being detained for 9778 days.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in the second half of 2012, in 2013, the central political and Legal Commission, the Supreme Peoples court, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate and other units have issued a series of documents to prevent and investigate unjust, false and wrong cases. Since then, a large number of redress of unjust, false and wrong cases have been reported and aroused widespread concern and response from the society.

Zhang Yuhuan in his dilapidated old house (photo / Qilu Evening News)

1u3001 State compensation

In addition, according to Article 7 (2) of the Supreme Courts opinion on compensation for mental damage, the compensation committee of the peoples court shall also pay attention to embody the nature of Consolation prescribed by law when determining the specific amount of solace for mental damage. In principle, it shall not exceed 3% of the total amount of compensation for personal freedom and life and health determined in accordance with articles 33 and 34 of the state compensation law 15u3001 The minimum is not less than 1000 yuan. In principle, the compensation for mental damage is within 118668253 yuan. Therefore, a total of 45772.403 million yuan of compensation appeared in the previous report of observer network.

From these compensation cases, we can clearly see that the amount of compensation for mental damage is far higher than 35% of the total amount of personal freedom compensation and life and health compensation, and even close to the same degree as the previous paragraph, which does not include the possible existence of similar subsidies for living difficulties in Zhao Zuohai case (150000 in Zhao case). Therefore, the total amount of compensation for Liu Zhonghuans detention in the period of 250000-600000 years can reach by analogy.

2u3001 Criminal prosecution

From the past investigation of unjust, false and wrong cases, we can clearly find that at the beginning of the redress of each unjust and wrong case, the media always angrily proposed to investigate and investigate the responsibility of those who handled the case, and the competent authorities also firmly expressed that they would investigate and deal with the corresponding responsible persons.