Marriage Apocalypse: love is good, but not love is wrong

 Marriage Apocalypse: love is good, but not love is wrong

Even so, we will still be angry for her. No one else, because Xu Huashan. How sweet is the front, how cruel is the back. Especially, I think of Gu Jias birthday. Wow, its a lot of love. Relatives and friends were present, and Gu Jia was surrounded by the three men in her life: his father, her husband and his son. In the night sky, there are blue fireworks set off by Xu Huashan for her. Its so dazzling and charming that theres no better winner in life. This is the result of Gu Jias efforts, and also the best birthday gift for Gu Jia from all around.


Happy families are always similar. When you see Gu Jias home, is it still home? Its a museum of art. She is the woman behind a successful man, and she can handle all the things at home and abroad very well. They have time to exercise and learn new skills. This kind of management expert is really amazing. Do you have any. Looking at Xu Huan Shans love for Gu Jia, he speaks with pity. Ordinary people, the warmth of their homes, the stability of their homes, and even love all have the taste of doting. Happiness is so near so far. Gu Jia, she is worth having.


Every unhappy family has its own misfortune. When you love, its wonderful. Anything will do. Everything is up to you. You are the best in everything. Xu Huashan must think so. However, after seeing Lin you, everything has changed a lot. It cant be said that its Lin you who is encouraging Xu Huashan to make mistakes. Xu Huashans words are nothing but this. Just through the mouth of Lin you, through the hands of Lin you, you shake your will. He does not want the stability of his home, nor the shackles of his wife around him. Lin Youyou, stay.


Perhaps Gu Jia and Xu Huashan tell you: (Wen / Piaoyu Tong) this is the truth of marriage, although you think it is cruel. But thats what happened. It doesnt matter what you love or not. You just need to put your heart and soul into love; when you dont love, dont love to fight. The other party wants you to disappear immediately, are you still in the affectionate money to retain? Are you stupid. Just like the saying in dragon searching rhyme: it doesnt really matter whether you look good or not. Only when I think you look good, you are really good-looking. Is it idealistic? Love is just your most personal feeling.


Therefore, still hope to have a lover to cherish. Thousands of good, thousands of mistakes are this person, love - determines everything!