Big things are going to happen? Xiao Yaxuan shares love video: our first love record

 Big things are going to happen? Xiao Yaxuan shares love video: our first love record



On July 21, Huang Hao got up and suddenly coughed and vomited blood. He was sent to the hospital for treatment at the first time. Xiao Yaxuan was very anxious and sobbed. What happened? The doctor gave a judgment: it may be caused by too much pressure. After recuperation, Huang Hao has gradually recovered. Xiao Yaxuan confesses that he is too demanding of Huang Hao. Send him to performance class, dance, and remind him to practice piano every day. Xiao Yaxuan cant help laughing at himself like his mother. You wholeheartedly hope that the other party can be perfect and perfect again. But maybe its beyond his ability. I cant stand it.


These are nothing, the key is Xiao Yaxuan airborne fans on July 28. Netizens sent out the chat screenshot, Xiao Yaxuan revealed: my life event is going to happen is not a good thing.. At the same time, she said she hopes to get the understanding of fans: I hope you can understand, my friends.. Last week, my little boyfriend was hospitalized for vomiting blood under pressure from Shanda. This week, Xiao Yaxuan said that something bad happened? More fans guess, did Xiao Yaxuan break up with Huang Hao? Until today, people are relieved. Because Xiao Yaxuan sprinkles dog food.

Late at night on August 8, Xiao Yaxuan made a high-profile video with her little boyfriend. And the article our first record of love, this is love.. However, sharp eyed netizens saw the problem - eh, isnt this an old video? Perhaps, Xiao Yaxuan is reviewing the beauty of that time. Anyway, shes happy. However, there are netizens in her video message: what are you doing these months, all day long crazy nonsense, what do you want to give up, quickly say clearly, want to scold. Words are very impolite, and patience seems to have reached its limit.

Later, we all know: Xiao Yaxuan wants to leave a message Im a little give up in the fan group, and he also posts an article on his micro blog: ourrepution!!!! Donu2018tdaremeu3002u3002u3002 (our credibility! Dont make me...) These ambiguous voices are still there, and there are videos showing love. Xiao Yaxuans language is not clear, no wonder let netizens worry. For that netizens extreme speech, Xiao Yaxuan personally responded: bepolite and bekind. (be polite and polite) well, the beloved woman is always a little presumptuous. Understand, accept.

But, this video also very good explanation: Xiao Yaxuan and Huang Hao did not break up. Well, once more dog food