The protection of right of chastity after falling into the trap of cheating marriage

 The protection of right of chastity after falling into the trap of cheating marriage

Li Weijun violated Ding Yuyings sexual rights in her personality right and compensated her with 150000 yuan of spiritual consolation money... On the morning of January 21, Beijing Chaoyang District Court, after reading the judgment, the trial judge knocked down the hammer.

In the face of the verdict, Ding Yuyings hanging heart finally let go.

Adventures of online marriage seeking

Born in a military family, Ding Yuying graduated from the Academy of Arts of the Chinese peoples Liberation Army and the Communication University of China. She was an actor of the military literary and engineering troupe, and served as an actor, director and journalist in many military plays, TV dramas and literary performances.

A few years ago, Ding Yuying, born as a literary and art soldier, has always been the object of many mens pursuit, but she did not seize the opportunity. Although she also had a few vigorous love, but all ended in failure.

In recent years, the network has become more and more important communication tool, many people find their partner through the network. So, like many older women, Ding Yuying pinned her marriage on the Internet. She thinks, oneself also can go to the net to take a chance, perhaps still can have accident harvest?

Ding Yuying, 32, posted a message on the dating website. But for a long time, no one looked for him.

One day in December, Ding Yuying received an invitation for a marriage. Li Xiangjun, chairman and general manager of an export trade company in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, is sending out the message. On the Internet, he claimed to have divorced in his early years, and his children were independent and had certain economic strength. He hoped to associate with her.

Ding Yuying declined his invitation. Because Lis registration age is 58, Ding Yuying feels that the age gap between them is too big.

But Li did not give up her pursuit of Ding Yuying, and still frequently invited her, saying that age was not a problem. In the online conversation, Lis words are sincere and humorous. He not only mocks himself as an old bachelor, but also sends a Bachelors card made in electronic form to Ding Yuying Ding Yuying found that Li Xiangjuns psychological age was much younger than her actual age, and there was no generation gap between them, which gradually made her feel good for Li Xiangjun.

On October 17, they met in a cafe in Beijing. Ding Yuying is aware that she is not too young to find a first-time husband. She can only be selected from married men.

And Li meets such conditions: because of the discord, he has been divorced for many years. Before, because I was busy with business, I put my personal problems aside. Now, having made great achievements in his career, he began to think about finding true love.

It may have a lot to do with the good living conditions. Li cant see that he is 58 years old. Moreover, his children have settled down and will not object to their association. More importantly, they can have their own children when they get married.

Never get married

The first meeting, let Ding Yuying have a lot of good will for Li Weijun, and then everything becomes natural.

A week later, Li took Ding Yuying to Shenyang for Christmas. He was very generous and bought her a variety of valuable Christmas gifts. She was deeply moved by Lis careful care, and they established a love relationship.

During the Spring Festival, Li Xiangjun invited Ding Yuying to her hometown in Heihe, Heilongjiang Province. She went with her. In the Li family, Lis parents, children, brothers and sisters also accepted her, which made Ding Yuying warm. Despite the ice and snow in Heihe city at that time, the heat of love obviously offset the cold.

In March, Ding Yuying and Li Weijun returned to Beijing. Li also followed Ding Yuying to visit her parents. The parents, who always respected their daughter, though they thought Li Xiangjun was older, agreed to the marriage with Ding Yuyings insistence.

Since then, the two began to live together in Beijing. At this time, Li invited Ding Yuying to run his export trade company and develop business in Beijing. Ding Yuying decisively quit the work of state enterprise establishment, only to do TV director occasionally.

They say that love is sweet, and the power generated is also huge. Ding Yuying really felt these two points. Under the impact of love dopamine, she devoted her body and mind and career to Li Weijun.

One day in September, Ding Yuying suddenly found that she was pregnant, feeling both surprise and surprise. But Li did not expect to be happy when he heard of it.

Because she is already 33 years old, Ding Yuying wants to give birth to this child very much. Li did not agree. He said that business is busy now, and its not convenient to have children because of the lack of time to get married. However, he will definitely marry Ding Yuying in the future and let Ding Yuying wait patiently for a period of time.

Although in the abortion, Ding Yuying very sad. But for the future happiness, she still silently bear all this.

But what she didnt expect was that after that, Li did not put the marriage on the agenda, and he always pushed on for various reasons.

During the Spring Festival, under Ding Yuyings questioning, Li Xiangjun finally admitted that he had not been divorced, but had been separated from his wife for nearly 20 years, and his marriage was in name only.

This makes Ding Yuyings conjecture become a reality, and the last glimmer of hope for her and Lis marriage turned into a bubble. What she didnt expect was that, for a year, his family had kept a tight lipped eye on his real marital status, which made her jump into a trap that could never be mended. By the time she finally knew the truth, she had already paid a heavy physical and mental price.

Prey targeted by paoliang clan

Once she knew the truth, Ding Yuying became sober. She began to recall the details of her relationship with Li. Now I think, there are loopholes in everything.

During this period, Ding Yuying also found that Li Xiangjun had a son in his 20s born to another woman. Ding Yuying began to regret for this love, she really cant think of, it seems simple and honest Lee van Jun will have such a complex emotional background.

Whats more, Ding Yuying cant accept it. After she found out that there was a problem between her and Li, he sent a message on the Internet and began to apply for marriage, still claiming to be single.. In other websites, Ding Yuying also found Lis information about his marriage. On some websites, it was written widowed. This makes Ding Yuying thoroughly understand that Li Xiangjun is an out and out marriage cheat who specializes in cheating young womens youth.

At present, there is an active male group called paoliang clan on the Internet. They specially aim at playing with beautiful, young and good-natured women. They often take love and marriage as the cover. After they are successful and tired of playing, they begin to think of ways to get rid of it, or let the cheated women know the truth and leave automatically. After such a thing happened, except for a small number of young women who were able to successfully sue for their rights, most of them had to break their teeth and swallow into their stomachs in order to take care of their own face.

Ding Yuying thinks that Li Weijun is such a person, and he also regards himself as an object of seeking beauty. As a result, she called Li Xiangjun many times, demanding compensation for her injuries.

Ding Yuying would never have thought that this steady man who once swore with her was such a double-sided person, and so heartless and indifferent.

Ding Yuying decided not to worry about her face any more, so she went all out.

I dont know which women he would cheat on besides me! I cant let him do it again. Ding Yuying decided to sue Li Xiangjun. At this time, all her love for him turned into hate. How much love there is, how much hate there is.

But what are the reasons for suing Li? Ding Yuying is in trouble. Accused him of fraud? She was not cheated of any money. Sue him for bigamy. Theyre not married

Later, at the suggestion of her friends, Ding Yuying decided to sue her for cheating her virginity in the form of Li Xiang military cheating. She wanted to defend her right of chastity.

Defending sexual rights in despair

Ding Yuying looked for several lawyers one after another, but the lawyers felt that there was no hope of winning. But she was not willing to be cheated. In May 2012, through the legal aid hotline of Beijing Lawyers Association, Ding Yuying found Liu Qingyan, a lawyer from Beijing Mingtai law firm. On the phone, Liu Qingyan told her that although Chinas law does not explicitly stipulate that the right of chastity is a kind of personality right, it does not mean that womens chastity interests will not be protected. He thinks that there is a hope of winning the lawsuit against Li van Jun by virtue of his personality right.

At the beginning of July, Ding Yuying sued Li Weijun to Chaoyang District Court of Beijing. She believed that Li had deliberately concealed the fact that he was married. His deception violated her right of chastity and sexual freedom, and caused mental damage. Ding Yuying asked Li to write a letter of apology to her and compensate for more than 300000 yuan for medical expenses and spiritual damages.

At first, the Chaoyang District Court did not immediately accept the case, which was in the vague area of law. After Ding Yuying and her lawyers had been on the run for many times, after several twists and turns, the court finally accepted the case at the end of August.

On October 10, when Chaoyang District Court held its first session, Li did not appear in court, but entrusted a lawyer to attend the lawsuit. During the trial, Ding Yuying was fully aware of the difficulties in safeguarding her rights. Although she raised the issue of the authenticity of Lis marriage materials, Lis defense lawyers downplayed that it was a personal moral issue and had no relevance to the case.

Because of the vagueness of the law, Ding Yuying faintly feels that it is very difficult for her to win the lawsuit through litigation. So she agreed to the mediation proposal.

However, mediation did not produce results. At first, Li agreed to a compensation plan of 150000 yuan, but soon turned back on his promise. Later, Li, who has been reluctant to show up, promised to compensate Ding Yuying by 60000 yuan through his lawyer, on the condition that Ding Yuying should mail him the withdrawal letter and bank account number, and then remit money to the designated account after Li has received the withdrawal letter. But after Ding Yuying agreed, Li did not pay according to the agreement, and the mediation failed.

How can we not get the support of the law when we have been hurt physically and mentally? Sadness and despair attack Ding Yuying from time to time.

What makes her sad is that because her private affairs have been disclosed to the public, she has also suffered a lot of coldness and even scolding. Some people who do not know the details even say that her purpose is not pure. If she cant win this lawsuit, she doesnt know how to live in the future.

Lawyer Liu Qingyan is determined to take the last ditch. He thinks that the courts in Beijing should be at the forefront of the law. As long as they have a good reason, the situation may change.

In the early morning, Liu Qingyan formed a 5000 word proxy word in three hours. In the proxy word, Liu Qingyan elaborated the relationship between personality right and chastity right from legal theory, and the significance of defending Ding Yuyings sexual rights to society. At the opening of the court, Liu Qingyan said: originally, womens sexual autonomy has been regarded as personal privacy when it is infringed, and they are not willing to make it public. If this kind of damage can not be protected by law and blindly emphasizes the need for moral and public opinion protection, how can this kind of undisclosed fact be transmitted to public opinion and the public, and which party is willing to stand up Say youve been raped, played with or cheated by someone? In the face of this kind of encounter, if the parties can not draw a clear conclusion with the help of the law, then how can it be handed over to the public for judgment? How can we guarantee that they wont be hurt again? If the conclusion of public opinion is not clear, how can they be willing to take risks to alert more people?

The proxy speech was read for 20 minutes, and finally moved and convinced the judge. The balance of law began to tilt in the direction of Ding Yuyings advantage, and she ushered in the judgment result mentioned at the beginning of this article.

After falling into the trap of cheating marriage, Ding Yuying finally won the lawsuit in the marginal area of the law after many difficulties, which can be regarded as a blessing in misfortune. (the characters in the article are pseudonyms)