Mom, my girlfriend is pregnant, but his sons love ended after three days

 Mom, my girlfriend is pregnant, but his sons love ended after three days

When I fell in love with my girlfriend, I didnt pay attention to the protective measures, which led to the girls accidental pregnancy.

When he told me about it with fear, I asked him:

After listening, the son said that he really wanted to marry the girl.

So, we began to discuss the marriage with the girls parents. Unexpectedly, as soon as they sat down, their parents spoke, I couldnt resist.

Because they directly asked for a betrothal gift of 200000 yuan, and there was no discussion

At the end of a meal, my son and his father were frowning, and they were not feeling good.

To tell you the truth, this amount is really not small. We dont want to give betrothal gifts, but we cant give so many betrothal gifts.

No matter according to the custom of the girls house or that of our family, we wont give such a high betrothal gift.

Whats more, the family cant afford so much money. According to her familys statement, a single betrothal gift will cost 200000 yuan. If you add in the other three gold, candy money and clothes money, you cant make a decision. In total, it may cost 300000 yuan.

According to our familys budget, the amount of money needed to pay for all kinds of wedding supplies from betrothal gifts to marriage was 150000 at most. We took out 100000 and our son had 50000 savings.

We said that we should think about it first and give a reply within two days. In fact, we are also looking at how to raise the money. We need to borrow more than 100000 yuan from others, which is not something that can be borrowed in a short time and a half.

As a result, what made us speechless was that on the third day after the meeting, we were informed that the other partys daughter had knocked out the child.

If we cant get money from our family, the child will not be born for us.

All of a sudden, we havent been able to react.

At the same time, break up on this, can not have any contact.

Originally, I didnt approve of their two being together. Now that they are treated like this by the other family, thats what I mean.

Its just that this matter has a great impact on my son. He really wants to marry this girl, but he doesnt think about it. The other party just takes him as a tool to make money.

I criticized him. Even if you love a girl again, you cant get on the bus first and then make up the ticket. This is related to the reputation of a girl. Once an accident happens, its a small life.

It was not easy to find out the details of each others family later

The daughter who falls in love with my son is the eldest in the family. There are three younger brothers and sisters in the family. Two younger sisters go to primary school, and one younger brother goes to kindergarten. There are four brothers and sisters in total.

Both parents are traditional families. They think that the family still needs a son, and the incense cant be broken. This can explain why after having three daughters, they still strive to give birth to a fourth son.

At that time, they deliberately let their daughter get pregnant first. They wanted to use this as a threat. If the negotiation was successful, they would get more betrothal gifts.

It is also somewhat like fan shengmeis parents in the TV series Ode to joy, who regard their daughter as a money making machine at home.

With four children in the family, their parents are also old. The eldest daughter may be half of a parents function. They want to make money to raise younger brothers and sisters.

In addition, the parents prefer boys to girls. It is estimated that more than half of the money earned by the eldest daughter will flow to her native family in the future.

Think about the girl who also loves her. She needs to bear the financial burden of a family.

He was afraid that he would be embarrassed if he could not get the betrothal money.

I also told him: marry a daughter-in-law, parents can help you to bear a bit, but can not rely on us, we are old, money on hand is not much.

When we are young, we should strive to make money, not only to live a better life, but also to have the ability to cope with accidents, so as not to be too frustrated.


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